The international superstar returns to the big screen in Good Time, co-starring with Jennifer Lopez in a comedy action-adventure that’s packed with dancing, drinking and lots of comedy. Based on the wildly popular Netflix series, Good Time is the story of an ex-prostitute who’s in over her head when she agrees to work for a crime lord known as the Wolf of Wall Street. Set in the ultra-stylized Vegas, the film showcases the city’s luxurious lifestyle, fabulous outfits, and spectacular landscapes. It’s an ode to the beauty, the neon lights and the excitement of the city that never sleeps.

While in most cases, Pattinson’s edgy image and offbeat romantic comedies stood out, here he stars in a crime movie, playing a heartless thug. He wears a snarl on his face for most of the film, and delivers snappy one-liners with his trademark wittiness. Although the movie mostly focuses on his character’s adventures, the actor reveals that the film has a feminist message and encourages viewers to question the status quo.

Good Time Is Told Through An Affectionate Stylization Of NYC Life

To quote Hollywood Elsewhere (a popular blog discussing Hollywood and the city itself), “Good Time takes the tropes of a New York City movie and flips them on their head.” Set in the 21st century, the story takes place in the decadent metropolis of Las Vegas, where billionaires, drug dealers, and high-rolling gamblers frequent the same glittering casinos and party spaces. The film lovingly chronicles the glamorous life of a city that never sleeps, and plays on the fact that Sin City is the ultimate playground for hedonistic pleasures.

An Ode To The City That Never Sleeps

To quote Hollywood Elsewhere, “If there’s one message that Good Time wants to get across, it’s an ode to the glory of Las Vegas and the city that never sleeps.” From its neon signs and sunsets to its music and nightclubs, the beauty and excitement of Sin City are on full display in the film.

Pattinson Is The King Of Self-Deprecation

One of the things that makes Good Time so interesting is its leading man, Robert Pattinson. The English actor is best known for playing a heartless vampire who courts and then devours a succession of beautiful women in Twilight. While in that movie, he demonstrated amazing range as an actor, displaying warmth, sensitivity, and a surprisingly romantic side. In Good Time, Pattinson is a very different character, an extrovert who loves to party and have fun with the ladies. While the actor is charming enough, it’s his self-deprecating sense of humor and darkly comic take on life that make him an interesting study.

Pattinson And Jennifer Lopez – Together At Last

Pattinson is best known for his work with Kristen Stewart, and their band of Vampire Twins. Stewart’s New York vérité film Every girl wants is another reason why he’s such an appealing presence in Good Time. The actress plays a brazen sex worker who disguises her speech with techno-babble and encourages men to follow her lead.

For her part, Lopez is equally as brilliant in Good Time as she was in her last outing, Golondrina (2014). The gorgeous Latinx actress portrays Juanita, Big Pharma’s ultimate temptress who lures high-profile individuals into her bed for mind-altering substances. Much like her character in Golondrina, Juanita is a power-crazed alpha-female who will stop at nothing until she gets what she wants.

Pattinson And Lopez Aren’t Your Traditional Comedic Cue

Pattinson and Lopez aren’t your typical comedic leads, which makes Good Time a breath of fresh air. The actress has previously starred in the Men In Black franchise, and the Anchorman films, among others. While those movies often saw her in comedically lewd situations, in Good Time, she plays a more refined character who nevertheless has a wild side.

The English actor has previously expressed a desire to play more serious characters, and it’s evident that he stepped out of his comfort zone to lend his talents to Good Time. The result is a film that’s entertaining, intelligent, and surprisingly moving at times.

As for Jennifer Lopez, she’s currently one of the most bankable stars in the world, having starred in some of the most successful films of all time. She’s best known for her work in The Wedding Ringer, Fast & Furious, and Dallas Buyers Club, to name just a few.

The Hilarious Grand Tour

The film’s conceit is that while in reality Big Pharma robs the public of drug therapies to line their own pockets, in Good Time, they’re used to treat gout, diabetes, and heart disease. So, in that sense, Good Time is a satire on the pharmaceutical industry and its accomplices in government. But the truth is that gout, diabetes, and heart disease are very real ailments, which is why medical professionals recommend lifestyle changes and certain drugs to treat them. The difference is that in most cases, these ailments can be avoided through proper nutrition and exercise.

Pattinson’s Performance Is Tense And Engrossing

The leading man delivers one of the most fascinating performances of his career, and arguably one of the most interesting character studies in recent memory. Set in the near-future, where genetic modifications have rendered some humans obsolete, Good Time chronicles the day-to-day life of a man named Cutter, who’s undergone a procedure that gives him the life-style of a 20th century aristocrat. Like many in his class, Cutter is a man of leisure, spending his time partying, playing chess, and admiring the female species from a remove.

Cutler’s world is turned upside down when the bonjoro (Japanese business people who’ve acquired a taste for the American way of life) invade his space. The English actor fully inhabits his character, committing to it with unwavering commitment. The result is a character who is both introverted and extroverted, and whose every movement and gesture is imbued with a sense of purpose and drive. When the bonjoro show up to his estate, Cutler is rattled but determined to maintain his class status quo.

Pattinson’s Character Changes As The Film Progresses

The English actor is a consummate professional, and Good Time is filled with subtle hints at the various stages of his acting career. The bonjoro show up to Cutler’s commissioned art gallery with weapons and ammunition in tow. While initially intimidated by his unexpected visitors, Cutler later shows them a different side when he challenges them to a fight. The character arc is interesting, and it sees Pattinson admit to himself that the bonjoro are right: his class is obsolete and his time has come. The English actor delivers this line with such conviction that it feels like an apology, and an acknowledgment that he’s played the game his entire life, and now he’s losing touch with reality:

 “I know what you want, you want someone rich and famous, and tonight you’re going to get your wish. But it doesn’t have to be like this. You could be nice to people. You could be kind.”

An Ode To The City That Never Sleeps

Ultimately, Good Time is an ode to the glory of Las Vegas and the city that never sleeps. Set in the decadent metropolis of Sin City, it’s an affectionate stylization of the city’s luxurious lifestyle, famous casinos and breathtaking landscapes.