In case you missed it, our favorite L.A. lads, The Twilight Saga, are well underway with their very own GNLive coming soon. The premium lifestyle publication GQ recently got a peek behind the scenes of the highly anticipated Gucci bazaar 2013 fall winter collection, and it was all robin pattinson ‘s beautiful self. We’re huge fans of Rob’s solo work, so it’s no secret we’re eagerly anticipating this collection. It’ll be fascinating to see how he interprets gucci’s iconic bazaar look for his solo project.

The Collection Will Be Available For Sale This Year

It’s no secret that gucci bazaar is one of the most popular bazaars in the world, so it should come as no surprise that many of the robin pattinson collection will be available for sale. But there’s more! The entire collection, which was beau­tiful­ly exhibited at the bazaar, will be available for sale. This includes the outerwear, dresses, and jackets in the collections. We can’t wait to get our hands on a piece of robin pattinson.

If you’re a guitarist like us, you may be wondering how to best showcase your talents. Maybe you’ve fretted about the same question since you first picked up the acoustic guitar. Well, fret no more! We’ve got a solution. It’s called guitar soloing, and it’s the perfect way to demonstrate your talents to the world. Simply download the free app from the iTunes store and start soloing your ass off. You may even find yourself playing some songs you actually like and enjoy.

The App Features Solo Practice Songs, Lyrics, And Drums

You may not have known, but Robin pattinson is a singer-songwriter. He’s not only well-versed in traditional music, but he is also a master of the hip hop style. And this is reflected in the content of his solo app. The iTunes store describes the app as featuring “solo practice songs, lyrics, and drums.” We tested the app and were pleasantly surprised by its rich content. The songs are played using real basses, not synthesizers, and they have a mellow yet modern sound. We highly recommend the app for musicians looking to solo and for the solo artists who may want to practice their songs.

A Whole Basket Of Merchandise To Choose From

Besides the music, the app also contains a whole basket of merchandise to choose from. We were particularly taken with the various accessories for the guitar, such as stylized guitar sticks, pickups, and cases. There’s also a capsule waistcoat designed specifically for the app, which is perfect for practicing in. We were particularly impressed with the various capsule waistcoats in the collection, designed by gucci in reference to the bazaar theme. They were made entirely from slim jean materials, with no zippers or pockets, and yet they still have a soft touch finish. We’re sure many of you will find these waistcoats comfortable to wear while practicing guitar. Or maybe you’ll even play a concert and need a functional waistcoat.

A Creative Way To Publish Your Own Album

This is one of the major draws of this particular collection for us. It’s an interesting way to publish an album. Typically, an entire album is published, with all the artwork and invoices included. However, gucci bazaar is taking a more creative approach and including just the tracklisting and some of the artwork, while leaving the rest for the individual album covers. We think this is a great idea for an album release, as it allows the listing to be more british in nature, while still keeping with the bazaar theme. This particular collection is made up of songs that Rob has soloed for his own album, which is due for release in the next few months. That’s a lot of album covers, and we’re looking forward to seeing the collection, which is currently in the process of being reviewed.