Actor and musician Robert Pattinson is arguably one of the most in-demand men in Hollywood, but he’s not resting on his laurels. The 33-year-old recently revealed that he will be pursuing a more personal role in upcoming films, including a passion project dedicated to his mother. But with his filmography including high-profile franchise roles in the Divergent and The Twilight series, what exactly does Mr. Pattinson want out of his hair? We consulted haircutter Fabianne Pelliccioni to get style tips for the Hollywood star.

Keep It Simple

Pattinson’s look is usually pretty simple, and that’s a good thing. His hair is neither too long nor too short, and he normally wears it in a high ponytail or a messy bun. The star isn’t one of those people who needs a full-blown makeover every few months, so his hairstyle stays consistent throughout the year. This allows him to easily blend into the background, which is perhaps how he manages to steal the show whenever he appears on screen.

Pattinson isn’t afraid to experiment with his hair, though. He’s regularly been seen wearing dreadlocks, a fringe haircut, and even a green mohawk. While it’s exciting to see an actor of his magnitude experiment with unique hairstyles, it can also be a pain in the ass to keep up with all of that. It’s not that Pattinson doesn’t know how to style his hair; he just doesn’t have the time, as he’s constantly traveling for work. The longer his hair, the more time he has to spend on the set, and that’s what matters most to him.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Pattinson’s hair is often described as being on the longer side, and that’s an understatement. The English actor’s hair is always heavily coated, and he often uses hair products to even out the strands. Despite his unibrow, the star is still considered to be quite the heartthrob, which he attributes to his eyes rather than his hair. Regardless, the longer the hair, the more potential there is for style experimentation.

Pattinson’s eyebrows are also on fleek. His hairline is always etched deeply into his forehead, and that helps emphasize his intense expression. The unibrow really is a blessing and a curse at the same time. While it gives him a more unique appearance, it also means he has to be even more expressive with his face. So much so that in his latest film, Pattinson was actually given the scriptural equivalent of the “Bless you!” This is also a reflection of his general attitude as an actor; he is always happy to take a role, but he also doesn’t mind making a film that only he will be interested in.

Pattinson is also very picky about the clothes that he wears. He has developed a style all of his own, revolving around simple and clean lines, but also unique colors and textures. The star will only wear brands he trusts, and he sticks to tried and tested silhouettes. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t experiment with his clothing, though. He has been known to sport bold and colourful outfits, which he wears with confidence.

Hair That Will Have People Talking

Before launching into hairstyling tips, it’s important to establish that Pattinson’s hair is neither dirty nor oily, but rather, it’s somewhere in between. His hair is always naturally oily, which he says is a result of his English heritage. It’s rarely seen in a complete state of dryness, and when it is, it tends to attract dirt and oil, which is very unappetizing. This is especially the case when he’s not on set, as the star takes pride in maintaining a completely clean hairstyle.

Pattinson’s hair is often described as having a dark complexion. His hair is very thick and full, with a layer of hair on top that is several inches in height. It’s always neatly layered, with the topmost layer being the thickest. This is quite a departure from the usual look for an Englishman, but it’s something the actor is very proud of.

Play With The Hair, But Mind Your Blade

Pattinson’s hair is often used to accentuate his dramatic performances. It’s a common practice for actors to sport long hair and wear it in complicated hairstyles, whether in curls or waves. But the star takes this customization a step further. He often experiments with different cuts and styles, but he never leaves home without his trusted hair dresser, Fred, having a sharp knife in his hand. The pair often spend hours upon hours playing with his hair, trying out different styles and cutting off excess strands with the help of the straight blade. This is why Pattinson’s hair is often referred to as having a ‘beard’layer. It’s a common mistake to call it a ‘moustache’, as the two things are quite distinct.

The long hair and unibrow have also made it easier for the actor to play a character with a totally different appearance. His character in the upcoming romantic comedy, Good Time, is the complete opposite of his Twilight character, but it’s still rooted in the same universe. He plays Matt, a down-on-his-luck rocker who disguises himself as a woman to escape his problems, which we soon see he has plenty of.

Get Your Roots, But Take Care What You Grow

Pattinson likes to keep his roots as hidden as possible, especially since he’s recognized for his unibrow. It’s not unusual for an actor of his caliber to have a team of hairstylists working round the clock to keep his hair looking as flawless as possible. The hair on the top of his head is always worn in a high ponytail or bun, keeping the hair roots hidden. He doesn’t need to show off his roots to be able to pull off a stunning look; he can always rely on his flawless makeup.

The English actor says he’s learned from mistakes. One of his biggest mistakes was dyeing his hair. He tried out a number of different colors, ranging from bright neon hues to earthy tones, but nothing really stuck. It was either too light or too dark, and it didn’t match the character he was playing, which is why he has stuck with his natural hair color since then.

Take Care Of The Ladies

Pattinson has also been known to make some serious style statements on occasion, but he normally keeps these private, as he’s more comfortable revealing how he really feels through his characters. One such moment came in 2016, when he wore a red dress at the Golden Globe Awards, attracting a lot of attention from both the press and the public. The dress, which featured a V neckline and long,, slit skirt, was a shocking sight to see in a red dress. It was quite the statement, and it proved that the British actor can be quite the lady’s man when he wants to.

Pattinson is very private about the sort of woman he mates with. He likes to keep his personal life simple and straightforward, and he makes it clear that he doesn’t like the limelight, preferring to remain unnoticed. Despite this, he has been linked to some high-profile companions in the past. He dated Emily, the sister of his Twilight co-star, Billie, for a few years, and it was even mentioned in the press that they were ‘more than just friends’. The relationship was never confirmed, but it still looms large, especially since they were both such private individuals.

The English actor’s taste in music also influences how he stylizes his hair. He typically wears his hair in loose curls when listening to rock music, but he will pull his hair back and wear it in a high ponytail when listening to hip-hop or R&B. This is mainly because of his time with Billie, whose tastes lean more towards R&B and hip-hop. The two will often rap and freestyle together on tour, with a lot of ‘bonding’ going on over the shared language. It’s great to see an actor dedicated to something so personal, and we’re sure that fans will be able to relate to Pattinson’s story of finding his voice and his talents.