It’s been a tough year for pop culture fans, who had to suffer through endless amounts of Avengers: Endgame memes and Stranger Things recaps. But now that we’re starting to see the cracks in the concrete, it’s time to dust off those pop culture toys and put them back in the cupboard. One of the most iconic stories of the last year was the romance between Hollywood superstar Robert Pattinson and Canadian songwriter Hayley Williams. With a series of iconic red-carpet moments and countless paparazzi snaps, it was impossible to look at pictures of these two and not be in awe of their chemistry. It was enough to make you forget about everything else in the world, and just live in their love story. And then, after weeks of media overload and a series of revealing interviews, they made their grand and glorious debut as a married couple in Paris. It was an iconic event and an unforgettable moment for lovers of the night and the movie-starring couple. We’ve collected some of the most stunning images of the historic event in our gallery and have put them in chronological order, so you can see the progression of their romance.

The Progression Of Their Romance

It was at the heart of one of the biggest stories of the year and an event that will go down in history. It all began when Pattinson, a British actor better known for his roles in Water for Elephants and the upcoming Skyscraper, was spotted at a bar in Paris in December. The actor had just finished filming a movie with French superstar Amal Clooney and was spending a few days in the City of Lights after the wrap party. The sighting was enough to make the gossip columns in Paris flutter and attract the attention of the world’s media. And one of those publications was us. We began to follow their romance closely and track their every move, from the very first sighting all the way through to the celebration of their wedding. And it wasn’t just about the romance, either. We wanted to know more about this exciting new couple and what their collaboration would look like. We weren’t the only ones, either. Hayley and Robert have been idolised and adored by their fans ever since their first encounter. And we wanted to be there for the moment when they finally made their grand entrance and proved the doubters and naysayers wrong. We waited patiently for the wedding party to arrive at the altar and the celebration to begin. And then, finally, it happened. The newlyweds kissed and pronounced their vows, and the celebration was over. One of the greatest moments of the year for many fans was finally fulfilled. But it wasn’t over yet. We still had more to see. It was time for the guests to leave the church and make their way to the reception. And as we watched in awe and dabbed away a few tears, we realised that this was no ordinary wedding. This was an unforgettable event that will go down in history as one of the most iconic true romances of our time. The journey that these two have been on has been incredible and has captivated audiences around the world. It’s brought many benefits to them both and has made them better people as well as committed and devoted partners. This is one story that will never grow old.

The Wedding Party Arrives

The wedding party was already making their way to the reception when we arrived. The photographers were there waiting for the newlyweds to arrive and get “wowed” by their guests. It was time for the newlyweds to make their grand entrance and show off their wedding dress and designer shoes. As soon as they appeared, the photographers went in for the big reveal and gave the world a first look at what would become one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time. It was designed by Christian Dior and features a very unique floral print that is representative of the couple’s engagement and wedding rings. We’ve all seen lots of wedding dresses over the years, but this was something else. As soon as the photos were done, the bride changed into a designer suit and walked down the aisle with her husband. The wedding party was officially over, and we were given a chance to catch up with the new Mrs Pattinson. We wanted to know more about this exciting and passionate couple and what they had to say about their union. Here’s what they had to say.