There’s been a lot of talk about Robert Pattinson recently. Well, we’re breaking down the rumors and exploring the truth about what he looks like now. So sit back, relax, and get ready to feel a little less sad about him not being in Twilight. We’ve got you covered on this front.

Has He Gained Weight?

One of the biggest questions regarding Robert Pattinson is whether or not he’s gained weight. The actor stepped away from Twilight to focus on himself and his acting career. But since then, he hasn’t been taking his newfound freedom lightly. The actor has been seen out and about with a number of attractive women. Rumors have spread that he’s started a family with his longtime love, FKA Twigs. Now, he’s been linked to some pretty big names in Hollywood. Which leads us to believe that he might have found his way back into the public eye. Especially since he’s now 39 years old.

But has he really gained weight? Based on his Instagram account, it sure doesn’t seem like it. Sure, he’s been spotted at a number of award ceremonies recently. But it’s been reported that he hasn’t been feeling too comfortable in his own skin. Which is why he’s turned to plastic surgery to boost his self-esteem.

Plastic Surgery To Feel Confident

Now, it’s not that Robert Pattinson is jealous of his kids. Far from it. He actually thinks that they’re beautiful. He just doesn’t feel that they give him the same confidence that women do. Which is why he’s had several procedures done to make himself more attractive to women. And it’s working. All of a sudden, he’s on the lookout for a partner. And since women won’t sleep with him, he’s turned to dating apps. Like Grindr and Tinder.

What About This Whole Family Thing?

There’s also been a lot of talk about Robert Pattinson’s family. Specifically, whether or not he’s started a family with FKA Twigs. The two have been dating for several years and have two young kids together. As previously mentioned, this has led to a lot of speculation about whether or not they’re going to get married. Or maybe even start a family of their own. Something to look forward to after Bella’s series ends. The family aspect has certainly upped his appeal. Especially among women.

More Than Meets The Eye

It’s interesting to note how much of a change Robert Pattinson has gone through recently. As we mentioned above, he’s been enjoying life away from Twilight. And it shows in his newfound confidence. Especially when you compare him to the timid and insecure guy that Twilight fans might remember. Which is why he’s so appealing now. The women he’s been spotted with, and the dating apps he’s been on, prove it.

So, while we’re very sad that he’s not in Twilight. Or involved with Bella. It’s wonderful to see him find happiness outside of that world. And it’s even more wonderful to see him embrace who he is now. And allow himself to be seen for who he really is.