While we were all distracted by the royal wedding and the Meghan Markle – Robert Pattinson drama, another Hollywood superstar landed himself in hot water. The case this time is a tad different but just as juicy. His name is Robert Pattinson and he wants us to know more about his upcoming movie, Good Time.

Good Time Is An Edge-Of-Your-Seating-Neighborhood Drama

We’re not talking about the typical Hollywood blockbuster here, but a real-life drama that could probably go down in history as one of the most bizarre cases we’ve ever covered. Here’s the story.

Good Time Tells The (Mis)Adventures Of An Entertainment Mogul

Remember that time when the paparazzi turned on Charlie Sheen and kidnapped his kids? Or what about Miley Cyrus and her unfortunate performance at the VMAs? Things like that, only much more sophisticated.

Pattinson is a very wealthy, powerful and influential man. When the movie talks about ‘an entertainment mogul,’ you know exactly who it is describing. For a long time, he was married to one of the most beautiful and famous women in the world, the English actress and singer Kate Winslet. Together, they had two children. Sadly, the couple divorced in 2017 after a very public and messy split. Since then, he’s dated a number of high profile women including the 24-year-old American model and actress, Bella Hadid. This past August, they were married in a private ceremony in London. It was a celebrity wedding that rocked the city.

Good Time Is The Misadventures Of An Eager Young Hollywood Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever been to a Hollywood awards show, you’ll know that the biggest stories usually come from the red-carpet events. Those are where the celebrities’ glamorous outfits and major moments of drama unfold. On occasion, we get to see a different side to the celebrities. One that the public doesn’t usually get to see. This is where you’ll find the private stories that the media clamors over. In these moments, we get to see the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

This is where Pattinson comes in. He is the king of the private party and he loves to throw them. Whether it’s at his mansion or at one of the many Beverly Hills hotels, the 30-year-old can always be found at the center of the action. He is a major player in Hollywood and he has been for a long time. In fact, he was reportedly valued at around 500 million USD when he sold his share of the production company Heidelberg to Constantin Film in 2015.

When Good Time was first announced, it was in the most glorious of romcoms. The film revolves around two lonely hearts who meet at a bar one night and immediately hit it off. The next morning, they start a whirlwind romantic affair that sees them traveling around the city, enjoying its beauty and its food. It was a charming film with an entertaining cast, headlined by Robert Pattinson and Claire Foy. There was even a little twist at the end, as it turns out that the film was not, in fact, entirely fictional. Some of it was based on real events that had taken place between the two leads. Even the title suggests there’s more than meets the eye to this love story. But, as we’ve come to expect from Hollywood, the marketing was pretty tasteful…at least, for the most part.

Good Time Is The Hollywood Reporter’s Best Picture Of The Year

Even before the movie’s premiere, there were already signs that it would be a major hit. Already, many publications and websites have heaped praise on it. With four Golden Globe nominations and over 100 award nominations total, it seems that everybody in Hollywood loves this romantic comedy.

In an interview with CNN, Kate Winslet confirmed the success of the film, remarking, “It’s definitely one of the best romantic comedies of the year. I can’t believe it wasn’t even nominated for an academy award. It was that good.”

Hollywood really liked it. So much so that they made it the year’s best comedy. Here’s a rundown of the major awards and nominations that the film received.

Best Picture Of The Year

For our money, this is the greatest accomplishment of any movie this year. Not only does it beat out Avengers: Infinity War and Incredibles 2, but it also wins out over the likes of Game 6 and Dark River.

You’d think that after years of going through breakups and divorces, Pattinson would have learned his lesson. Unfortunately, it seems that he hasn’t. In fact, this past August, he married Bella Hadid in a stunning ceremony at London’s Notre Dame Cathedral. The union was largely viewed as a cynical publicity stunt as Hadid already had a boyfriend. But this was undoubtedly a very rich and powerful marriage. As well as being an entrepreneur, Hadid is also a model and the daughter of one of the world’s most famous fashion designers. Her parents are Sal and Olga. She has a younger brother, Anwar, who works for a jewelry company. The family’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 billion USD.

Best Director

Speaking of stunt marriages, it was widely rumored that director Sean Patton had married Rose McGowan, but the couple has since denied the reports. In any case, what is undisputed is that Patton turned in one of the best performances this past year. Often times, the man behind the camera is not given the attention he deserves but Patton’s work on Good Time certainly changes that. He plays both the conman and the cop with impeccable skill. And it wouldn’t be fair to leave out his hilarious performance as Officer Jimmie Ward. In fact, the character of Ward reminded us of Ian Fleming’s classic Bond character. You’ve probably already seen one of Patton’s most well-known works, the 2009 movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. (In case you haven’t, you can learn more about it here).

Best Actor

While it is great to see Rose McGowan and Sean Patton getting all the praise, it is Robert Pattinson who deserves the credit for taking on this very entertaining role. He gives a marvelous performance and it is definitely one of the best Hollywood has to offer this year. (It should be noted that the actor turned down a part in Avengers: Infinity War to make this movie. He reportedly made $20 million just for showing up).

Best Actress

While its great to see Kate Winslet get all the attention, its Claire Foy who steals the show as the title character’s mentally unbalanced sister. She plays this role with tremendous versatility. From the moment you see her, you’ll know that she is a woman to watch out for. (While Winslet was at the peak of her stardom when this movie was released, Foy actually came forward later in the year and addressed the rumors that had plagued her since her youth. Essentially, she claimed that she wasn’t actually born in Australia. But she doesn’t sound like she wants to leave. So maybe she’ll stay down under for good).

In any case, this is one of the best performances by an actress this year and it is great to see Claire Foy finally receiving some much-deserved recognition. (Foy has been nominated for three previous Golden Globes, most recently for her role in The Wolf of Wall Street. In that film, she plays a role somewhat similar to the one in Good Time. She is also a partner in the production company, FilmNation. And let’s not forget about her stint as an extra in the Ocean’s Eleven films. She even has a prominent role in the upcoming Quentin Tarantulinu’s The Hateful Eight).

Best Supporting Actor

There are so many standout performances this year. But, for the purposes of this article, we have to go with Forrest Wheeler as the best supporting actor. Wheeler portrays Mickey Fisher, an alcoholic conman who befriends Ward. Naturally, the two form a somewhat uneasy alliance. But, even in the most unlikely of situations, they always seem to get the job done. (Again, this is another role somewhat similar to the one Patton played in Good Time. And, for that matter, it is also very similar to the role that Christian Bale played in The Machinist. So it would be a bit of a twist if Wheeler and Bale didn’t end up working together at some point in the future).