The way Robert Pattinson and Twilight star Kristen Stewart met is almost as interesting as the romantic connection itself. The young stars were initially linked as friends on the set of the 2008 film Twilight, even though they were both dating other people at the time. When asked about their meeting by Interview magazine, Stewart joked that she “kind of forced” the handsome English actor to take her on a date. “He’s such a gentleman. He’s so sensitive. He’s such a romantic. I think it was meant to be,” she said. “It was so adorable.”

The two stars have been dating since and, as of 2018, are among the world’s most successful power couple. With her husband expecting their first child any day now, Stewart is unsurprisingly focused on parenting and her new role as a parent-to-be. How exactly did such a beauty go on to become one of the most iconic celebrity couples of our time? Let’s take a closer look.

A Friend On The Set

In 2007, Stewart was dating French actor and comedian Romain Giraud, while Pattinson was enjoying a steamy fling with photographer Sienna Guillory. While on the set of Twilight, director Christopher Nolan invited the couple to watch a shoot with his then-girlfriend Rebecca Westenra. The English actor was a massive Rebecca West fan and had been lobbying hard to meet her while on set. Unluckily for Pattinson, his request was denied, as Westenra had a prior commitment. Instead, he ended up meeting Stewart, who had no idea who he was at the time.

Stewart had gone to visit Nolan on the set in London and, while there, was asked to come to a party at the Spanish Steps in Dublin. The location was chosen to show off the film’s spectacular sunset, and the director wanted to show off the city. As a thank you for coming, he gave her a present – a silver cuff with Dublin’s symbol engraved on it. This simple act of kindness helped seal the deal. Before long, the two were dating and became inseparable. “We always had this thing in the background. It was never meant to be romantic. It was never meant to be a relationship,” Stewart once said.

The Making Of A Film Star

The meteoric rise of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from “friend” to “couple” to “awesome” is indeed a feat to behold. As the most recognizable power couple in contemporary culture, how did they manage to maintain such a high level of quality throughout their relationship?

It all started with Twilight, which became one of the biggest successes of 2008, grossing over $450 million worldwide, despite being panned by critics. The film propelled the young actress to new heights and, in turn, made her the target of some of the biggest producers in Hollywood. The success of Twilight helped launch Stewart’s acting career and made her a household name. It also made her more attractive to prospective husbands, as she was now seen as “a desirable commodity.”

Stewart is known to be extremely private and keeps most aspects of her personal life under wraps. Few people know much about her romantic life, even fewer still her family. However, she has opened up a little bit about her relationship with Pattinson. “I think [he’s] the sweetest, kindest, most brilliant man I’ve ever known. It’s an extraordinary partnership,” she told Playboy in 2018.

In 2010, Stewart was honored with the Visionary Award at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for her role as “Kris Stewart” in the upcoming psychological thriller Safe. The following year, she reprised her role in the sequel, The Runaways, and garnered her first Best Actress nomination at the Oscars. The same year, she and Pattinson were featured as one of the “It” couples in the Vogue print edition, which was dedicated to the most in-demand fashionable couples of the moment.

A Wedding To Adore

Perhaps the most breathtaking aspect of Stewart’s and Pattinson’s relationship is their commitment to each other. The two were recently featured in an adorable video for their wedding day, which was perfectly matched with Suits’ floral print. The video shows the couple smiling against a beautiful yellow backdrop as fireworks pop in the background. It’s an image that will stay with the audience for a long time.

The pair have now been married for over three years and seem just as happy as ever. In 2017, Stewart gave birth to their daughter, Rose. The beautiful couple are certainly living up to Hollywood’s iconic “It” couple description, as their marriage and relationship are admired by many,, if not all, of their peers.

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A Romantic Retreat

Although they’ve been together for almost a decade and are famously inseparable, Stewart and Pattinson still find time for some long-distance affection. The two have now taken a vacation where they’ve completely redecorated their cabin in the French Alps and filled it with everything they might need for a romantic getaway. It features a four-poster bed, a fire place and even a pool table. The location is secluded, yet perfectly situated for privacy and relaxation.

“There is something about getting away from the madding crowd that allows you to appreciate your own company more. You end up falling asleep next to each other,” Pattinson once said. The luxury vacation retreat is a beautiful ode to their blossoming romance and sums up their approach to life together perfectly.