One of the most well-known and iconic stars of the Hollywood film industry is set to make a major style statement.

Robert Pattinson’s cover appearance in the March issue of GQ Magazine will undoubtedly become one of the most talked-about and styled shoots of the year.

The actor/artist/writer/director rocked the fashion scene in 2021 with his debut solo exhibition, displaying a unique mix of influences from different walks of life, resulting in a collection that is unrivalled in terms of its uniqueness and originality.

The exhibition – titled ‘Beautiful Soul’ – was opened to the public just last month, bringing its unique mix of textiles, illustration and sculpture to life through the use of vibrant colours and soft lighting. The British star showcased a variety of outfit combinations from day to night, including tailored suits and slim-fit jeans, which were worn with wooden head and handwear by John Salako, a mannequin dressed in Victorian garb, and wax sculptures of Pattinson’s famous characters from the Twilight film series.

The exhibition was organised and curated by renowned fashion photographer Claudio Monteverdi, who has previously worked with household names such as Ralph Lauren and Helmut Lang.

Stylish, Sophisticated And Unique

The English actor has been linked with countless beauties but has managed to keep his private life private, so it comes as no great surprise that he would dare to showcase his unique blend of fashion and art in such a daring way.

Pattinson’s spring/summer 2022 collection will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the next fashion and style season, as well as a real testament to the versatility of the English rose. Let’s take a closer look at the collection’s key pieces.

The Suit

We begin our examination of Pattinson’s unique vision by looking at the suit, which is both stylish and sophisticated, yet also boasts an element of fun as it references the actor’s favourite film series.

The British icon’s affinity for the Twilight films is clear from the very first scene of the first film in the series, where he plays the part of Edward Cullen. In the film, Edward wears a striking purple suit with silver details, which was obviously a major influence on Pattinson.

The star has since donned the suit on multiple occasions, most notably in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider (2020). The actor is also known to keep a hand in Edward’s handiwork as he often wears the custom-made suits, which are on display in his solo exhibition.

The Vest

Moving onto the next key component of the collection, we get to take a closer look at the main protagonist’s trademark vest. The stylish garment is a key symbol of Pattinson’s unique identity and is undoubtedly a highlight of his suit collection.

The distinctive piece pays homage to the English actor’s love for British heritage and has been spotted on multiple occasions throughout his acting career. Most notably, the vest appears as part of a costume combination in the 2020 film adaptation of Jack London’s The Scarlet Plague (2020).

The vest is an integral part of Pattinson’s look and has been sported by the actor throughout his career. It isn’t just limited to the big screen either as he has donned the style for multiple red-carpet appearances, including in 2020, when he graced the cover of Vogue’s May issue and in January 2021, when he showed up at the premiere of Black Widow in a spectacular yellow and black striped suit.

Casual Day

The casual day is one of the mainstays of Pattinson’s wardrobe, with the star frequently dressing in jeans and sneakers. The latest incarnation of the casual day comes in the form of a stunning floral print, which the star accessorised with white sneakers.

One of the most recognisable faces in the world, with an estimated net worth of £150million [USD$250million], the British actor often flaunts his wealth and luxurious lifestyle on social media channels, regularly posting pictures of himself in expensive attire and sleekly designed accessories.

The rich daddy of two has also been known to splash out on luxury brands, with favorites including Burberry, Dior and Givenchy gracing his clothing collection. The floral print in question is actually a camouflage print and the sneakers, designed by Balenciaga, are white, not plain white.

The Handwear

To continue our journey through the British star’s collection, let’s take a closer look at his matching handwear.

The distinctive brown leather handwear was worn by Salako, a mannequin dressed in Victorian attire, who also sported a striking purple suit (which has since sold at auction for £13,750 [USD$22,500]!).

The English actor’s love for men’s leather goods is clear from numerous pairs of shoes and belts spotted throughout his Instagram account, with the leatherwear used to accentuate the luxurious nature of his clothing choices.

The Accessory

Speaking of shoes, let’s not forget about the matching heels. The star rocked some serious stilettos for the cover of Vogue last year and the magazine’s May issue was certainly one of the most memorable ones. Let’s also not forget about the matching clutches either, which are just as iconic as the stilettos.

Pattinson is yet to comment on the hat selection but it is rumoured to be custom made and designed by the French brand Grenson. The rumour mills have also been turning regarding the identity of the outfit’s tailor, with suggestions online ranging from Saville Row to Milan.

In the coming months, we can expect to see more of the same as the British icon continues to flaunt his eclectic taste in fashion and style on Instagram.

The British star’s upcoming fashion line for spring/summer 2022, named Afterschool, will be unveiled in the coming months.