While many may still be reeling from the recent royal baby announcements, we couldn’t forget about one of the year’s most popular (and adorable) celebrity babies.

Just a few short months ago, we were treated to the birth of Rob Pattinson’s son, Bing Bong, and now the adorable toddler is all grown up!

And just like that, our sweet prince took top billing in the tabloid world once again, spawning countless magazine covers and trending topics on social media.

Though it’s been a while since we’s grasps his first steps, it seems like yesterday that we were watching the very first flashes of creativity and interaction emerge from the little guy’s brain.

And just like that, he became a talker, taking his first words straight from the heart and expressing his first ideas through cute grasps and imaginative play.

With his older brother, Edward, by his side, he began exploring his world through art and design, drawing incessantly and fashioning his own unique identities and expressions. Although he may be best known for playing the romantic lead in Hollywood’s biggest films, it’s his charm, humor, and down-to-earth nature that endeared him to fans around the world.

And, okay, let’s be honest: We all wanted to meet this little guy, who was born into a world of fame and adoration.

With his recent debut single, “Lost at Sea,” just around the corner, it was only a matter of time before fans would find him again, this time alongside his mother. In anticipation, let’s take a look back at one of the most anticipated premieres of the year—minus 90 days.

The Cinema Release

When news of Rob’s son’s birth broke in early June, there were several starry-eyed fans who couldn’t wait to see the adorable baby on the big screen. With his Hollywood blockbuster season behind him, the former heartthrob turned actor decided to celebrate his son’s coming of age by premiering a short film he’d made with his brother, Charlie. Titled “Good Time,” the project marked the duo’s directorial debut, having previously worked on set as producers.

A coming-of-age story about a group of teens who ride their bikes to an after-hours party in the countryside, the film follows the young cyclists as they have fun, flirt, and struggle with lust—all while grappling with their identity, sexuality, and relationship with older men. Along with the film’s star, Rupert Sanders, the brothers co-wrote the screenplay, which was inspired by their own experiences growing up and watching their friends navigate these issues as they matured.

The short earned generally positive reviews from critics, who noted its intelligent take on youth culture and how it handled topics such as coming out, masturbation, and drug use with sensitivity.

While fans clamored to see the film, those who cherish good old-fashioned cinema may have been disappointed to learn that “Good Time” would only be playing in select theaters and on VOD, with no wide release planned. Disappointing!

The Television Premiere And Royal Welcome

As the weeks went on and the hype around Rob’s son’s birth began to subside, fans were left to wonder what would come next for the actor. Would he stay in the public eye and continue to bank on his massive worldwide fanbase, or would he opt for a quieter life with his family?

Thankfully, the actor has chosen to remain in the spotlight, as he returned to the small screen in September, when his exclusive streaming service, Revolver Entertainment, premiered his eight-part reality TV comeback, entitled “RPRNG,” to a worldwide audience of one.

As the series begins, we find Rob in the present day, having just finished speaking at length about his childhood and the creative process of penning his debut novel, ‘Twilight’ fans will be able to understand why he would want to share his story with the world. But it wasn’t long before he shifted gears, revealing that he had a very different side to him, which he’d never truly been allowed to showcase. In so doing, he becomes the star of his own show.

In each episode, Rob will visit various locations around the U.K. to meet with real-life characters who have been touched by the magical world of ‘Twilight.’ Along the way, he will encounter various trials and tribulations, both real and concocted, that he must overcome in order to return home unscathed. While he will undoubtedly face his fair share of skeptics, he will also find plenty of believers who believe he actually is the Volturi Prince and will complete his transformation, enabling him to usher in an era of peace and harmony between the factions.

The show was immediately embraced by audiences, who tuned in to witness Rob’s transformation and to celebrate his journey back to what he perceives to be his ‘natural’ state. A second season has already been green-lit and will premiere this year as well, ensuring that the world will never be able to say that they’ve had enough of Rob.

A Whole Different World

And what a world it is! While many may have been ecstatic to see Rob return, bringing with him a sense of family and community that many had longed for, it also meant that he had brought his celebrity with him, subjecting everyone in his wake to a brand new state of affairs. Whether you’re a devoted fan or someone who just enjoys a good laugh, it’s definitely an affair to watch the master of ceremonies, Louis Vuitton, get so awkwardly tongue-tied in front of a star-studded audience, or to see Kendall Jenner’s entire carefully curated wardrobe laid out in orderly rows, like a little fashion museum. The transition won’t be easy, but it’ll be absolutely worth it.

While the publicity surrounding his son’s birth may have taken it out of the headlines, the former heartthrob has hardly been hiding from the media lately, as he’s kept busy promoting his upcoming musical, ‘Good Time,’ the sequel to 2014’s ‘Dunkirk,’ which tells the story of three teenage boys who go on a camping trip and get embroiled in a crime. Directed by the film’s star, Rupert Sanders, the musical will showcase a more mature, adult Rob than any of us have seen before, though it will undoubtedly be well-received by audiences, particularly those who remember his work in ‘Twilight.’

The world may have changed, but it seems like Rob is still just as eager to embrace it as he was that day he first walked through the doors of the London studio.