After a fun-filled day of festivities, pop culture fans have a new reason to celebrate: Robert Pattinson’s hair color.

The 33-year-old actor sported a beautiful sunflower yellow hue during the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend in New York City.

Pattinson’s hair was a stunning contrast to his black attire, which consisted of a tuxedo and bowtie. The actor wasn’t the only one who stood out either; his co-star Sarah Paulson wore a classic red dress that showed off her ample curves. While Pattinson and Paulson have both been known to wear red, they rarely sport it together. The combination of yellow and red is a bold choice, to say the least.

Pattinson’s hairstyle marked the start of his association with the NBA as an ambassador, and it seems like the basketball fraternity are keen on supporting the Twilight Saga star. At a recent game, he even received a special dedication from the commissioner.

The actor’s choice of hair color is sure to become a talking point amongst fashion fans, but why did he go for such a daring look?

The Evolution Of A Hollywood King

Since first bursting onto the screen in 2008’s Twilight, Robert Pattinson has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men. A graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, the actor first made a name for himself in London before moving to Los Angeles where he continues to reside.

Pattinson rose to fame in the English-speaking world after playing the reserved and charming Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. The actor went on to garner critical and audience acclaim for his portrayal of the tortured and romantic Prince Charles in the film The King’s Speech (2010) and for his role as a drug-pushing gangster in the crime thriller Bel Ami (2012).

The success of the Twilight films earned the Scottish-born actor an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2014. He has since gone on to win the award for his role as the eponymous anti-hero in the neo-noir adaptation The Walking Dead (2016) and for portraying legendary film producer Howard Hughes in the biographical film Little Hughes (2019).

With his boyish good looks, intelligent wit, and striking good manners, it’s no wonder why Pattinson is commonly referred to as the “Hollywood king.”

But it wasn’t always plain sailing for the actor, who battled drug addiction in the years leading up to and after his debut in Twilight. Pattinson famously spent months locked away in a Benedictine monastery as a part of his rehabilitation, where he meditated, prayed, and worked on his craft.

The actor has since been open about his drug use, admitting in an interview with Variety that he has suffered from addiction for much of his life. He has previously spoken about his battles with addiction and how they shaped his identity. He told The Sunday Times that he wants to use his success to help others who are struggling with drug dependency.

“I’ve been very lucky in my life, and I want to use my success to help other people who are struggling with addiction,” he said. “It took a lot of effort to get to this point, but I’ve been very fortunate.

“I was very paranoid about my sobriety whilst filming the first two Twilight films, and the press were very good at pushing the buttons. I was very keen to prove that I could do the job without drugs or alcohol, and for the last two years I haven’t looked back. I’m really proud of that.”

A Beautiful Display Of Personality

In addition to being an ambassador for the NBA, Pattinson is also a brand ambassador for Burberry and an ambassador for WaterAid.

As a brand ambassador for Burberry, the actor collaborates with the luxury fashion house to endorse their products, ranging from sunglasses and watches to fragrance and travel accessories. His first campaign in the role was for their fragrance, created by Burberry’s perfumers and available in high-end department stores worldwide.

Pattinson is also an ambassador for WaterAid, an organization fighting water scarcity and providing clean water supplies and sanitation to people in developing countries. The British charity has benefited from his work, having contributed over £70,000 (approximately $91,000) to their cause. Through his charitable work, Pattinson has visited Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, helping to build wells, distribute water tanks, and establish boreholes.

While he has primarily worked in film since his debut, the actor has also delved into the world of literature, publishing his first book, Twilight: The Collected Stories, in 2018. The collection featured five novellas told from the perspective of Edward Cullen and other characters in the Twilight universe. Twilight was followed by the publication of Pattinson’s second book, a memoir called No One Saw Her Coming, in 2019, which focused on his life before and after his drug addiction rehabilitation. In an interview with The Sunday Times, he said that he hoped the work would provide an insight into the minds of a serious drug addict and the process of his rehabilitation.

A Renaissance Man In Every Sense

Apart from his many talents on-screen, the Scottish-born actor has shown off his versatility in real life, demonstrating an impressive skill set that ranges from writing and directing to acting and producing.

Pattinson began his professional life as a writer and had his first play, The Man Who Grew Wings, produced at London’s Young Vic theatre in 2012. He then went on to direct his own short film, The Lost Boy, in 2013, which he wrote and produced.

The following year he wrote and directed the short film Two Weeks in New York, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won awards at several international film festivals, including the Hollywood Drama Series Awards, where it won Best Short Film. The short film is based on the short story “Two Weeks” by writer and director Woody Allen, whose work Pattinson has cited as a major influence. He has also expressed an interest in adapting Allen’s novel, The Silver Screen, into a full-length film. All of these accolades are testament to Pattinson’s versatility as a creative artist.

Why Has He Chosen To Wear Yellow?

Pattinson’s vibrant yellow locks are not the only thing that has attracted attention, however. Over the years, the actor has cultivated a unique look that ranges from his Edward Cullen role to the anti-hero Alcatraz in the film The Rover, which he produced and co-wrote. The combination of old and new gives rise to a unique look that is effortlessly cool and cosmopolitan.

For fans, the actor’s golden locks represent both his film nudes (he’s oftentimes shirtless in his movies) and his time as a rehab patient. When asked if he deliberately chose to paint his face before his role in the 2016 film The Walking Dead, Pattinson told E! News, “I hadn’t thought about it, but obviously it’s easier to play a zombie than it is to play a human being.” He added, “I just wanted to explore different ways of transforming and playing a role.”

During an interview with PAPER magazine, Pattinson was quizzed about his unusual hobby of drawing: “I like to paint. As a kid, I was really good at it – I had all these imaginary friends who lived in my head and they would come to life through art. I feel like it’s really helped me write better dialogue and helped bring my characters to life.”

The Future Is Now

With his unique combination of good looks, creative mind, and kind heart, it’s no wonder that Robert Pattinson is often chosen to represent fashion and beauty brands. As he nears the end of the year, the actor’s future looks remarkably bright, not only as an artistic pioneer but also as a champion for those battling substance abuse, supporting children and literacy through his many charities, and continuing to work hard to stay sober.