It seems like every other day, we’re inundated with news of a famous faces scandal. The most recent example centers on actor Robert Pattinson, who has been linked to a number of women since he played William Shakespeare in the Twilight films. Many of the women reported experiencing his famous charm and good looks, which may have led to temptation.

While it’s always heart-breaking to see a famous faces scandal, it’s far from being surprising. After all, we live in a world full of beautiful people with plenty of looks and charm to go around. It’s simply a matter of luck of timing, and sometimes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And that’s exactly what happened to Robert Pattinson. The Scottish actor found himself in a bit of a pickle when he was photographed with an incredibly intoxicated woman on his arm. He was later found to be sharing a hotel suite with her, despite being married and the father of a young child. And since when is a 40-year-old man sharing a hotel room with a 20-something woman immoral?

But that’s not the only scandal Robert Pattinson is involved with. Just last month, it was reported that the actor has been seeing a 26-year-old Swedish model named Amal Alamuddin. The pair have spent a good deal of time together in London, and have reportedly been inseparable ever since. But, as is often the case with these kinds of stories, there are several inconsistencies and unanswered questions that call into question the veracity of Alamuddin’s claims.

Who Is She?

A few months back, it was announced that Robert Pattinson had officially become a father. The actor was seen sporting a huge smile as he held up his newborn child, Bingo. The adorable tot’s godparents were Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs, while his father, Matt, served as his legal guardian. Unfortunately, this milestone came with a warning. The English press quickly dubbed the tot “The Patterson,” a combination of the actor’s first name and the sport of boxing. It was a fitting name for a kid who will most likely grow up surrounded by media personalities, models, and royalty.

Bingo is the first child for both Matt and Robert, and so far, everything seems to be going well. The couple have been spotted together numerous times since the wedding, and Bingo has maintained his nickname, “The Patterson.” In fact, the kid’s popularity even led to a White House petition demanding that Barack Obama give him his own Twitter account.

But who is this Matt, and what’s his connection to Robert?” Matt is Robert’s best man, and both attended Oxford University. He’s been with the actor since they were both 14 years old, and for the most part, has been his mentor, legal guardian, and manager. But it’s unclear what his role will be once Bingo starts school. As for Robert’s role in the child’s life, he’s said to be very involved. So much so that he’s even started a parenting blog. But considering his track record of infidelity (and non-disclosure), it will be interesting to see how much energy he devotes to parenting.

If you’d like to know more, you can click here to visit the Matt and Robert Pattinson’s official website, or you can click here to visit Matt’s Twitter feed, where he updates fans about his son’s progress. But be careful—you may become addicted to the updates, and before you know it, you’ll be clicking on them hour after hour, day after day….

Why Does Amal Alamuddin Keep Saying She’s 26?

Back in September 2016, Amal Alamuddin was seen wearing a striking blue dress at the United Nations General Assembly. The dress, which was a daring choice for a conservative Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, where women are expected to stay at home, dressed in black, was a beautiful illustration of the type of progressive, modern Islam that the country’s young people are trying to establish. But it also drew curious glances, considering that Alamuddin is actually 43 years old. So how is it that this former law student has been posing as a 20-something for the past year?

The answer is quite simple. When the photos of her with Robert Pattinson were published, she was wearing a rug over her head, which is customary for highly conservative Muslim women. She also wore a black abaya and niqāb, which are both loose-fitting garments that cover the entire body, except the face. But it was the distinctive smile on her face that made the entire world aware that this was no ordinary 43-year-old woman wearing trendy clothing.

As it turned out, the photos of her with Pattinson were just the beginning. It wasn’t long before her true age was revealed, and the Internet went into a frenzy speculating about her background, and whether or not she was telling the truth about being a young woman.

While it’s always fascinating to uncover the truth about a well-kept secret, what was most interesting about this entire fiasco was that Alamuddin chose to keep the truth about her age a secret. But it seems that the longer she’s kept it a secret, the more people have decided to come forward and share their insights. Now that so much time has passed, and the world seems to have forgotten about the scandal, maybe it’s time for her to come clean and tell the truth….

The Scandal Behind The Scandal

Before we get into the scandal itself, it’s important to establish the facts as they currently stand. First, we know that Matt and Robert have been friends for a very, very long time. In fact, it was Robert who introduced Matt to his future wife, Victoria. They tied the knot back in 2014, after dating for several years. In that time, Matt had established himself as one of the most successful lawyers in London. He’s now based out of Hong Kong, but continues to work on high profile cases back in London. When asked what type of work Matt does, Robert replied: “Basically, whatever needs doing.”

There’s also the matter of their son, Bingo. As we mentioned above, Bingo’s nickname is inspired by the fact that he’s the son of the famous actor and musician. But it’s also the name of a famous fictional character, created by the children’s author, William Donaldson, in 1953. Since then, the character’s image, along with that of his father, Robert, have appeared on thousands of posters, T-shirts, and other branded products. It would be surprising if Bingo wasn’t confused as to who he really is, and why he’s receiving so much attention. Especially since his father has publicly shamed him on more than one occasion.

To make matters worse, Matt and Robert haven’t always been the most honest of friends. For instance, in 2007 they were both named in an incident at a nightclub in London. According to the Evening Standard, police were called when both men refused to leave the establishment, despite the club’s staff asking them to leave. While the details of what happened that night remain a secret, it’s clear that the men are not honest with each other, and have something to hide. It doesn’t help that Matt and Robert both have extensive cheating histories. In fact, it was Matt who helped to ruin his friend’s marriage back in 2007. What started out as a private affair between William and Kate Middleton soon turned into a media frenzy, with the world learning about the Duchess of Cambridge’s affair, and the stress that came along with it. In the years since, the couple have worked hard to rebuild their relationship, and now, they’re both dedicated parents, focused on bringing up their family. While they don’t always agree on parenting issues, it’s clear that they deeply care for one another, and that their son’s wellbeing is a top priority.

Rumors, Lies, And Missing Information

If you read online forums about celebrity scandals, you’ll quickly notice a theme. People love to speak their mind online, and as a result, a lot of the information about these scandals is false. For instance, it’s been rumored that Matt and Robert are actually brother and sister. But if you click on their names in a Google search, you’ll discover that they are actually cousins. The two men share a great-grandfather, and are related through his side of the family.

Another false rumor that has been making the rounds has it that Matt and Robert were together in a sexual relationship, which led to him adopting her child. A spokesperson for the actor has called these rumors “total nonsense,” and said that Matt has “always been very supportive and protective of her.” But considering Robert’s checkered past, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he adopted a somewhat hands-off approach to parenting, to avoid further scandal.