It’s been a big day for Twihards worldwide, as Robert Pattinson finally broke the internet today (June 20th) with his stunning appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The actor stepped out in a custom Ralph Lauren shirt and jeans, wearing a gorgeous pair of black suede shoes. According to GQ, a source from inside the festival told them that the 26-year-old actor’s walk-on role as Edward Cullen had likely resulted in him making a “significant amount of money” during his brief appearance at the festival.

While not confirmed, it is certainly plausible that Robert Pattinson’s appearance at the Cannes Film Festival was enough to earn him a spot on this year’s list of the world’s wealthiest celebrities. He is, of course, best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, which has become one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, making him a veritable megastar.

The list, which was compiled by Forbes, evaluates the combined value of a celebrity’s personal assets and earnings, and estimates the total worth of each celebrity’s entire portfolio. We know that Robert Pattinson has a very significant personal fortune thanks to his marriage to the socialite Félicité Dechaux in 2018, which valued her at $300 million, and their $30 million wedding cake. In total, Robert Pattinson is now estimated to be worth around $350 million, which makes him the 12th-wealthiest celebrity in the world.

The Most Influential Figure In The Entertainment Business

Before we get to the juicy details about how much Robert Pattinson earned from Twilight, it’s important to understand the significance of his role in contemporary Hollywood. While the Twilight franchise has mainly focused on the Cullens living a quiet life in Northern Canada, Robert Pattinson’s other recent roles have been just as influential as Edward’s occupation in the vampire drama. Here’s a brief bio about the actor:

Robert Pattinson

Born in London, England on July 19th, 1986, Robert Pattinson grew up in a fashionable suburb called Richmond. His father is a doctor, while his mother is a former actress who appeared in a number of television commercials and short films, as well as a small role in the 2004 film version of Great Expectations. At age 16, Robert left school to focus on his acting career, and attended the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. While still in his early twenties, he appeared in a number of critically acclaimed British films, most notably the 2012 dark comedy Tramping While Einstein, which starred Matt Damon and John Malkovitch. It was in this film that Robert first gained recognition in the States, and he hasn’t stopped working since. In addition to starring in the Twilight franchise, Robert has also lent his voice to several animated films, including the upcoming Disney+ series Dinosaur King, as the voice of the character Dick Purdy.

The Twilight Franchise

The Twilight saga begins in 2005 with Twilight, based on the bestselling young adult novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. The film, which was directed by Lasse Hallström and released in 2009, tells the story of Bella Swan (Taylor Lautner), a 17-year-old girl who falls in love with the irresistibly charming and mysterious Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), who has sworn off of relationships with humans. Bella soon discovers that not only is Edward a vampire, but he is also the descendant of Victoria, the vampire queen, who made a vow to protect her bloodline by killing all human beings who fall in love with a vampire. Her plan backfires, however, as Edward and Bella fall deeply in love, and together, they help each other fight off the vampires who want to kill them, thus beginning what’s widely regarded as one of the greatest love stories of all time.

Although the Twilight franchise was a great success at the box office and became one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time, it was more of a critical success. While it held an approval rating of 95% on, it also garnered a number of negative reviews, mainly concerning the film’s length and pacing. Nevertheless, even now, after 14 years, the Twilight franchise continues to engage fans around the globe and remains one of the most important and influential movies of the 21st century. This year, at age 35, Robert Pattinson will return to the small screen as Edward Cullen in the eagerly awaited TV adaptation of Twilight, which is set to premiere on December 21st on the 2021 season of Amazon Prime. In addition to the Twilight series, Robert has also starred in a number of other high-profile projects including the 2014 action sci-fi movie The Rover, the acclaimed 2015 film High-Rise, and the 2018 film Black Widow, which starred Natalie Portman and was directed by Robert Zemeckis. In 2021, he will star in the sci-fi thriller Money Monster, which is set for release in October 2021.

One of the most interesting things about the Twilight movie franchise is how the film’s success sparked a fashion trend called “Twilightism”, which was named after the book and film series. Just like how the story of Twilight centered on the theme of love at first sight, so too did the series’ fashion styles center around that same concept. Twilightism first took hold in 2010, when a number of Hollywood stars sported fang-baring looks. The fashion trend continued in 2011 with an action-adventure blockbuster called Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and even expanded beyond cinema when fashion houses began putting Twilight-themed outfits on their catwalk shows. Perhaps the most iconic look from the Twilight film series is Kristen Stewart’s “BFF” (Best Friend Forever) pose, which she shot with Taylor Lautner in 2010. Since then, the “Kristen Stewart Revolution” became a permanent part of pop culture.

Pay Or Fame?

While some people may argue that being a Hollywood megastar is entirely about money, it’s important to remember that true stardom is not just about financial success. Many famous actors and actresses have never made a penny from their work in films, and some of the world’s greatest Hollywood stars never appeared in popular movies. It’s about being recognized for your talent and being able to make a significant contribution to society. In other words, it’s about money, but it’s also about a lot more. Money certainly helps, though. As we mentioned above, being a Hollywood megastar is about having a lot of it. It’s the combination of the two that makes you unique. Being a megastar is definitely not for the faint of heart, though, as it requires a level of dedication, commitment, and grueling work-hours that only the most successful can achieve. This is one reason why the process of becoming a Hollywood megastar is so controversial and so fascinating to observe.

How Much Did Robert Pattinson Make From Twilight?

According to a source from inside the prestigious festival, it is highly likely that Robert Pattinson earned at least $150,000 for his walk-on role as Edward Cullen in Twilight. This is a significant amount of money for an actor, but it’s certainly not a jaw-dropping sum. After all, the Twilight franchise revolves around a humble beginning for Edward and his family. In the first Twilight film, Edward makes roughly $375,000 as an English teacher. In addition, he and Bella later obtain jobs at a private all-girls school, where they make $75,000 a year, combined. Clearly, this is not enough for a Hollywood star. Remember that, despite its huge popularity, the Twilight franchise is still considered a low-budget production. The sequel, Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, also proved to be a major financial success, earning $1.158 billion worldwide, making it one of the most profitable films of all time. It is also the second highest-grossing film of all time, with the first weekend of its opening alone grossing $158.8 million globally, according to Box Office Mojo. So, in total, the Twilight series has made over $1.788 billion, which is more than enough to make even the wealthiest among us envious. 

Being a Hollywood megastar is not easy, and it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and a lot of money to make it happen. While being a Hollywood megastar may be glamorous, it also takes a significant amount of self-sacrifice. It’s not just about being famous these days; it’s also about making a significant difference in your community.