What’s the future of the Fifty Shades series? With its racy content and unprecedented popularity, it would seem that the book series may never be out of the limelight. But after spending some time with the books’ main protagonist Christian Grey, it’s clear that the franchise has plenty of life left in it. With only six months gone since the publication of the last book in the trilogy, the future of the series looks rather bright. Here, we look at the key events which could shape the future of the iconic Fifty Shades series.

The Final Book in the Trilogy Will Be Released in 2021

With only six months gone since the publication of the last book in the trilogy, fans of the Fifty Shades series can probably already guess what will happen in the next instalment. As per usual, billionaire Christian Grey is back and he’s looking for a bride-to-be in case his plans to destroy London come to fruition. Unsurprisingly, given its central premise, book six in the series is entitled The Final Chapter and it will be released in April 2021. It’s safe to assume that this will not be the last word on the subject of Fifty Shades. After all, Christian Grey is a man of his word; he always keeps his promises. The Final Chapter will, therefore, conclude the story of Christian Grey and his quest for vengeance. As a diehard Fifty Shades fan, I’m certainly looking forward to reading it.

The Movies Will Finally Be Released In 2022

While the Fifty Shades trilogy has remained firmly in the literary sphere, it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the fact that it has also created quite the cinematic universe. As mentioned, Christian Grey is a billionaire and an influential businessman. With his wallet firmly in his back pocket, it’s only a matter of time before he gets his hands on the Hollywood machinery. And so, with the help of his friend and confidante Evelyn Napiera, Grey goes about setting up a film production company named Anastasia Limited which will specialize in making thrillers and horror movies. The first project they tackle is titled White Lies and focuses on a young doctor named Oliver Mellory who discovers London is teeming with deadly viruses. As the company’s CEO, Grey has complete creative control over the movies which they make, meaning he can put his own spin on the popular literary character and make him suitably scary or sexy for the big and small screens alike. With a projected budget of £30,000, White Lies will be a rather modest affair. Still, it’s more than respectable when compared to many other major movie productions.

Lady Anastasia Lifts The Veil On The ‘Fifty Shades’ Phenomenon

In 2018, author E.L. James released a prequel novella to the Fifty Shades trilogy entitled Lady Anastasia. The prequel focuses on the character of Lady Anastasia, a young woman who becomes obsessed with dark fantasies after a tragic event which claims the life of her beloved Christian Grey. Lady Anastasia embarks on a journey of self-discovery which sees her question many traditional (and some not-so-traditional) notions regarding love and romance. After gaining a new perspective on life and love, Lady Anastasia sets about rekindling her romance with the man she loves. She does this by putting aside her past, her bad habits, and her dark fantasies and transforms into action the story of Fifty Shades. While many saw this as a rather saccharine tale meant to sweeten the pot for book six, I saw it as a fascinating peek behind the scenes of the Fifty Shades phenomenon. A novella which is now available in paperback, Lady Anastasia is a unique insight into the mind of Christian Grey and the writer shows us a darker, more disturbing side to the character which we might not have seen before. A great read for fans of the series and an interesting companion piece to the movie White Lies.

The ‘Fifty Shades’ Phenomenon Will Surpass ‘The Lord Of The Rings’

With upcoming projects such as the movie adaptation of White Lies and The Final Chapter on the horizon, it’s interesting to consider the huge success of the Fifty Shades trilogy when compared to other literary phenomena. When it comes to the Amazon Kindle Store, the erotic romance’s sales rank is seven out of ten for most-sold new releases, placing it above such classic series as The Lord Of The Rings and Puss In Boots amongst others. While there’s plenty of fantasy and sci-fi literature available out there, the Fifty Shades series has proven to be something of a hidden gem. In 2020 alone, the Kindle Store saw a 98% increase in sales of e-books related to Fifty Shades when compared to the year before. If this trend continues, the Fifty Shades phenomenon could well surpass the Lord Of The Rings as the best-selling new adult series of all time. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be the king or queen of the sexy little escape?