Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson are two of the biggest movie stars in the world. They first came into their own as a couple when they paired up for the musical drama,  _On Your Wedding Day,_ in 2014.

The following year they cemented their status as a power couple with the blockbuster hit,  _Water 2: The Confession._ Now, as they gear up for their next film,  _Shadow_, the two are unsurprisingly getting a lot of attention. But what is most interesting is how their relationship has evolved and grown in the public eye. From being an ‘it’ couple to realizing their potential to be ‘us’ couple.

From Iconic Figures to Partners In Crime

Styles and Pattinson have always been linked together. They have both been icons since their youth, with Styles being the archetypal male pop star and Pattinson carving out a niche as the brooding, conflicted character actor. In 2014, they were even named by Vogue as one of the most stylish celebrity couples.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the couple. In fact, it almost seemed like an arranged marriage. When Styles was 14 years old, his family moved from Leeds to Los Angeles so he could pursue a music career. Pattinson was 12 years old at the time and was sent to the UK to live with his mother after his drug-addict father died. He only met Styles five years later at a party and they became friends after bonding over their shared love for acting. In a 2013 interview with _The Guardian,_ Pattinson said that he and Styles “always kind of had this unspoken connection. It wasn’t necessarily a romantic connection or anything like that, but we always connected on a very deep level.”

The pair have collaborated musically before. In 2017 they released their duet ‘Kissing a Soldier’, which is taken from the English director, Mike Leigh’s, black comedy, ‘[Title]: A Gorgeous Spot of Sky Blue’. The song marks the first time the pair have worked together and it is a showcase of their excellent vocals and chemistry. The song was a huge hit, topping the iTunes musical chart and landing on various ‘best of’ lists. It also earned the two musicians a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Behind The Scenes

Styles and Pattinson were always meant to be together. The two grew up in a musical household, with their parents playing an integral part in their education and musical development. Their parents even starred together in the 1988 film ‘We’re Not Doing This’, which told the story of a couple who hire a private investigator to watch over their daughter as she navigates the dating world. So it was inevitable that they would grow up and fall in love.

The secret to their success was in their determination to avoid the pitfalls of fame. Since their break-out year, Styles and Pattinson have both focused on developing and maintaining a strong bond with their fans by constantly engaging with them online and offline. They make regular appearances at music festivals around the world, delighting their dedicated fans by making personal appearances. They have also been open about their mental health struggles, which they have discussed in detail on their joint blog, ‘DontPayFull.’

The blog discusses everything from interpersonal relationships to health worries and reveals that the two starlets have had a tough time as a result of their celebrity. In the last year alone, Styles and Pattinson have both become overwhelmed by the amount of attention they receive and taken steps to protect their mental wellbeing. In January 2019, Styles checked himself into a rehabilitation center for alcohol poisoning and in March 2019, Pattinson disclosed that he takes medication for anxiety and depression.

The Future

At the moment, the couple are taking a deep breath and planning their next step. When asked about their future in an interview with _The Guardian,_ Pattinson said, “We want to continue making beautiful music, continue working with our fantastic friends and collaborators, and continue to grow as individuals and as a couple. We want to make the right choices for our bodies and our brains and live life on our own terms.”

They also want to focus on projects that they believe in and find challenging. In a _Vogue_ interview, Styles said, “I want to keep exploring different sides of myself and keep evolving as an artist. If I’m lucky enough to do that, then I’ll keep working with the people I love and trust the most.”

Now that they are more mature and responsible, Styles and Pattinson are looking toward the future with optimism. They both want to continue making a positive impact on the world and continue to grow as artists and individuals. It seems that they have found the formula for success and are committed to maintaining it. Let’s just hope that their friendship and partnership can withstand the strain of such intense scrutiny.