He’s probably the most famous ex-boyfriend in the world, with his Twilight saga taking the entertainment world by storm. But is Robert Pattinson worth around half a billion dollars? We’ve analysed his wealth and calculated the approximate worth of this year’s most prominent actor.

The $500m Dollar Man

Pattinson hasn’t always been a rich man. Fresh off the back of Twilight, his first major acting gig in a decade, he featured in a number of B-list Hollywood movies, averaging around $150,000 per film. He made a decent living, but his bank balance wasn’t always as healthy as fans may want it to be.

Then came what many consider to be the watershed moment in his financial history, when he joined the band of The Twilight Saga as Edward Cullen. Although the series was a financial and critical flop, spawning two inferior sequels and an array of merchandise that struggled to make its way to store shelves, it did feature the four leads doing the unexpected, earning them a dedicated fanbase, and boosting their individual fanbases to stratospheric levels.

The band’s soundtrack, specifically the hit single ‘Never Say Never’ catapulted the band to superstardom and the album went on to sell a staggering 16 million copies globally. In 2016, the British newspaper The Independent estimated that the single sold more than 8.7 million singles and it was later revealed that it had become the best-selling song in the history of United Kingdom Record Shop. That year also saw Pattinson score a global hit with ‘Just Talking’, a duet with Ed Sheeran that spent several weeks at the top of the Billboard Top 100 in the US. It currently sits at number 12 on Billboard’s top 100 chart, a testament to both its enduring popularity and the enduring fame of its creator.

If there’s one thing that The Twilight Saga proved, it’s that the womenfolk of Vampires love their men with a fierce, unrequited passion. And what is a passion project if not something to spend your life working on, obsessively researching and exploring the feelings of the characters you’ve created, for better or worse?

The Untold Story Of The Twilight Saga 

Even now, it’s hard to explain just how much of a cultural phenomenon The Twilight Saga became. Binge-watching the series now, it’s clear that it transcended genre and became something more than the sum of its parts, establishing itself as a landmark in pop culture, forever linked to 2013 and 2014. These were the years when it all went down. These were the years when The Twilight Saga changed everything.

The most successful cinematic franchise of all time, its impact is immeasurable, spawning a range of merchandise, from Twilight jewellery and skin-care products to board games and manga . While it’s easy to quantify the influence of this year’s cinematic offerings – from Get Set for Love to The Nutcracker and The Hobbit (our selection – in English and Hindi versions – of the year) – it’s harder to pinpoint just what The Twilight Saga did to popular culture, in general, and the movie industry, in particular. Certainly, it transformed the way we look at vampires and fear of them.

The Merchandise

Indeed, it’s the extraordinary level of engagement with The Twilight Saga that makes it so fascinating. Not only was it a bona fide phenomenon, but it also established a series of unique challenges for Lionsgate, the studio behind the movie, as well as Summit, the studio behind the TV series, taking in excess of a billion dollars in global merchandise sales alone. It’s an incredible feat for a film that was mostly shot in Vancouver and Toronto and whose biggest setpiece is a shower scene (one of the most iconic moments of the entire franchise).

Even now, people want to be associated with The Twilight Saga. If you Google ‘famous ex-boyfriends’, the results are dominated by photos of Pattinson. And, not only is he a global superstar, but he’s also the face of several major beauty and lifestyle brands, including Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Burberry. This is undoubtedly thanks, in part, to his ever-present charm, but it’s also the fact that fans want to be associated with a brand that is as ubiquitous as The Twilight Saga. It’s a far cry from the brands that Edward Cullen and co. are associated with, which includes BFF (best friends for life) certificates and other emotional trinkets. These are the brands that future girlfriends are more likely to ask for as an engagement present. We can’t help but wonder who Edward’s taste in women might be. Is he a fan of Twilight Saga star Kristen Stewart ? We may never know.

The Impact On Popular Culture

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of The Twilight Saga is how it completely upended the genre itself, resulting in a veritable golden era for vampires in popular culture. This is a genre that had largely been ignored by Hollywood – with the notable exception of Dracula (1931) – with its resurgence coinciding with and arguably, thanks to, The Twilight Saga, both on and off screen. There are a host of reasons for this, from the intimate nature of the material to the film’s critical and commercial success, but suffice it to say that, to date, horror vampires have appeared in some of the most high-profile films, enjoying major bondage scenes (Beautiful Madeline – 2015), huge hauls of blood (The Hunger – 2008), and even a turn as R Pattinson’s father, as Jack Daniels, in The Prisoner (2017).

The impact of The Twilight Saga on the entertainment world cannot be overstated. While its influence can be felt across several genres (it has been described, ad nauseum, as a watershed movie), it is, undoubtedly, a major bond movie, through and through. It cemented R Pattinson as a real box office star and brought in millions, upon millions, of new fans, creating a voracious audience for the actor, who will soon be seen in The Lion King (2020) and The Circus Prince (2021).

The Real Cost

All vampires love their blood and fear of it. But that doesn’t come without its costs. For the casts and crews of both Vampire Diaries and The Twilight Saga, the cost of making a teen film with a blood alcohol content of at least 15%, as per Ontario law, was astronomical. One of the main cast members of Vampire Diaries, Bill Condon, has gone on the record as saying that, on any given day, he had to drink “three pints of blood just to feel normal.” This is, according to him, a very common occurrence on a set between scenes – something that, presumably, put a strain on his ­fellow actors’ ­relationships with him, as well as their own health – and was, in part, responsible for the considerable tensions that often arise on set, leading to numerous cancels and delays. Despite its critical and commercial failure, Vampire Diaries remains one of the most expensive show to be made and the fact that it’s been more than a decade since its release means that its budgets have likely ballooned.