The newest member of the Kabbalah-inspired Pattinson clan will be revealed on October 20th, when the actor and musician premieres the latest installment of his documentary series “RPattzDocumentary.” The first two episodes of the new season of “Good Time” premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 5th, followed by screenings in British and American movie theaters on October 6th. The third installment of the show will air on CBS at a later date, but we have the entire first season available to stream on Netflix now!

A Tour of Venice

The first two episodes of the new season of “Good Time” are set in Venice, which is already familiar territory for Robert Pattinson fans. The city’s bell tower, churches, and plazas appear in the background of many of the film’s scenes, acting as a visual reminder of this magical city.

The city of Venice is often referred to as the most “spiritual” of the European cities featured in the series. Its distinct lagoon provides residents with a water source and an escape from the heat of the day. For centuries, the city’s inhabitants have appreciated the unique beauty of this waterway and used it to their advantage.

Venice was the first European city to be “discovered” by the Italian explorer Giorgio Vasari in the 16th century. The Renaissance-era writer and artist was blown away by the city’s beauty and decided to immortalize it in his works. He famously called Venice the “city of a thousand galleries,” because of its numerous art galleries and palaces.

The city gates are still guarded by lion statues, reminding visitors of the 15th century when the Venetian Senate put up the statues to ward off potential invaders. The lion was the symbol of Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice, and the city’s coat of arms.

A Walk Through Rome

After spending two episodes in Venice, the third installment of the nine-part series ‘Good Time” drops the viewer back into the bustling streets of Rome. Once again, viewers will get a panoramic view of the city, with its spectacular fountains and awe-inspiring churches.

The capital of Italy has inspired generations of artists and writers. It was here that Renaissance men like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo drew their plans and concepts for the art and architecture that changed the world. Many of these great minds spent much of their time in Rome, and it was in the city that they developed their great works.

Despite the horrors of WWII, much of Rome’s charm survived, due to the fact that many of its architects still live there. As a result, the city is a mecca for tourists, with a summer temperature that rarely gets above 75 degrees Fahrenheit (around 24 degrees Celsius).

The city’s spectacular setting and unique culture have been a drawing card for filmmakers for years. The Italian masters crafted some of the most beautifully shot films ever made in the city, like Vittorio De Sica’s “Roma,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1960. The city also provided the backdrop for Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “Germania,” in 1980. Ridley Scott’s 1987 opus “Black Rain” was partly filmed in the Italian capital, as was Luc Besson’s “Logan Lucky,” in 2018.

Back To London

After spending three episodes in Rome, the final episode of ‘Good Time’ returns the viewer to London. Fans of the Kabbalah-inspired band, the Hot Snakes, will be happy to know that their hometown of London plays a significant role in the season finale. The band’s frontman, Nick Zedd, makes a cameo appearance as a priest, before heading off to a gig. The band also filmed an epic live performance at the London Forum in June 2019, which appears in a clip that plays throughout the episode. The footage was later released as a third party live album, ‘Live At The Forum,’ on September 17th, 2019.

While some may argue that the final shot of the show is yet to be determined, Robert Pattinson makes it clear in the series’ closing moments that he will be returning to California to resume filming on the new ‘Twilight’ installment. It seems likely that Los Angeles will once again be the final resting place of the Hollywood heartthrob.

The new season of ‘Good Time’ is available to stream on Netflix now. The entire first season is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix, or select episodes can be viewed individually in the streaming platform’s video player. ‘Good Time’ is an interesting addition to Netflix’s original programming, and while it might not pull in the same number of viewers as “Stranger Things,” it certainly offers something unique for fans of Robert Pattinson and the Kabbalah.