After the incredible success of the Harry Potter books, it was only a matter of time before J.K. Rowling’s magical world made the transition to the big screen. The talented author and screenwriter took the reins of the production and delivered a cinematic experience that perfectly encapsulates the magic and wonder of the Harry Potter books.

The result is a film that is not only faithful to the source material but improves upon it. The casting of Robert Pattinson as the Dark Lord Voldemort is exactly what the franchise needed to truly become a full-fledged cinematic event.

Production Design

The production design of the Harry Potter films is, quite simply, breathtaking. The intricate details from the costumes to the sets to the vehicles are all masterful works of craftsmanship and design. It’s no wonder that the British Film Institute named the Harry Potter films the greatest production design team of all time. It’s also no wonder that the special effects in the Potter films are so good when you consider the high level of detail that went into the design and execution of each and every scene.


The use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and visual effects (VFX) is almost seamless in the Harry Potter films – and for good reason. The level of technology that went into the making of the movie is incredible and it shows in every scene. While there are practical effects used for the books, the Harry Potter films go further into making the fictional world feel real. We’re not just looking at green screens either – the effect is almost holographic.


The Harry Potter films are known for their rich, immersive soundtracks. The sound design is also phenomenal, particularly of the magical spells. The Academy Award-winning composer, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Nicholas Hooper, used an orchestra of over 75 musicians and recorded the spells in a real-life London recording studio. The result is unique and breathtaking. It feels like you’re there, in the same room with the great Harry Potter and his friends, as they cast their spells and fight off the evil Voldemort.

The Score

The Harry Potter films might be known for their fantastic scores, but it’s the performances of the actors that really shine through. It’s the vocal performances in particular from Alan Rickman that you’ll hear time and time again. The music is definitely haunting and spine-tingling, but it also helps to set the mood of each scene. There are often times where specific music is used to help foreshadow or foreplay a major event in the storyline, so you’ll hear the same piece of music over and over again throughout the movie. It provides a sense of cohesion throughout the entire piece and makes it feel like one big movie from start to finish.

The Script

The script for the Harry Potter films is one of the cornerstones of the entire franchise. J.K. Rowling took a traditionally published novel and turned it into what is arguably the greatest script ever written. The dialogue is incredible, the wit is superb, and it’s so well-paced that you won’t mind spending three or four hours in the theater with it.

The Cast

It’s always great when a movie brings together great talent in front of and behind the camera, and the Harry Potter films are no exception. The cast is absolutely outstanding with a wide array of iconic cameos by famous faces. It also features a phenomenal ensemble of young actors – many of whom went on to win awards for their performances. It might not be a classic all-star lineup, but it’s a group of talented individuals that you’ll remember forever.


There are so many wonderful aspects to the Harry Potter films, but the one thing that they have in common is that they’re all pretty bloody fantastic. Fans of the series won’t be disappointed, and those who haven’t yet discovered the magical world of Harry Potter will find themselves mesmerized by what J.K. Rowling has created.