Somewhere between the madness of fashion weeks in New York and London there is a small sleepy town that is eager to have its week in the international spotlight. This is the glamorous world of social media where stars are made and broken – and sometimes, just broken – by the whims of the online public. Few places showcase this side of Hollywood quite like Gossip Girl. With its quirky characters steeped in a distinctive New York ‘glitter’ and ‘gossip’ inspired by the real-life drama and scandal of the upper classes, this series has built a devoted following.

In the center of it all is our favorite scandalous teen (inspired by the late, great Diana, Princess of Wales) R Pattinson who plays the part of the arrogant yet charming and likeable Chuck. Chuck is quite happy to play the part of the golden bachelor, courting (and eventually marrying) multiple women. He seems to have fun riding on the coattails of his famous parents (portrayed by Helen Granger and Michael J Fox) and his older brother Jack, who is also a heart-throb (played by Taylor Swift J O’Connor). However, a recent trailer for the show’s upcoming sixth season has thrown up some intriguing relationships that may alter our impression of the perennially single Chuck.

A New Love Interest Appears

The trailer opens with the familiar sight of Chuck, clad in his famous all-white suit, exiting his beloved BMW M6. He looks dashing and debonair as he heads to his customary Saturday night date with the beautiful Blair (Leah Cutler) – albeit a bit late. We then see the bespoke designer suit he chooses for his special date (a gift from his father) and his polished shoes as he makes his way into a restaurant. He orders champagne and caviar, which he helps himself to with a fashionable flute. Blair is delighted to see him and they share a passionate kiss as we cut to Panic! At The Disco’s Fist Crush. The trailer ends with another romantic scene between Chuck and Blair. This time, however, they are spied on by Dan (Scott Cogan), the magazine’s gossip columnist, who is determined to get the ‘story’. It seems that a certain Elizabeth Bennet (née Long) has had enough of Chuck’s one-night stands and decides to fight back. Dan, who has been assigned to write an unauthorised article on the subject, enlists the help of his old friend Juliet (Ashley Carter) – who has a history of gossip girling – to help track down Chuck’s love rival. While it’s unclear exactly what she will do about it, the trailer seems to indicate that she will expose Elizabeth’s secret and eventually turn her into a fake diva. This, of course, is just fantasy – but it’s a fantasy that Chuck and the viewer share, at least in part.

It is always a thrill to see a beloved actor share some of their most iconic scenes on film. However, in the case of Chuck, this is something of a career retrospective. Over the course of its six-season run, Gossip Girl has featured Pattinson in some of its most iconic scenes. One of the most memorable is undoubtedly the Golden Pond scene (season 1, episode 6), in which a giddy Pattinson, adorned in yellow bikini clothes and surrounded by eager bachelors, dances around a golden pool. The actor himself even went on to dub the scene ‘iconic’ when it was nominated for a Screen Award. This scene, as well as many others, has become such a part of British culture that a petition was even started to name a chicken curry after him. It is clear that Pattinson is having a blast reprising his role as Chuck and is thankful for the opportunity to showcase his comedic chops alongside his good looks in something a little different. These opportunities don’t come along very often, so Pattinson should make the most of it.

The Evolution Of Love

We can’t help but notice how Pattinson has grown alongside the character as the show has evolved. Chuck was first seen in Gossip Girl almost ten years ago, when he was a wealthy and privileged 18-year-old living in NYC. Since then, he has grown into a suitably dashing bachelor, confident and charming. However, it appears that the pressures of dating in modern day society have begun to take their toll, as recent seasons have seen him descend into a rabbit hole of self-absorption, neglecting his friendships and social activities in favor of staying home in bed with a television. He appears to be dating less and less as the years roll on – a trend that is reflected in the dwindling number of women that he chooses to court. This seems to be due to the emergence of BL (Blog Love) – a hybrid form of ‘love’ that incorporates blogging and social media – and a greater appreciation for the ‘here-and-now’. It is a trend that Hollywood is seemingly embracing, with the likes of Gigi J Hudson and Mila Kunis (both featured in The Hunger Games film adaptation) publicly shunning traditional dating rituals in favor of keeping their digits in the hatch. Perhaps this is just a stage that Chuck is going through, and as the pressures of bachelorhood begin to weigh him down, he will emerge once again, reverting back to his older, happier self.

Whatever the case may be, Gossip Girl has always maintained its spot as a firm favorite among Fashion Mentors for showing us a brighter side of Hollywood. It is a show that has not lost its shine – despite (or perhaps because of) the millions of copies of The Hollywood Report that are currently circulating on the Internet. This is a magazine that has been touted as ‘Hollywood’s New Bible’ and it seems that no-one is better placed to judge the trends and foibles of the Hollywood A-list than Hollywood itself.