Most people know Robert Pattinson as the charming and talented actor who burst into the mainstream with his role in the Twilight Saga. But what most fans don’t know is that he is a talented photographer who has been taking pictures for years. In fact, he has a large collection of work and often shares his photos on social media.

The London Collections

Most people know that Robert is a proud Scottish man and he has several tattoos related to Scotland. But did you know that he also has an affinity for London?

In a series of photos, uploaded on his Instagram story, he can be seen in a number of locations around London including Hyde Park, Paddington Station, and even outside of the capital. Many of the photos have the “LC” acronym, standing for London Collections, which is the name of one of his favorite fashion brands and the unofficial fashion house of the city. One of the locations in particular that he visits often is High Holborn, which is a short walk from his home.

Bella In Wonderland

Last but not least, let’s not forget about Bella. The actress who plays Robert’s love interest in the Twilight Saga and its companion films, has an interesting connection to fashion. She studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins, which is one of the most prestigious and oldest art and design schools in the world. Afterward, she designed many of the costumes for the films, including the iconic white dress that she wore in the final installment. In the past, she has also modelled for Burberry and Victoria Beckham. She is also a part-owner of the fashion blog Bella In Wonderland, which is named after her character in the series. When the blog was first launched, she wrote, “I want to establish myself as a tastemaker and inspire the next generation of style bloggers.”

So in case you want to see more from Robert Pattinson, just follow him on Instagram and you’ll never be short of inspiration.