FKA Twigs’ “Robert Pattinson” music video is a masterpiece. Shot on location in London and Paris, it follows the R&B singer as she drives around in a black Jag, visiting landmarks and eating pizza by the Seine.

Though she isn’t officially seen with Robert, the unrequited love that the video portrays between the two is palpable, especially in scenes shot in London. Whether Pattinson was present or not, the video’s atmosphere is one of raw longing and euphoric nostalgia.

Most notably, FKA Twigs directed the video herself, which makes it unique among many of her peers’ clips. The video premiered on her YouTube channel a few weeks back, but has since racked up over 600,000 views as of this writing. While many of her peers’ clips are styled in a way that draws upon cinematic convention, Twigs’ choice to work in her own image helps bring the viewer into a state of direct experience.

Robert’s Influence

For those who haven’t yet heard of FKA Twigs, it’s time to introduce yourself. The 24-year-old English singer-songwriter, musician, and visual artist was catapulted to stardom last year after the release of her debut album, LP1. The album, which features the hit song “Pistol”, is available for purchase on iTunes., Amazon Music, and other major online stores. It is also available in physical format, and features contributions from the likes of Snoop Dogg, H.E.R., and more.

Though her music is mostly inspired by British culture, it resonates with listeners worldwide. The album’s title refers to the fact that FKA Twigs started writing songs at the age of 14. In an interview with Noisey, she revealed the meaning behind her album’s namesake: “I always liked playing with words, and ‘Pistol’ was the first song I ever wrote, so it was very special to name my first album after it.”

With her album debuting at no. 10 on the Billboard Top Albums chart, there’s every reason to believe that Robert Pattinson has a lot to do with its commercial success. As the first video above shows, he has a lot to do with the way that she interacts with the world around her. Though he’s credited as a featured vocalist on the album, it’s easy to see that most of the vocals on “Pistol” come from Twigs herself. As she points out in the song, “You’re supposed to hit the note, but it’s almost like you’re singing it.”

While it’s true that Pattinson and Twigs have a lot in common, it’s also important to remember that they are two very different people. This is made evident in the “Robert Pattinson” video, which shows a playful side that fans of the Twilight Saga may not have seen before. Though their on-screen interactions are sweet, it is clear that they both have their own personalities and ambitions. In the video’s most recent installment, we get a glimpse of what is perhaps Twigs’ greatest talent: her ability to make the viewer feel as though they are the one driving the vehicle, instead of a virtual passenger.

For those who love watching music videos, particularly ones shot on the open road, “Robert Pattinson” may be one of the most stunning visions to date. Its cinematic scope and impeccable pacing will make even the most diehard Twilight fans feel as though they’re seeing the world through the lens of a Hollywood starlet. From the scenic Alps in Northern Italy to the streets of Paris, the songstress shows off the beauty of her native London and the city’s well-known landmarks. The video also features cameos from some of Twigs’ famous friends, including the previously mentioned Snoop Dogg and H.E.R.

It’s a testament to the songstress’ talent that she was able to pull off such a visually stunning video despite being on her own without a crew. While it’s safe to assume that she had help from some of her trusted collaborators including Director X, who has previously worked with her on videos for “Pistol” and “Wings”, it’s also important to remember that Twigs is an amazing director herself. This is further evidenced by her ability to pull off what many thought would be a near-impossible feat: portraying a romantic interlude between two mismatched lovers. Though it may not be the most conventional of love stories, Twigs’ direction is so intimate and believable that it will leave even the most steadfast romantic among us blushing.

While most of Twigs’ music video is set to befuddle and beguile you, “Robert Pattinson” is a reminder that the artist is no stranger to controversy. Directed at a time when same-sex marriage is still widely considered taboo in many parts of the world, the video is a reflection of Twigs’ often-controversial views on sexuality and gender. However, much like the rest of her body of work, “Robert Pattinson” is an example of how much she has to offer an audience. In an age when most musicians are trying to play it safe, Twigs is unapologetically herself. It’s a quality that has made her one of YouTube’s most popular creators, and has likely contributed to the success of her debut album.