We’re just under a month away from the start of the new season, and now is the perfect time to buckle up and get ready for spring! Whether you’re a Fashion or Beauty fan, you’ll want to bookmark our list of the top fashion moments from the last season.

Dior’s Halston Heritage

It’s been a crazy few years for the fashion industry, and one of the biggest trends that came out of the pandemic was the comeback of classic, luxury brands. It started with Versace, and then it spread to the rest of the luxury industry. Even fast fashion brands like Zara have started to stock their shelves with these timeless garments, and people are starting to realize that owning a piece of history is a prized possession. When it comes to fashion, people will always want to be different, but they also want to be unique, and owning something that has been worn by other famous faces serves as a way to stake a claim to style.

When it comes to designing a look that is still fresh in 2022, many luxury brands have gone back to their roots and embraced the 80s as a fresh start. Designer Hervé Despont has taken this concept and run with it, creating a spring collection that is quintessentially composed of the rich hues and luxurious fabrics that define his label. The designer draws from his own childhood and the years he spent living and breathing Marimekko, creating a spring collection that is both feminine and classic in its design sensibilities. And what better way to celebrate the beginning of spring than with a new look for Women’s Spring 2022?

With a colorful, feminine display that evokes both the vibrancy of the outdoors and the sunny optimism of the new season, Hervé Despont’s Women’s Spring 2022 collection is a celebration of spring as it should be — vivid, optimistic, and bursting with color!

Fendi’s Spring 2021

Rumors began to circulate last year that LVMH was looking to shake up the fashion world with a new luxury fashion brand. And boy, did they ever! Fendi officially launched their spring/summer 2021 collection last month, and it is, without a doubt, their finest yet. The designer went full steam ahead, creating a capsule collection of 100 looks that are modern, stylish, and sporty. The collection focuses on functional, refined sportswear, and the elements that make these garments truly unique and memorable are their tailoring and finishing touches that make these outfits stand out.

What is truly exciting about Fendi’s spring 2021 collection is that it marks a complete departure from the ready-to-wear collections the brand is known for. It is bold, yet polished, and truly a statement in women’s fashion.

Gap’s New Look

Gap Inc. is one of the most recognizable and coveted fashion brands around the world, and it’s finally put an end to the kimono robes and leopard print that defined their look in the past. Designer Perry Williams has done away with the safe and predictable, putting his unique spin on everything from shirtwaist dresses to printed slacks and skirts. Some of the most stunning pieces in his collection are the brightly patterned and designed dresses, which he paired with heavy brocade and lace detailing.

The designer’s mantra is innovation through color, and his spring collection is a vibrant display of all the glorious hues and exciting patterns that the industry has to offer. The only downside to this glorious display is that many of these styles are unlikely to ever go out of style.

What do you think of these top moments from last season? Did we miss any major trends? Let us know in the comments below!