The pair first sparked rumors that they were an item when they were spotted cozying up at an airport gate during the 2013 Academy Awards. Since then, they’ve been inseparable. Both Twigs and Pattinson have been open about their love for each other, with the former gushing to Vogue about her relationship:

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion, in particular British fashion, and before I met Robert, I hadn’t really found the right person to talk to about my interests. When I did, it was like a light came on. He has such a big heart and is so passionate about so many things, it’s incredible. We talk about everything and have the same interests. I feel like we were made for each other.”

The couple’s love for each other was on full display during last year’s Met Gala when they held hands and made their way down the red carpet together. It was an incredibly romantic display and one that will no doubt stir the hearts of their fans.

But how long have Twigs and Pattinson been dating, and is there any chance of them walking down the aisle anytime soon? We take a trip back in time to see how long Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have been an item.

The Academy Awards

It was at this year’s Academy Awards that the public was finally introduced to Twigs and Pattinson’s blossoming relationship. The couple were seen strolling through the airport together, holding hands and enjoying a romantic stroll. The outing was initially met with a mixed response from observers, with some heralding their public display of affection and others criticizing it as too little, too late. In the end though, the love was undeniable and the pair’s ardent fans were overjoyed.

The following day at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Twigs and Pattinson were once again seen holding hands as they made their way down the red carpet. The world was finally given the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about, with Vogue magazine capturing the magic on camera.

The pair were nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Song for Twigs’ haunting music and lyrics alongside her song, ‘Feeling Myself’ featuring Kendrick Lamar. The song won the duo the award, catapulting Twigs and Pattinson into the public eye and setting the record straight for those who still had doubts about their blossoming romance. There were also rumors that they’d been dating for some time and that the pair were an item even before they were spotted at the airport. The speculation was spurred on by Twigs’ reputedly close relationship with model and actress Emily Ratajka, who also went on to date actor Paul Bettany. When asked about her previous relationships during a Vogue interview back in 2015, Twigs didn’t hide the fact that she’d been in a few serious relationships in the past. “It’s a very mutual, equal thing. We’re very happy to have each other’s company and want to be with each other all the time,” she said at the time.

The Met Gala

It was at last year’s Met Gala that Twigs and Pattinson’s on-and-off-again relationship was truly put on full display. The fashion event is traditionally held in May and is arguably the most prestigious and glamorous night of the year for A-list celebrities. This year’s Gala was no different, with attendees including Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Winslet, and even more notably, Rihanna. The pop superstar was the center of attention throughout the event, with her famous friends often seen hanging on her every word and deed. It was clear that she had something special in store for her fans, with many commentators dubbing this year’s Met Gala as the “most extravagant” and “most romantic” affair yet. The Barbadian beauty made an impressive entrance, walking down the royal red carpet flanked by her personal security detail. Her dress was covered in flowers, an homage to Nana, the elephant who she rode as a child. The dress drew parallels with another childhood adventure when she was portrayed as an angel by the light of the sun in a swimming pool. One thing’s for sure: nothing is ever ordinary when it comes to Rihanna.

It was also at this year’s Met Gala where Twigs revealed that she’d been a vegetarian her entire life, adding that she decided to go vegan after Pattinson. The singer had previously been spotted in the press limelight for her role in the 2014 documentary film, ‘Forbidden Fruit’. In the film, she expounds on her vegan lifestyle, explaining that she decided to go cruelty free after watching the mistreatment of animals on a trip to China with her mum. From then on, she dropped animal products from her diet and hasn’t looked back. “I know a lot of people think that it’s too much pressure, being so vocal about your political and social views. I just want to be myself and not worry about what other people think,” she said at the time. It was only a matter of time before veganism became mainstream, and whether you agree with her politics or not, it’s hard to argue that her decision hasn’t changed the world for the better.

The Following Year

Although it’s been four years since their red carpet debut, Twigs and Pattinson’s romance has continued to blossom. The pair were recently spotted hiking in the Swiss Alps as a tribute to David Bowie, with Twigs sporting a white suit and Pattinson a black one. They held hands as they walked and looked blissfully happy as they took in the stunning scenery. Although they’ve been photographed in public together on numerous occasions over the past four years, it’s still not entirely clear when and where these encounters took place. But this secrecy only adds to the intrigue, as anyone who knows them both well will tell you. Perhaps the couple decided to keep their relationship under wraps until the right time and place presented itself. Or perhaps they’ve always been this secretive and it’s just us fans who are anxious for more information.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Twigs and Pattinson enjoy each other’s company and want to be together. The singer also credits her new vegan diet and lifestyle to helping her to lose a significant amount of weight and feels much healthier than she has in years. And it’s certainly paid off. Twigs looks incredible and fans will have a hard time believing that the singer is even the same person thanks to her impressive weight loss. While she’s been open about her love for fashion and style, it’s clear that she isn’t interested in playing games with the media and would rather keep her personal life private. As she told Vanity Fair in an interview last year, “I think it’s best if I keep my personal life more private. It’s nice to have this connection to David Bowie, and it’s a perfect way for people to find out more about me, but for the most part, I don’t want my personal life to be public.”

As for when we can expect to see the couple wed? Well, as celebrity couples go, Twigs and Pattinson are undoubtedly doing things right. The singer has recently revealed that she and her partner have set a wedding date for October 2018, just a couple of months away. The couple are also planning a honeymoon in Venice, where they’ll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of romantic music. It would appear that fate is on their side, as October is considered an excellent month for weddings in the city. So if you’d like to see Twigs and Pattinson walk down the aisle, all you have to do is wait until October 2018.