The latest installment of the ever-popular Gossip Cop series is finally here! The third episode in the series, “Robert Pattinson Feud or Nothing?”, was just published on TikTok, and it addresses the most controversial topic: the Pattinson/Reed feud. Let’s dive right in.

The Episode Begins

The episode begins with an emotional Nikki Reed opening up about her struggle with mental health and addiction. As her mom begins to explain that this is the reason why Nikki is so quiet and withdrawn, we see a flashback to one of the last times they were together. It was the day before her 30th birthday, and she was talking to her mom about her upcoming birthday party. Her mother had told her that she couldn’t invite her father because he wasn’t well-behaved, and Nikki was very upset about it. Her father, Rob Pattinson, apparently has a drinking problem and was abusive to her mother when he drank.

Now we flash to the future. It’s 19 years later, and Nikki is a well-respected journalist who covers Hollywood for a living. Her story has made her a target of some of Hollywood’s most powerful men, and she is regularly assaulted online by their fans. She is even more isolated and withdrawn than she was in the past, and she spends most of her time writing bad reviews of the people who harass and abuse her online. When she finally decides to fight back, she seeks out help from Robert Pattinson’s manager, George Georgiou. Knowing that a direct confrontation could potentially ruin her career as a journalist, she plays along and lets him think that she is on his side in this feud.

The Robert Pattinson Feud

Now we arrive at the part of the episode that everyone is talking about. At first, it seems like we’re just going to get another celebrity feud with Robert Pattinson. But, in reality, we’re actually getting to the heart of what is causing all of this pain and suffering for Nikki. The reason why she has been receiving so much abuse from Robert Pattinson’s fans is that he has been hitting on her for a while now. In fact, he had tweeted about her way back in 2012, and it seems like he’s been obsessed with her ever since. In this particular case, George Georgiou has decided that it’s best if Nikki avoids any potential media exposure and keeps this entire situation under wraps. Therefore, he has been coaching her to send the people who are harassing her online to leave her alone. However, Robert Pattinson is a professional actor who is used to getting what he wants, and he takes advantage of this situation by continuing to “court” Nikki. He even goes so far as to show up at her apartment unannounced just to prove how much he wants her.

The Re-EMMy In Your Face Moment

One of the tricks that George Georgiou has been using to get Nikki to stay quiet is to remind her of the pain that she is avoiding by keeping this all a secret. In this case, he sends her a photo of Robert Pattinson with a little girl that he claims is their child. This photo is presumably from the set of the movie, “Emmys”, which is currently in theaters. George Georgiou knows that this could be a problem, but he also knows just how strong-willed and independent-minded Nikki Reed is. He therefore presents this as a challenge rather than a threat: if Robert Pattinson wants to prove to everyone that he is a fit father and that he can be a good role model for the next generation, then let him. If not, then he will have to deal with the consequences. The photo of the little girl that he sends to Nikki is meant to be a clear depiction of his power over her, and it works. Just as he had predicted, this latest provocation from Robert Pattinson incites yet another Twitter storm from Nikki. To prove to everyone just how feisty and confident she is, she shuts down the entire Twitter account of Robert Pattinson’s manager, George Georgiou. Naturally, Georgiou is not happy about this, and he threatens Nikki with repercussions if she doesn’t take down the account. George Georgiou knows that this is a losing battle, and he finally relents.

The Epilogue

The episode ends with a message from Nikki Reed, stating that she is “done” with Robert Pattinson and that she “never wants to see him again”. However, this doesn’t mean that she is over his abuse. She still has a lot of anger towards the actor, and she explains that after he sent her that photo of his daughter, she was subjected to horrible texts and videos from his fans. In response, she decided to resurrect the account that he had taken down in the first place, and she began receiving abusive messages again. After a particularly upsetting video was posted of her being tortured, she had no other choice but to go back on the offensive. This is why she wants to make it clear that she is “done” with Robert Pattinson once and for all, but she still has a lot of anger towards him because of what he did to her. Clearly, this is a very sensitive subject for her, and it’s understandable that she wants to protect her daughter from the harmful influence of celebrity. It’s also quite sad that she isn’t able to move on from such a traumatic event as being assaulted by a celebrity and having to hide it for so long, especially since she is so qualified to write about such things. Hopefully, in some way, this experience has helped her to understand the gravity of her situation and has made her see her ex-boyfriend in a different light. We wish her the best of luck in her quest to heal.

As you can see, this entire episode has been leading up to a confrontation between Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed. This is the culmination of all of the psychological warfare that George Georgiou has been using to control and manipulate Nikki. Robert Pattinson is famous for his rants and outbursts, and this is what the episode is really all about. Even though they both claim to “hate” Twitter, they have both been using this platform to trash each other online. This type of public feuding is usually a sign that neither party really wants to make up but are both playing the game for their own perverse reasons. In this particular case, we can most definitely say that Robert Pattinson is dominating the conversation as of late, and it seems like he is here to stay.