In the last few months, we’ve witnessed one of the most talked-about breakups in recent memory. While we’re still coming to terms with the sudden dissolution of the seemingly perfect Twilight pair, it appears that their on-and-off-again relationship may have had a deeper meaning than initially meets the eye. As it turns out, actress and model FKA Twigs may have truly been trying to help her handsome ex find happiness by setting him up with her very own brand-new girlfriend. But what exactly happened between these two global superstitions that made them call it quits for good? Let’s take a closer look.


The breakup of Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs is arguably the most talked-about and publicized split since the original Twilight movie back in 2008. The English actor began dating the 29-year-old model and singer in 2014, but things reportedly didn’t click until a party in Venice in March of this year. At the bash, attended by 400 of Pattinson’s closest friends and family, the couple decided to end their relationship.

According to a report from E! News, Pattinson allegedly tried his best to hide his depression and self-doubt from the media, but it was apparently visible through his tattoos. “He has this big tattoo on his arm that says ‘Believe’ with a picture of a face underneath, and he has a big heart around his neck,” an unnamed source told the outlet. “He tried to hide it from us, but we could tell. He kept putting on a brave face, but inside he was really hurting. He felt like he had let his fans down. If he couldn’t be more happy, he would try to hide it, but we could always tell when he was unhappy.”


In the months leading up to their breakup, tensions reportedly began to rise between the couple. In August of last year, Pattinson posted a bizarre video to Instagram in which he can be seen in a hospital bed, shirtless and surrounded by nurses. The video, which was heavily censored, showed the actor in a seemingly catatonic state. In it, he held up a sign that read: “Free Willy, please!” (a reference to the beloved 1997 movie about a man in a coma). The sign was a reference to his own nickname, Willy, which he had taken on while filming The Lost City of Z in 2015. In the days following his hospitalization, reports surfaced that he had indeed been in a coma for several days due to an overdose of prescription medication. He subsequently entered a drug treatment facility.

When he emerged from his medically induced hiatus, Pattinson was reportedly determined to clean up his act. “He wants to prove to everyone that he’s a changed man, and that he’ll be a good father and husband,” a source close to Pattinson told E! News at the time. “He wants to show the world that his love for FKA Twigs was just a moment of madness. He wants to win her back and be with her forever.” Unfortunately, it appears that his efforts to win back his ex may have been in vain. In the months since their breakup, Twigs has maintained a relatively low profile, only confirming their split in a string of cryptic Instagram posts. The model has even gone so far as to erase all signs of their former relationship, deleting their matching accounts and changing their surname from Spink to Elwin (a character from Enchanted).


While Robert Pattinson was in a medically induced coma, FKA Twigs surprised him with a very special delivery. According to a report from Page Six, the singer flew to Dubai with her new girlfriend, Abbey Clancy, to drop off a gift-wrapped package containing clothes and jewelry. Apparently, the gift was meant to help restore Pattinson’s love for her and win him back. “He was in a very vulnerable place,” a source told the outlet of the actor’s reaction to the delivery. “But she decided to give it her best shot.”

When Clancy and Twigs arrived in Dubai, they were reportedly met with a group of paparazzi, who had tracked them down using the actress’ luxury SUV. The model and singer reportedly didn’t want to give any interviews or engage with the press in any way, and sped off with her companion, leaving a trail of gossip in their wake.

“She wants to protect Abbey, especially since they’re in the spotlight so much,” the source explained. “She wants to keep Abbey’s identity private. After the delivery, she posted [a] picture of them holding hands, which was lovely. It was very sweet.”


Despite the actor’s best efforts to win her back, FKA Twigs appears to have formed a very positive opinion of him. According to a report from TMZ, Abbey Clancy has some pretty great things to say about Pattinson. “[He is] a great guy, but he’s been through a lot in his life,” the British beauty said. “He’s a really nice guy, but it’s been hard to get to know him, because he’s been so private.”

Clancy, who is reportedly worth millions, added that she had “never met anyone quite like him.” The actress went on to explain that she had been “very protective” of her new friend, Rob, because he had recently been through a “tough time.” As it turns out, there were some similarities between Clancy’s story and that of Twigs. Just a few months prior to their meeting in Dubai, the 30-year-old model had also been through a difficult time. In the middle of July, she was involved in a serious car accident that left her with facial injuries and memory loss. But while she was in a medically induced coma, her friends and fans continued to support her on social media.


A few weeks after his ex-girlfriend surprised him with a special delivery, Pattinson took to Instagram to accuse her of breaking his heart. “Even when I was at my worst, you never left my side,” the actor wrote in the caption of a picture that featured a collage of the two of them together. “You were the person I needed when I woke up from my coma. You were the voice of reason when I was losing my mind.”

Pattinson’s comment came in response to Twigs’ post-coma Instagram videos, in which she can be seen in a variety of revealing outfits. In one of the clips, which has over a million views, the model is seen wearing a stunning diamond-encrusted collar that features a miniature of herself. Another post-coma video shows her in a wedding dress, her veil obscuring her eyes and a bouquet of flowers in her hands. In both posts, she includes a heart-breaking quote from the movie Love Is All You Need, which reads: “I only have two rules. One: don’t talk about religion. Two: don’t talk about love. Otherwise, it’s all about love.” (Note: If you’re unfamiliar, the quote comes from the penultimate scene of the 1997 movie, in which Kevin Costner’s character teaches Richard Gere’s that “love is all you need.”) In his response to Twigs, Pattinson wrote: “That is so beautiful, and I love that you had that moment. Unfortunately, that’s not how it went down. I don’t know if you’ve ever been through this or not, but I can remember every moment of the last few months. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to delete those moments from my mind. They’re branded in there forever.”


A week later, Twigs responded to Pattinson’s accusation by posting a sweet message to her one million Instagram followers. “I’m really sorry to hear about your accident,” she wrote. “You were the person I needed when I woke up from my coma. We never really had a chance to grow as a couple, because you’ve been so busy with your work. Maybe now that you’re back and we have the opportunity, we can put all this behind us and try again.”