The news that actor Robert Pattinson is dating model Emily Blunt broke when they were spotted holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes at a Venice Film Festival. The couple has been linked together since mid-August. After initially denying it, Pattinson later confirmed the relationship in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “We’ve been dating for a little while now,” he said. “It’s new and exciting, and we’re having a lot of fun.” A source told the Daily Mail that the couple are “very much in love.”

Pattinson gained a huge following as the bad boy of Hollywood, starring in films such as Good Will Hunting, The Great Gatsby, and the Divergent series. However, after a series of public scandals, the actor seemingly changed his ways, emerging as one of the most dedicated and supportive partners of a woman in history: Emily Blunt, with whom he has a son named Louis, named after the Duke of Edinburgh. The news that the pair were an item was not a complete surprise – they had been dating for a while and had even had dinner with friends and family to celebrate Blunt’s 30th birthday in May.

As his family life and private life became more stable, Pattinson turned his attention to filmmaking, financing and producing his own films. He was also an executive producer on Blunt’s films, including The Martian, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. In 2015, he directed and starred in the film, The Lost City, which examined the aftermath of a tsunami on a Japanese community. The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and was released in theaters across the U.S. in December.

The ‘Burberry Prada’ Duo

The couple’s relationship status was soon outed by the gossip magazine, Us Weekly. Shortly after the outlet published its cover story on the couple, Prada announced that it was adding a limited-edition ‘Burberry Prada’ scent to its perfume arsenal – aptly named ‘Prada X Burberry Prada,’ the scent will be available in the fall of 2018.

The scent will be designed by artist Elizabeth Taylor, who created the limited-edition ‘Burberry Prada’ perfume for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. The designer’s creative director, Stella McCartney, described the collaboration as “such a natural fit” and said that it was “a dream come true.” Taylor previously worked with McCartney on the Duchess of Cambridge’s scent, which is still available to be purchased. According to the release, the two perfumers “got on the same page immediately” and were able to create something special.

In other news, the designer has also collaborated with the Duchess of Cambridge on a dress that will be worn at the royal’s upcoming wedding with Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Favorite Luxury House

On the subject of wedding dresses, it has been claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is quite the fashionista when it comes to dressing chosen guests. According to a source close to the royal, the duchess has a “secret weapon” in her closet that she turns to when the wedding dress code is too daunting – a piece of clothing that she loves and wears often, allowing her to make a statement without having to worry about fitting in with “commoners.”

The source added that the fashion choice is not an accident. “She knows that colors will clash and dresses chosen by others will make her stand out,” they said. “She also knows how uncomfortable it can be to walk down the aisle in a dress that you did not choose.”

The rumors about the Duchess of Cambridge and her fashion choices have been swirling since the beginning of the year. In February, Kensington Palace confirmed that the duchess was “very much” choosing a designer wedding dress. Then, in March, the palace released a statement saying that “princess Eugenie [of Greece] is very much enjoying the anticipation of her wedding day and cannot wait to wear her exquisite dress.”

The following month, the designer of the princess’s dress, Anna Christina, revealed that the dress had been altered to suit the duchess’s height and figure. According to the designer, Eugenie is a “very stylish” woman who “always knows what looks best on her.” Additionally, Eugenie is known to keep a close eye on fashion trends and is a fan of French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. According to a source, the duchess wants to “stand out amongst the commoners but not in a negative way.”

The Queen’s Favorite Fragrance

In June, Kensington Palace announced that Her Majesty the Queen is “incredibly happy” for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and is looking forward to welcoming the couple’s first child into the world. The news came just days after the Duchess of Sussex revealed that she is due to give birth in the next few weeks, and that the Queen had personally offered her guidance and support during the process.

During a visit to the London Children’s Hospital, where she met with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, members of the Duchess of Sussex’s family included her paternal grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The grandmother reportedly offered congratulations to the Duchess of Sussex and told the press that she was looking forward to meeting her great-grandchild. The Queen is a known lover of scent, and her favorites include sandalwood and geranium, according to a Buckingham Palace spokesperson. When asked about the Duchess of Sussex’s pregnancy by The New York Times, the spokesperson said: “She’s doing very well. She’s very happy about the pregnancy.”

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Upcoming Solo Travel

The Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to solo travel – after all, she is the daughter of the Queen. In fact, she has been travelling internationally by herself since she was 15 years old. In 2018, she is scheduled to travel to the U.S. for a series of solo engagements, including a visit to New York City, where she will meet with a number of designers, including Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. In late July, she will visit California, where she will reportedly be accompanied by her spouse, the Duke of Cambridge, and their son, Prince George, now 8 years old. The following month, the Duchess of Cambridge will make a solo trip to Canada, where she will attend a festival in Montreal and meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In other solo travel news, in February 2018, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that she had been traveling internationally for almost a year and a half, supporting the Women’s Refugee Council. Following the birth of her and Prince Harry’s baby in June 2017, the Duchess of Sussex began a global tour with Harry, visiting Australia, New Zealand, and countries in between. During her travels, the Duchess of Sussex has focused on raising awareness of the issues that she supports, including gender equality and ending child poverty. In mid-July, she will be back in London, where she and Prince Harry will continue to raise their baby boy. The father is also scheduled to return to the U.K. in August for the premiere of the sequel to The Lion King, as well as solo engagements in London and at the Royal Variety Performance – an annual celebration featuring music and comedy performed by the royal family, the prime minister, and other dignitaries.

In addition to solo travel, the Duchess of Sussex has been involved in numerous charitable causes. In January 2018, she launched a hat collection with Burberry, as part of which she contributed a percentage of the sales to a children’s charity. The following month, it was announced that the Duchess of Sussex would be the U.K.’s representative at the Global Summit on Family Violence, joining global leaders, advocates, and survivors in London to discuss the issue. Additionally, she has taken an active interest in the environment, spearheading several sustainable projects, including a bike hire scheme by Dutch bike company, LeaseWorld. As well as these projects, the Duchess of Sussex encourages others to lead by example and be more sustainable, encouraging people to “try something new” and “challenge the status quo.”

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have undoubtedly made a name for themselves as style-savvy royals, who aren’t afraid to stand out amongst the crowd. With fashion trends emerging and falling almost as quickly as they are born, it seems as though the glamorous ladies of the royal family don’t plan on following suit anytime soon.