Robert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, appearing in films from “Twilight” to “The Batman”. But how much do you really know about the man behind the movies? Here are five fun facts about Robert Pattinson that you didn’t know.

He’s a Musician

You may know that Robert Pattinson was an aspiring musician before he found success as an actor. What you may not know is that Robert Pattinson is still an active musician, performing with his band, “Bad Boys”. He plays guitar and sings in the band and they have released two albums since their inception.

He Suffers from Trypophobia

Trypophobia is the fear of clusters of small objects or holes. Robert Pattinson has openly discussed his fear of trypophobia, saying that it causes him to be very uncomfortable in certain situations. He’s not alone though – many people experience this fear, which is often triggered by things like honeycombs, lotus seed heads, and bubbles.

He’s Very Well-Read

Robert Pattinson has said in interviews that he is an avid reader and loves books. He often reads during his spare time and has a particular affinity for the works of authors like Franz Kafka, Ernest Hemingway, and even the Bible. He’s even been known to read books on set to keep his mind occupied between takes!

He Can Speak French

Robert Pattinson is fluent in French! He lived in France as a child and his parents spoke French as their first language. Even now, he still speaks French with his family and is able to understand the language when spoken by others. It’s no surprise that he often lands French-speaking roles in films.

He’s a Huge Animal Lover

Robert Pattinson is an animal lover at heart. He has had several rescue animals over the years, including cats, dogs, and even a donkey! He’s also an advocate for animal rights and works with several organizations that aim to help and protect animals.

These are just five fun facts about Robert Pattinson that you didn’t know! He’s a talented actor, musician, and reader, and he’s also a passionate animal lover. If you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson, you now know a bit more about the man behind the movies.