What do you get when you combine a red-carpet queen, a leading man from the movie Twilight, and a photo shoot by none other than Alexander Wang? You get a pretty cool Christmas gift idea for your best girlfriend – or you could just gift-wrap it and send it to yourself! – SISTER SISTER, a luxury lifestyle magazine.

The cover story of their winter 2017 issue is titled ‘Robert Pattinson: An Intimate Portrait’, and features the 26-year-old actor alongside Italian Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. The two-page spread is a dazzling display of impeccable taste – not to mention the pair’s seamless integration to the magazine’s signature black-and-white editorial look.

Set your alarm a little early on Christmas Day and get straight to your computer. You’re going to need a bit of Christmas spirit to be able to find the time to read everything on this list, but it’ll be worth it. These are the most popular Christmas gift ideas for men based on real-life testimonials on popular gift-giving platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Matching Wallet Case

This is currently the #1 best-selling item on eBay, with over 300 positive reviews. It’s the perfect present for a man who always seems to be fishing through his pockets looking for cash. The fact that it’s made out of real leather, and with individual compartments for each bill is also a nice touch. What’s not to love?

Real Leather Purse

This is another popular choice on the list, with over 100 positive reviews. It’s the perfect present for a stylish and fashionable man who likes to keep his cash in good condition. The well-crafted leather purse not only provides a safe place for your money, but it’s lined with velvet and has a clasp. It’s a very unique and beautiful piece. You can’t go wrong with real leather!

Rhinestone-Encrusted Box Set

This is a great gift for a man who likes to present himself in a luxurious way. The box set includes all the essential items for making the perfect cocktail: Martini glass, vermouth, olive, and a lemon twist. Present it in a stylish metal box with a red bow on it, and he’ll be thrilled.

Slim Leather Purse

This is the absolute quintessential luxury man purse. Its very existence speaks to the prevailing trend surrounding the male aesthetic in the 21st century. Its slim and sleek profile reveals a modern, minimalist approach that exudes a high degree of sophistication. This is also a purse that can be worn several different ways. Aesthetically, the presence of the leather shoulder strap makes this item unique and highly recognizable. The slender metal chain that connects the two halves of the purse is an additional detail that completes the modern look.

Custom Leather Purse

This is a very unique item that will surely stand out among all the other gift items on your list. The concept is simple yet elegant: create a leather purse with the profile of a well-known designer or a luxury brand. The possibilities are endless with this present idea. What’s more, the item is completely bespoke, so the ideal recipient will feel highly special.

Pocket Squash Game

What if I told you there was a way for you to spend a couple of hours of your day playing a fun game, and that this game could easily become one of your favorite things to do? Sound impossible? Not when you have a pocket squasher! Simply put, pocket squasher is a ping pong paddle game designed for smartphones. The concept is very simple: take a smartphone, set it on a table, and start squeezing! What you’ll most likely discover is that the game is incredibly addicting, and for a couple of hours, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your daily sessions.

GQ’s Shoot of Robert Pattinson is a winter 2017 issue of the popular men’s style magazine, which features the actor alongside leading men and women fashion photographers. The cover story is a dazzling display of impeccable taste – not to mention the two-page spread is a seamless integration of the magazine’s signature black-and-white editorial look.