The past 12 months have not been kind to Robert Pattinson. After spending more than a year filming Midnight Mass in Italy, the actor/director/writer finally returned to the United Kingdom in April 2019 to find that his home had been destroyed by fire and he had lost much of his wardrobe. Now, just as the world – and his devoted fans – are starting to take a breath after the trauma of the last year, Pattinson is preparing to make the most of the moment by spending a massive amount of money on himself and indulging in some extravagant tastes. Is this a glimpse of the extravagant lifestyle the actor has planned for himself?

The Midweek Midlife Crisis

After a year of being cooped up in hotels, the actor has returned to the limelight and is set to embark on a publicity blitzkrieg. From posing for the covers of Vanity Fair and Elle UK to starring in his first movie in five years, Pattinson seems rejuvenated and determined to make the most of the last 12 months of his life. Indeed, the actor’s only real companion during this time has been his bank account, which he has been piling up with a series of lavish spending sprees.

Pattinson’s first major outing in 2019 will be the adaptation of D.J. Taylor’s best seller The Glorious Gospel of John. Starring in the adaptation as well as writing and directing are the 48-year-old actor’s long-time collaborator Matthew Vaughn and Oscar-winner Anna Kendrick. Set in 16th century London, the film will tell the story of John, an Oxford scholar who becomes England’s most celebrated evangelist during a time of political upheaval.

Shooting on the historic film began last October and is due for finish this summer, giving Pattinson a chance to finally put his directorial skills to the test.

Pattiinson’s Vanity Fair and Elle UK Covers

Over the last 12 months, Pattinson has graced the covers of Vanity Fair, GQ UK, and Elle UK numerous times. It is this last publication that has been the source of much of his recent earnings, with a reported £20,000 per sitting for the glamorous photo shoots.

The 48-year-old actor is no stranger to posing for glossy magazines and has long been known for his good looks, charm, and affability – not to mention, his surname. His father, Colin, was Senior Artistic Director of the London Opera, and brother, Tim, is a well-known sculptor. When it comes to style, Pattinson is certainly not afraid to experiment and has been known to purchase entire wardrobes of clothing for a film. He often shops for unique and one-of-a-kind items for himself and his friends, not to mention his frequent collaborator and fellow fashion enthusiast Emily’s many designer outfits.

A Self-Indulgent Spender

What is perhaps most surprising about the actor’s spending spree is that it has not stemmed from his newfound stardom. Far from it, in fact – as his agent previously noted: “He is a naturally modest and private person and this has not changed…”

Since returning to the UK in April, Pattinson has been living a quiet life and has stayed out of the public eye, declining all interviews and social gatherings – including, reportedly, an offer to star in a reality show with his longtime friend and fellow traveler Leo DiCaprio.

This has not been a case of him shying away from the limelight, as Pattinson frequently spends his time off-camera relaxing with friends and family. The only discernible difference in his behavior at the moment is his apparent newfound wealth. Having spent most of his adult life living on the cheap, Pattinson has more than enough money to indulge in his expensive tastes, which he has done.

This spending spree will not be limited to expensive clothes and accessories, either. After filming his directorial debut The Lobster in 2016, in which he starred as an introverted man struggling with an unreciprocated love for a fellow hotel guest played by Marion Cotillard, Pattinson decided to dip his toe back into the water with a lead role in the romance film Dirty Peak. The actor reportedly spent £1 million on the production of the film, which was widely panned by critics. He followed this with the poorly received adaptation of the horror novel The Witch in 2018, starring in a movie that was described by some as looking like a cross between a Renaissance fair and a Chinese funeral.

Although these films did not do well at the box office, the actor’s choice of material means that he will not be blamed for their failure – which, for a self-declared introvert, may be less than appealing. It seems that, once again, Pattinson has chosen a subject that he feels passionate about and he is prepared to back it with his considerable fortune. He is also no stranger to controversy – something which could boost his profile even more.

The Self-Confessed “Party Animal”

What really alarms some people, however, is not so much the extravagance of Pattinson’s lifestyle but the fact that he is seemingly living it for public display. Since returning to the UK in April 2019, the actor has been spending much of his time in London’s West End, where he has been frequenting some of the city’s most luxurious restaurants and bars. He has also been photographed entering many high-end fashion stores – including Burberry and Ralph Lauren – and spending time in luxurious homes with friends and family.

The truth is that this kind of lavish behavior is not entirely new to the actor. While some might consider the British actor somewhat reclusive, he actually has a quite a full social life. What is new, however, is his willingness to share this lifestyle with the public. It is this fact that makes some people – particularly those who have known him for years – deeply concerned about his well-being. Rumors of his heavy drinking and infrequent drug addiction have also caused concern among some of his acquaintances.

A Life of Luxury

Pattinson’s sudden wealth has not come without its consequences, however. Having spent years scraping by on low budget movies, the actor is now in a position to indulge in his many expensive tastes – from cars to food to holidays. Since returning to the UK in April, the actor has been crisscrossing the country in a bid to work his way through much of his considerable inheritance. It is this fact, along with his new celebrity status, that has undoubtedly changed the way people around him now see him. Gone are the days of the penniless “it” boy who became famous overnight; now, he is seemingly living the high life and showing the world how to behave.

This behavior may be a result of Pattinson’s own self-destructive habits, which have been well documented over the years. The actor is famously known for his hedonistic lifestyle and fast cars, which, in part, stems from his upbringing and schooling in the UK. He grew up in Scotland and attended the prestigious Edinburgh Academy, where he befriended future movie partner Emily’s brother, Alexander. Even though Scotland is considered a “dry” country, alcohol was served at the school and the students would drink whiskey at lunchtime, it was reported that his parents were so worried about their son’s drinking habits that they paid for his private university education in England.

Pattinson later attended Oxford University and, during his time there, partied hard and fast, even winning the dubious title of “Party Animal” at one point. It was at university that he became friends with Emily’s other brother, Tim, who also became a professional film producer and director. This friendship led to the pair forming the production company Tartan Films in 2009. Since then, the company has gone on to make several award-winning documentaries and shorts, with Tim recently winning the award for “Best Documentary Short” at the 2020 Academy Awards for his work on The Masked Singer.

Pattinson eventually abandoned his dream of being a film director and, in 2016, switched gears to write and direct his first feature film, The Lobster. Starring in the film as well as working behind the camera were the likes of Marion Cotillard, Vanessa Redgrave, and Alicia Vikander. Although the film didn’t do well at the box office – and received mixed reviews from critics – it did, however, win several awards, including Best Film at the 2020 British Independent Film Awards and Best Actor at the 2020 Evening Standard British Film Awards. It also launched Pattinson’s long-awaited directorial career in a big way.