If there is one name that always crops up when people talk about their favourite film stars today, it’s undoubtedly Robert Pattinson. The English actor has shot to fame in the past decade playing some of cinema’s most iconic characters, but it’s not just his acting talent that’s earned him a cult following; it’s also his fashion choices, which have consistently proven to be an inspiration for style-conscious fans around the world. Having appeared in the acclaimed indie flick Skins, as well as the Twilight franchise, which grossed over $11.6 billion at the box office worldwide, it’s no secret that the 31-year-old is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. But just what is it about this British heartthrob that so many people have fallen in love with?

Style Is Key

It’s no great secret that Robert Pattinson is a total style icon. Even his most famous character, Edward Cullen, admits to being a victim of Pattinson’s fashion tastes, declaring that his “wardrobe is [his] art .” With a style that mixes high street and high-end fashion, the Baywatch star always looks effortlessly fashionable, while still feeling like a million bucks. We’re not talking about career casual here – this is fashion regimen at its best.

To prove this style influence, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable looks from the actor’s career.

Black Is Not Your Regular Color

Remember Skins? The 2007 British thriller stars Robert Pattinson and Jessica Alba as a couple who have to hide their sexuality from the public eye. One scene has the two lovers kissing on a rooftop, with the camera catching glimpses of their black-tie soirée from below. In an interview in 2017, Alba revealed that director Alan Swanberg wanted the film to feel like a “James Bond movie meets Fried Green Tomatoes” and that the kissing scene was indeed inspired by a scene in Goldfinger where Sean Connery and Patti Sutton make love on a rooftop.

While many fans may have expected to see Connery as Alba’s character’s father, the Goldfinger star didn’t appear in the film. But it’s clear that he had a significant influence on her character’s wardrobe, as Alba has admitted that one of her main outfits in the movie was designed after Goldfinger . In fact, when she first saw the Goldfinger costume, she was immediately taken back in time to Skins. As she said in an interview, “That’s when I realised he’s like a god, you know, like Zeus or Jupiter.”

Shiny And Scandal-Free

In 2012’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Robert Pattinson is seen wearing a DA (Denim And Alderwood) leather jacket, which was previously worn by the band The Jackets. While this particular piece of outerwear may seem like a staple for the actor, it’s actually been worn by him before as a costume for a play. We also see him wear this leather jacket in New Moon and Eclipse, as well as in the subsequent films in the series.

The jacket was originally designed by Bill Harber for Anchor Mintz in 1962 and has been made famous ever since. The versatile piece of design can be worn several different ways, with the collar standing up or down, and can be styled with either a plaid or plain coloured shirt.

These days, if you see Pattinson on the street, you’ll probably assume he’s a fashion icon. But did you know that he gets his hair & skin services free of charge? The actor’s hair was originally dyed by Vogue for a profile photograph. And as for his skin, it’s the latest incarnation of Cetaphil that keeps fans and producers awake at night, with Vogue calling it “the best in use for skin care.”

Classy On The Inside

In the 2006 indie Skins, Robert Pattinson plays the role of Charlie, a wealthy recluse who shuts himself away from the outside world after a car accident that leaves him with amnesia. Adopted by a family of surfers, Pattinson must hide his identity from the outside world, even going so far as to change his name. Despite the Freeway fuelling the recluse’s encounters with the femme fatale Alice (played by Emma Stone), it isn’t long before he realises that he has fallen in love.

One of the Skins costumes that has stuck out the most is the Dior styled with Burberry print on the front, with Celine Dior creating the dress, along with Alexandra Chapman and Sonia Chabal. We see Pattinson wear this look when he’s picked up by Alice at a petrol station, although he doesn’t seem too happy to be there as he tries to avoid being recognised by the nearby policemen. A classy choice, this.

He’s A One-of-a-Kind

There’s no denying that Robert Pattinson is a one-of-a-kind style icon. His unique look has earned him a devoted following among fans, with over 500 pieces of costume jewellery dedicated to him on eBay. Many consider him to be the most fashionable man in the world today, with Vogue calling him “the ultimate it boy” and GQ declaring that he is “the ultimate style icon.”

And it’s not just fans that are enamoured with the 35-year-old actor. In addition to playing some of the most memorable movie characters of all time, Pattinson is also an internationally acclaimed fashion icon who has graced the covers of Vogue and W, as well as red-carpet premieres around the world. In 2018, Business of Vogue commented that Pattinson was one of the most influential figures in fashion today, citing that his “looks and style have inspired many designers and fashion houses across the world.”