You might have seen the headlines: Robert Pattinson missing. The Breaking News Twitter account has been bombarded with updates on the actor’s whereabouts since he vanished in Venice, Italy, on Saturday, August 2nd. According to police, his Mercedes-Benz was found abandoned near the Grand Canal with its doors open and the tires shot out. There were no belongings inside the vehicle, and no trace of the actor has been found. Since then, hundreds of individuals and media outlets have been scrambling to uncover the truth about Pattinson’s disappearance. The police have refused to divulge any information on the case, citing a “preliminary investigation.” The actor’s publicist has also reportedly stated that the investigation was open and that no one had been named as a suspect. It is unclear at this time whether or not Pattinson is hiding somewhere or if he was abducted by a stranger.

If you’re wondering how to find out who’s abducted your favorite celebrity, follow these simple steps. First, try contacting the police. Most communities have a police department, and they can usually be found online. Second, check the newspapers and other media publications. If you did not hear about the abduction on social media, then it most likely did not happen. Third, check the listings of suspected criminals in your phone book. If there is no listing for the person you are looking for in your phone book, then they are probably not a criminal. Lastly, cross reference the suspects with other databases, such as FBI records and CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) files.

Preliminary Investigation

Preliminary investigations typically begin with an AMBER Alert . Many law enforcement agencies issue AMBER alerts when a missing child’s case merits special attention. These alerts are broadcasted via wireless television channels and digital billboard signs throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. When an AMBER alert is issued for a minor, adults without parental control over the child are prohibited from leaving the parental home unless they are responding to a law enforcement officer or emergency services.

In the case of Robert Pattinson, the West London Police Department issued an AMBER Alert on Sunday, August 3rd after the 25-year-old star went missing. The alert was sent out to law enforcement, family, and friends. The department noted that due to Pattinson’s stardom, the investigation could potentially be complex. Several days later, on August 7th, the police confirm that their investigation into the actor’s disappearance is “open but suspicious circumstances are as yet unclear.”

A missing person suspicion was raised after police searched Pattinson’s Mercedes-Benz, but they found no trace of the 25-year-old star. According to the Associated Press, the car was found near the Grand Canal with its doors open and its tires shot out. Police found no signs of criminal activity and no clues as to Pattinson’s whereabouts. The police have not released any information about their investigation, but they have confirmed that they have no clues as to the actor’s whereabouts.

What Do The Police Say?

While the West London Police Department have maintained a preliminary investigation into the actor’s disappearance, other law enforcement agencies have released statements on the case. The Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement on Sunday, August 3rd, that they are “following up on several leads relating to the disappearance of English actress and model Emily Rose. Several days passed with no trace of the 25-year-old star, and on Sunday, August 3rd, the police in Los Angeles issued an AMBER Alert for the Emily Rose case.”

Rose is described as a white female with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen driving a black Mercedes-Benz Benz on August 1st. As with Pattinson, several days passed with no trace of the 25-year-old star before the police issued an AMBER Alert. Rose’s family said in a statement that she was “a free spirit who lived for her duties to family, friends, and morals.” The family reminded people that she was always wearing a heart on her left pocket, and they requested anyone with any information to contact the authorities.

Why Are The Police Looking For Them?

It is unclear why the police are looking for Robert Pattinson and Emily Rose. The police have not named anyone as a suspect in their missing persons investigation, but the suspects are most likely to have done this for financial rewards. For example, if you find a wallet on the street that belongs to Pattinson, you can subsequently call the authorities and receive a hefty financial bonus. If the police do not recover Pattinson within a timely manner, then they will release a statement noting that he is missing and appealing to anyone who may have information about his whereabouts to contact them.

Abduction Motive

Theories as to why a person would abduct a famous celebrity range from revenge to celebrity stalking. However, these motive theories typically apply to hetero abductions of celebrities, wherein the stalker is usually a fan who was jealous of the celebrity’s relationships and was trying to intimidate or injure the victim. In Robert Pattinson’s case, no evidence has been presented that points to anyone else being the abductor. Pattinson’s agent declined to comment when asked by a media outlet if the actor’s disappearance may be linked to a crime. The agent also stated that Pattinson was last seen entering Venice by car, so it is likely that he was abducted by a stranger.

Pattinson’s vanished appearance marks the second time in a row that the actor has gone missing. On March 6th, 2012, Pattinson was at the Museo Mondrian in Rome with his then-girlfriend FKA (First Killaz)