Last year, FKA Twigs became the toast of the music world when she was featured on Lana Del Rey’s song “Ride.” The song reached number three on the Billboard Top 100 and went on to win the rapper-singer-songwriter-producer-director-actor-model-merchant more accolades.

Del Rey is among a host of famous faces that have collaborated with Twigs, including Travis Scott, Lil Nas X, and Mark Ronson. The songstress is also known for duets with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Frank Ocean.

It all started with Twigs posting a series of cryptic photos on her Instagram with the caption “he loves me, he loves me not,” which apparently inspired Del Rey to write “Ride.” Years before, when Del Rey was starting out, she had collaborated with Twigs on a track called “Black Diamond” that was included on the singer’s 2010 album, Kala.

Since then, the relationship between the two has followed a rocky road, with Twigs accusing Pattinson of stealing her bank information and hacking her phone, and the actor firing back with his own slew of allegations.

The First Sign of Trouble

In an interview with Vogue, Twigs laid out how she first noticed that something was off. “I first noticed that he was acting strange when we were driving in his Lamborghini, and he didn’t want me to take a photo of it,” she said. “He always wanted someone else to take a photo of him in his car, and when I asked why, he said, ‘Because I’m scared they’ll find out I’ve been lying, and then I’ll lose my money.’”

This was certainly a new and shocking revelation for the singer. Who wouldn’t want to protect their assets? Even more so when you’re known for your extravagant spending. After all, what’s a girl to do when her man’s afraid she’ll get caught claiming he owns a flashy luxury vehicle? It’s not like she can’t afford one herself, right?

Despite her curiosity about why he wouldn’t want to be photographed in his Lamborghini, Twigs brushed off the issue, choosing to believe that it was just a case of anxiety. “I had a hunch something wasn’t right, and that he was keeping something from me,” she said. “But I brushed it off. I had my own reasons for believing he was cheating on me – he had done so much for my career, and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

It wasn’t until later that she would learn the truth. According to Twigs, the first sign of trouble came three weeks into their relationship. When she confronted him about the affair, he allegedly responded by smashing a glass on the wall and threatening to cut her out of his life entirely.

The Accusations Fly

Once Del Rey’s affiliation with Twigs was established, the singer’s previous collaborations, particularly with Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, came to light. While on a 2016 world tour, Twigs accused Kendrick of “stealing and cloning” her style, and the two were locked in a public battle of words. Shortly after, on her Instagram account, Twigs posted a series of intimate photos of herself and Kendrick. In one image, she’s lying on a bed with her legs spread open, showing off her shaved genitals.

Kendrick’s camp responded by calling the shots heard ’round the world, firing back with a lengthy string of accusations of his own. “She accused me of stealing her style and cloning it. She said I was copying everything about her. And then she wanted to be in my videos, but I didn’t want to do videos with her because she never stops lying,” Kendrick told Complex in an interview. “I remember being on the red-eye trying to sleep and just thinking, why does this keep happening to me?”

As the #Kanyewestand battle rages on, it’s clear that neither side is backing down. But at least one thing is for sure: this whole debacle has opened the door for future collaborations between the two. While neither has confirmed nor denied the rumours, they both seem to have moved on from their acrimonious past.

What do you think? Will you be crossing Kendrick and Twigs in the future?