Weddings. What is there not to love? As the bride’s parent, it’s your duty to give some fabulously memorable advice to your daughter on her big day. For Harry Meiling and Robert Pattinson, their wedding was the perfect excuse to indulge in a vintage photo album and to revisit some of their most cherished memories. The most prominent feature of their big day was the stunning autumnal colours that decorated the event. With his adventurous spirit and striking good looks, Robert embodies the spirit of Harry’s big day. From the vintage Bentley that he shared with his bride to the bouquet that he gave to his now-wife, these are the top looks that we scored from the pair’s special day.

Robert’s Adventure

It was an adventurous wedding journey for the 33-year-old actor. After tying the knot with Harry in a stunning church setting on Friday 25th September, the newlyweds then made their grand entrance, via a horse-drawn carriage, into the garden reception.

Robert sported a tuxedo throughout the day and changed into a different outfit for the subsequent photos in the wedding album. His outfit changes were as adventurous as the day itself, beginning with a daring white tie and tails and extending to a grand finale of a tattered wedding dress and a white wedding gown with a veil.

The groom’s outfit was equally as impressive. The 27-year-old actor donned a cream suit with a floral print and a black tie, which he swapped for a yellow tie and a tattered black suit for the reception’s closer pictures. He further experimented with hair and make-up for the occasion, often leaving the door open for more adventurous wedding ideas in the future.

The couple’s pre-wedding jaunt to France saw them venture into the unknown. They road-tripped to the country house of designer Pierre Cardin, spending the night among the elegant dresses and crystal chandeliers. The next day, they visited the iconic fashion house and were completely bowled over by the luxury of it all. The trip brought the couple closer together and served as an important bonding exercise for Harry. “It was such an incredible experience – I’ll never forget it. I really felt like a princess. It was like a fair isle blend of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Labyrinth’,” said the newlywed. “The house was completely decked out for us, with the most beautiful dresses and accessories. It was like a dream.”

The Bridal Set

The newlyweds’ decision to feature a bridal set was perhaps less adventurous but no less unique. As Harry put it, “We wanted to keep things romantic and remember the wonderful feeling of our first meeting. It wasn’t about brand loyalty or trying to be different. It was just about capturing that moment.”

It was definitely a happy moment for the couple as they posed for their wedding pictures. The bride wore a beautiful white dress with cream and apricot flowers while Harry donned a white suit and tie and a cream fedora for the occasion. They looked like a picture-perfect pair as they posed for the camera with matching hands placed firmly on each other’s shoulders. The reception venue was decked out in rustic wooden flooring and wicker flower arrangements – the perfect atmosphere for a classic ‘wedding day’.

The Family Affair

The wedding reception was a celebration of Harry and Margaret’s family as well. The bride’s parents, Fred and Barbara, were both dressed in classic attire, with Fred sporting his trademark bow tie and matching his son-in-law’s cream suit. Barbara looked simply stunning in a long white dress with tiny pearls scattered around the outfit. Her dress was also by Pierre Cardin and was accessorised with a diamond and sapphire necklace. The senior Meiling looked every bit the matriarch as he posed for photos with his wife and their three grandsons.

Margaret’s siblings, Jane and Michael, also showed up for the big day, along with their kids. It was great to see this vintage photo album brought to life as the siblings sat together, enjoying a fun exchange of groomsmen jokes. Jane sported an elegant cream-coloured dress with a rose print while Michael wore a black suit and tie. The two children, Oliver and Amelia, were presented as flower girls, wearing white dresses and fairy wings. After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed an abundance of wedding cakes and canapés as they awaited the bride’s entrance. An eclectic mix of music accompanied the festivities, with live performances from popular bands such as The Killers, Travis Scott and The Strokes.

The Carriage Entry

One of the most memorable moments of Robert’s wedding came with his arrival in a vintage 1920s car. To the delight of the guests, the bride’s father greeted his son-in-law in style, stepping out of the vehicle to give him a kiss and a bear hug. He was later joined by his wife and son as he posed for pictures with Robert and Harry. With his beautiful smile and warm handshake, Fred Meiling exuded good humour as he exchanged playful banter with his new grandchild.

The Exit

After the wedding cake and the first dance, the newlyweds left the reception venue and made their grand exit via a white horse-drawn carriage. Their guests followed in cars, on bikes and on foot as they waved goodbye and headed for their honeymoon. With fashion-forward outfits and an abundance of accessories, the bride and groom made a stylish exit as guests gave them a standing ovation. It was an unforgettable way to end the evening and to welcome the new family unit.