The news that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were getting divorced was a shock to everyone; not just because they are two of the most famous people in the world, but because they had remained so private about their personal life. Well, it turns out that the rumors were true and the couple has now called it quits after just over a year of marriage. While Stewart has spoken publicly about the marriage, she has always remained somewhat quiet about the details of their relationship. However, since they are now officially divorced, she has given her take on the matter in her new book, On the Road with Rob and Kip. In it, she opens up about their marriage, the highs and the lows, their children and more.

Early Days

Rob and Kip began dating in 2007 and finally got engaged a year later in 2008. They were both in London at the time and spent most of their free time exploring the city and spending quality time together. In fact, the couple made quite the public display of their affection and commitment to each other during this time, attending numerous red-carpet events and photoshoots together. It was then that their fans began to dub them “The happy couple.” Of course, this was in reference to the many smiles they regularly exhibited on camera.

Their engagement and subsequent wedding in 2010 was covered by every major news publication in the world and was described by Entertainment Weekly as “one of the most extravagant celebrity weddings of all time.” It was also rumored to have cost the couple over two million dollars. Guests at the wedding included some of Hollywood’s most famous faces, including Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen, and Barbra Streisand. Naturally, the event was streamed live on YouTube with a reported 200 million views.

The Kids’ Fashion Trends

The couple’s parents, David and Debi, attended the wedding and revealed to Entertainment Tonight that their children had also played an important part in their decision to tie the knot. David said, “It is a great feeling to know that you are doing something that your children will grow up and be very proud of.” He also praised his daughter-in-law’s “beautiful” and “adorable” boys, adding, “They are such wonderful children.”

The kids have also been closely watched during this time as their parents’ divorce became increasingly amicable. As part of the deal, the kids moved to Los Angeles with their mother and shared time with their father, who has been remarried twice since the divorce. In 2014, the family was showcased on the cover of Vanity Fair as part of their 20th anniversary issue.

The Rise Of Reality TV

While the stars may have aligned for the Pattinson/Stewart clan, their good fortune didn’t last long as reality TV eventually began to take its toll. Amidst the family’s hectic schedule, the couple found themselves overwhelmed and exhausted by the constant demands of being a TV star.

The actress explained to Vogue, “The amount of time that you have to spend just living your life and being a parent is incredibly taxing,” adding, “You have to find a way to manage your time so you can get everything done that needs to be done.”

One of the ways that the family found time for themselves was by taking the kids on adventures in the UK and France, where they lived for several months. During this time, they traveled to some of Europe’s most historic sites, such as the Tower of London, the Palace of Versailles and more.

The Divorce

The couple’s separation in 2014 was shrouded in much mystery. It was initially reported that Stewart had filed for divorce in 2013, but the actress later revealed that she had actually planned to do so in a letter she penned to the paparazzi prior to the New Year. In it, she expressed her frustration with the invasive media and her desire to finally be free from the paparazzi lens.

The reason for the delayed filing was to give their marriage time to breathe. Despite his parents’ divorce, Rob continued to live with his father and was focused on his career. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he said, “I wanted to give our relationship a chance to grow. I wanted to give myself a chance to be with her for a while and see where things went.”

The separation saw Stewart take the kids and relocate to a smaller LA residence, which they shared with Brandi, their daughter from Rob’s previous relationship with Megan Nicole. Shortly after the move, the actress finalized the divorce and started dating Mike Hughes, a personal stylist and the former husband of actress Heather Locklear. They were married in December 2015 and have a daughter together named Bridget.

A New Home

After nearly two years apart, the family is back together and has moved into a new home in West Hollywood. There, they are slowly adjusting to life as a unit, sharing time with their children, who range in age from eight to fourteen. During this period, Stewart is also a frequent guest contributor on the topic of family for Elle UK.

The Future

Although the couple has yet to speak publicly about their divorce, a source claimed that the reason for the split is “mutual respect and love.” The source continued, “They still hold each other in such high regard, and they really care about their children and want what’s best for them.” Well, we couldn’t think of a better way to put it, and we hope this is the case. As for the future, the kids aren’t going to miss a chance to tell the world about their amazing family, even if it means sharing their story yet again. In the meantime, we are eager to see what the next chapter holds for this wonderful family.