We know what you’re thinking…

You’re thinking: how do Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson’s latest Instagram posts compare to their first few months of dating?

Before Robert Pattinson was cast as an ex-boyfriend in Warner Bros.’ latest The Batman, he and Harry Styles were spotted out and about on several dates. The British singer-songwriter and the Twilight franchise star were famously matched on social media and their first official Instagram post was dated August 4, 2019.

The post shared a video of Styles in a sleek white dress walking through a field in the countryside. His hair and makeup were done by the iconic Nick Kirkwood, who has also worked with the likes of Grace Kelly and Marjorie Merriweather Post. Together, they created a chic yet comfortable look for the Grammy nominated star.

Less than a month later, on September 2, 2019, the couple shared a sweet portrait together. Robert was seen holding a bouquet of flowers as Harry looked on with the perfect smile. It was their first real romantic outing following their engagement.

Since then, they’ve shared countless sweet moments on their Instagram accounts. From making pancakes to going on a boat ride, these popular stars’ Instagram posts always seem to showcase their closeness. If you need a quick lesson on how to properly date a celebrity, just look to these two Instagram personalities.

The Evolution Of Their Instagram Accounts

While Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson’s social media feeds are a goldmine of romantic content, their accounts speak to the evolution of their styles and the style of dating in the early 21st century. Here’s a look at the growth of their accounts and how their Instagram styles have changed over time:

When you compare their earliest posts to their most recent content, it’s clear they’ve grown as individuals and as a couple. Here are the key differences:

Comfort Breaks

The first thing you’ll notice is that their style has shifted from that of a polished superstar to something more relaxed. Gone are the days of the perfectly coiffed pop star. In their place are glimpses of real life.

Often, their Instagram posts will show them wearing plain T-shirts or hoodies with the odd dress code-breaking accessory. They also post regularly with their dog, Willow, by their side. Their content is more conversational, less polished and frequently contains little bits of fun.

The Way They Style Each Other

One of the biggest differences between their old and their new Instagram strategies comes in the way they style each other. Instead of the polished mirror image seen in their earlier days, the more recent posts show a more organic and relaxed style. This can be seen in the way they pose together or the way they interact with their followers.

Often, they’ll show off each other’s outfits on their Instagram stories. This isn’t something you usually see from high-profile celebrity couples. Often, this will involve either of them wearing something that the other person designed or, as in the case of their recent pair of Valentino outfits, styled separately but together. This openness is unique to this couple and something you may not see elsewhere.

The Evolution Of Their Engagement

When they first started dating, it was heavily documented and heavily speculated that Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson would one day tie the knot. The speculation was largely fueled by their perfectly matched Instagram trends and their openness on social media. Since their engagement, their social media profiles have been even more proof of their enduring love. Here are some notable changes:

More Blooper Reels

One of the most interesting changes since their engagement is that the couple have slowly but surely started to share more and more bloopers. As you’ll see in their most recent Instagram captions, these bloopers are often followed by a giggle and a laugh from their followers. This is a side of the celebrylebrity couple you rarely see and, in fact, never saw in the case of the most recent bloopers.

Often, these bloopers will involve either of them messing up a simple task or a request from a fan. Sometimes, it will involve both of them together. They’ll often shout out each other in the videos and post them with the hashtag #bromanceblooperreel. This is a strategy to draw more people to their Instagram account and to humanize them as much as possible while also adding some levity to their story.

An Evolution In The Way They Post

It would be remiss not to mention the fact that these two Instagrammers have evolved with the times. Back in 2016, Instagram didn’t have a lot of options when it came to fashion, styling or beauty. Now, with styled-lenses and beauty filters, any girl or woman can look incredible. This is something Harry and Rob noticed and took advantage of.

Often, they’ll post about beauty products and makeup techniques. This isn’t a new strategy: they’ve always had an interest in beauty and fashion and have used this platform to share advice on products and techniques they believe in.

Additionally, they’ve started to incorporate more natural hair and makeup looks. This has largely been a response to the increasing number of people using natural products and makeup. They also believe in minimalism and sustainability, both of which influence the types of products they use and the ways they style their feeds.

Ultimately, it’s clear that over the last few years, Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson have grown as individuals, as a couple and as influencers. Their Instagram styles and their stories don’t lie: they’ve evolved with the times and they’ve evolved together. This is something to celebrate—and we hope this article helped you understand and appreciate their unique style and the way they’ve changed over the years. From the very beginning, when Hollywood was speculating that they would one day marry, to the present day, as a committed couple, we’ve followed their story and we love them for it.