It’s been a week since we last heard from Robert Pattinson. The actor took a break from filming The Batman to spend some quality one-on-one time with his newborn daughter, Mia. Since then, we haven’t seen or heard from Robert, but that’s probably because he’s been busy promoting The Batman. There are certainly no negative feelings towards the film amongst fans, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some odd quotes floating around from the set. Here are some of the funniest and most interesting excerpts from The Batman.

‘There Are No Bad Pictures, Only Bad Acting.’

There was an interesting moment during filming when director Matt Reeves came up with a scene that didn’t necessarily work, but the cast and crew loved. It’s a scene where Batman and Talia (played by Emilia Clarke) go head to head, fighting in the streets. There was discussion about re-writing the script, or shooting a different scene, but in the end, Reeves had a funny moment where he called for a pitch-perfect performance, and the scene was kept in.

“There are no bad pictures, only bad acting,” he told the assembled cast and crew. “We had a lot of fun shooting this stuff, and I hope you did too. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, but that’s life. Nobody’s perfect.”

‘It’s An Honor To Do Stunts For Free.'”

One of the most fascinating aspects of The Batman is the massive roster of famous cameos. The film features a diverse array of recognizable faces, from Game of Thrones’ star Sophie Turner to Jeff Goldblum, whose role as the tyrannical ruler of Wayne Enterprises wasn’t portrayed in a good light in The Lego Movie. Goldblum’s character even gets his own LEGO minifigure, complete with studs on the back for connecting him to other LEGO minifigures.

One of the most iconic cameos in the film is Michael Caine, who plays Alfred Pennyworth. The actor is best known for his role in the 1965 James Bond film You Only Live Twice, and has since gone on to star in a variety of other films and TV shows. While we don’t expect to see Caine continue his role in The Batman, it’s an honor to do his stunts for free.

“It’s an honor to do stunts for free, isn’t it?” Caine said in a recent interview with Cinema Blend. “I used to do my own stunts, and I could never afford to do them again because of insurance. Now they’re just doing them for me for free, so it’s an honor.”

‘A Dame To Bank On.’

While we’re on the subject of cameos, it’s worth mentioning that one of Reeves’ favorite things about The Batman is the inclusion of so many famous actresses. The director told Entertainment Tonight that he had a vision in mind when he cast the film, and he wasn’t shy about revealing what that was. The vision was to have “a mix of the [Lorena] Bobbetts and the [Joan] Crawfords,” he said, referring to the famous models and actresses of the early 20th century. Like Bobbett and Crawford, Turner and Clarke have since gone on to have successful acting careers, albeit on different ends of the spectrum.

“I wanted to have a mix of the [Lorena] Bobbetts and the [Joan] Crawfords,” Reeves said. “That’s why I had Emilia and Sophie [Turner]. That was key to me, that they would be able to bring that combination of beauty and brains to the role.”

‘The Most Powerful Device Is A Familiar Face.’

One of the things that really made Reeves’ vision come to life was the diverse array of gadgets and technology he incorporated into the film. While he had to satisfy the requirements of a PG-13 movie, he told Empire Magazine that he wanted to go the extra mile and that the tools of the trade he was given helped him achieve that. One of the most recognizable pieces of technology in the film is the Batsignal, which is an early example of the fusion of technology and nature. The glowing blue lights flanking it on either side are a reference to the actor’s initials, while the rotating orange and white lights are a tribute to the famous actor and humanitarian James Whitmore.

“Because I was working with a limited budget and I could only afford a few real gadgets, a lot of it had to be CG,” Reeves said. “But there are moments when I say to myself, ‘The most powerful device is a familiar face.’ That’s exactly what this is. This is an homage to James Whitmore, this is a wink and a nod to all of us, really. This is all of us. This is you and me, the fans, making a movie for the fans. That’s what a film like this is. This is us saying thank you for all the love that you’ve shown us over the years. Thank you for allowing us to play in your playground. It’s an honor to work for free because we love you, Mr. Whitmore. We love you. We’re making a movie for you.”

‘A Classic Film Noir Moment.’

Another moment that has become a bit of a talking point amongst fans is when Selina Kyle (played by Anne Hathaway) calls Alfred Pennyworth a faggot in front of a large group of people, including some of the film’s famous cameos. While several of the star witnesses are seen covering their ears, it’s a reference to the 1994 film The Usual Suspects, in which several characters listen to a gay slur being repeated by one of their number. The scene was seen by many, including our own Daniel Howzell, as a nod to the golden era of film noir.

“I watched the film [The Usual Suspects] when I was a kid and I thought it was an amazing, iconic piece of cinema that truly captured the Golden Age of Film Noir,” said Caine. “I had a lot of fun doing it. It was a real pleasure to work with the director and the screenwriter on that one.”

Hathaway was similarly delighted to be a part of such a memorable scene. “I love that it’s become such a talking point and that people are comparing us to [the characters in] The Usual Suspects,” she said. “I’m sure it’ll be in the best possible taste to those who saw it and loved it, but I also love that it’s become something that people are referencing and using in their everyday lives.”

Perhaps the most memorable sequence in The Batman isn’t a scene involving a famous cameo, but it’s one that never gets old. In an iconic move that will live on in infamy, Batman throws a giant Molotov cocktail at the Joker (played by Jerome Dwyer), which sets him ablaze. While he remains standing, the damage the blast did to him is undeniable. It’s a scene that has been replayed countless times on screen, and it continues to be one of the most memorable and iconic of the 21st century so far.

The Joker may not be alive anymore, but he’s still one of the most recognizable and most beloved characters to multiple generations of comic book fans. The fact that Reeves was able to incorporate that sequence, as well as so many other iconic moments from The Batman, into the trailer for The Joker shows just how much the film owes its incredible popularity to the comic books and cartoons that inspired it.