It is no secret that Hollywood has been going through a bit of a love affair with Hollywood’s biggest heartthrob, Robert Pattinson. The British actor has been in Hollywood for over a decade starring in box-office hits such as the Twilight series and the Batman Begins trilogy. For fans of the actor, it was like Christmas came early with the recent release of Pattinson, a gritty and immersive crime movie that puts the actor’s acting chops to the test. In the film, Pattinson plays an alcoholic mercenary who teams up with a young woman (played by Rihanna) to take down a drug lord (played by Luis Guzman). The film, co-starring Bruce Willis and directed by John Curran (The Mummy Trilogy), premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in early September. Less than two weeks later, the film opened in theaters across North America.

So, what is it about the 27-year-old British actor that brings out the best in Hollywood? Let’s take a look.

He Acts The Part

One of the main reasons why Robert Pattinson continues to draw audiences is his undeniable charisma onscreen. It is no wonder that fans have been comparing the actor to a young James Dean or Marlon Brando. When comparing Pattinson to other Hollywood actors, there is one role that stands out above the rest, and it is none other than the Twilight superstar. In the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novel, Twilight, Pattinson plays a role that is similar to that of a young Stephenie Meyer herself. From the very beginning of the film, audiences are treated to a glimpse of Pattinson’s acting chops and his ability to transform himself into any role. In the film, you will see Pattinson play a variety of parts and switch between them effortlessly.

Even when he is not acting, it is not hard to pinpoint the reason why people are taken with Pattinson. The actor is truly an enigma, and not just because of his famous good looks. While there is a lot to learn about the 27-year-old star, it is clear that he is a complex individual who has spent a lot of time developing his craft.

His Genuine Sincerity

Another way in which Pattinson has captivated audiences is by being completely and utterly genuine in his performances. The actor has admitted that this is something he practices and brings from his personal life. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pattinson said, “I think it’s safe to say that in real life, I’m very close to being nothing like the character I’m playing. So I think that comes across. If you’re close to being yourself, then you’re bound to be more effective in your acting.”

This is something that resonates with audiences and makes them willing to forgive and forget the many flaws that their favorite actors may have. When you are on the receiving end of such honesty, it is impossible not to believe in the actor’s sincerity. Especially when you consider that, as a child, Pattinson was raised in an improv theater by professional comedians who encouraged him to “always try and be having fun.”

This quality is what makes Pattinson seem more accessible to audiences, which may explain why he has been able to sustain a successful film career despite starring in some of Hollywood’s most expensive and lavish productions. He may just be showing the world a side of himself that they did not know existed. In any case, for anyone who has seen or heard of the actor, it is clear that he is nothing short of perfection.

Pattinson’s Sense Of Humor

Finally, we come to the part that, for many, is the true source of Pattinson’s magnetism: his sense of humor. The actor has stated that he draws inspiration from his friends and the people around him in real life to create better characters and give them personality. While this quality may come from personal experience, it does not hurt that Pattinson brings this sense of humor to the screen.

It is this quality that allows Pattinson to remain humble even when surrounded by fame and fortune. The actor has been open about the fact that he craves respect and does not feel like he deserves to be treated like a celebrity. Even when promoting films that have made him a household name, the actor has never forgotten where he came from. When asked about his favorite scene from Twilight, Pattinson did not fail to mention a moment when he had to spit out a mouthful of blood while filming a fight scene. In the scene, Pattinson’s character drinks blood from a severed chicken’s head.

This is the kind of honesty that makes an actor like Pattinson such an interesting and lovable personality, despite all his success. It is this quality that allows him to bring something new to the role and keep audiences interested, not just in his films but also in himself.