Is FKA Twigs’ daughter, Matilda, the child of Robert Pattinson and Twigs herself?

The 24-year-old singer is definitely a step-mom to Matilda, who was born in October 2016. But their relationship goes deeper than that: Matilda is actually Twigs’ biological daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Ned Fairburn. Their story – and more importantly, Matilda’s lineage – was revealed in a shocking family incident that occurred in April 2016.

While on the red carpet for the premiere of her latest album, My Own Prince, Twigs was confronted by a journalist who asked about her daughter’s paternity. The “Fashion” singer, who was heavily pregnant at the time, vehemently denied it, stating that “no, she’s not my daughter.” The journalist then pressed for more details, asking Twigs whether Ned was the father. Her answer was, “No. No he’s not.”

However, Twigs’ bombshell revelation was undermined by a video she filmed the following year. In the clip, which was posted to her Instagram account in March 2018 and has since been viewed over a million times, the singer is seen carrying her daughter, who is wrapped in a pink outfit and wearing a crown, across the Atlantic Ocean. According to the singer, the family vacation was a ruse to film Matilda’s big reveal – a scene that would make even an adult struggle for breath.

The video shows Twigs and an armada of paparazzi taking turns swimming with Matilda, who is securely wrapped in a life jacket. In the clip, she can be seen laughing and playing with the press as she gently rocks her baby in the water. However, it’s unclear whether or not Matilda was wearing diapers back in April 2016. In the intervening year, the media has filled in the blanks – speculating about the little girl’s parentage in almost every interview with Twigs. While she has never commented on the subject, it’s clear that the singer is comfortable enough talking about it now that Matilda is older and more capable of looking after herself.

What is My Own Prince?

My Own Prince is Twigs’ fourth studio album and the follow-up to her commercially successful 2015 album, Glasshouse. For her newest record, the singer worked with a variety of producers and songwriters to create a unique blend of alternative and R&B music. The album’s title track was written and produced by London-based musician Dev Hynes and co-written by Twigs and Hynes. The song won the 2018 Grammy for Best Song Written for a Movie or a Television Show.

While My Own Prince is not a complete artistic success – at least from a critical standpoint – it’s nevertheless a major step forward for Twigs, whose previous albums, 2011’s Neon Lights and 2013’s Beautiful Creatures, were both critically panned.

A More Sophisticated Sibling

If Matilda is anything like her older sister, Priyanka, she’ll no doubt grow up to be a more sophisticated version of the glamorous and unpredictable singer. In a 2018 interview with Elle UK, Twigs said that she and her sisters are very different from each other, stating, “We’re all very different. Nobody’s like us, and we like that.”

The singer also said that she and her siblings have helped to shape her into “the artist I am today.”

Twigs has always been a vocal supporter of sisterhood, championing the cause of women in the music industry and speaking out against sexual harassment. In the same Elle interview, the singer said, “If we’re ever going to see change in the music industry, it’s going to have to come from people like us speaking out.”

And it seems that Twigs is taking the lead on this crusade. Just this past week, she tweeted, “I’m honoured to be a part of the #metoo movement and to stand alongside so many other women who have spoken out against sexual harassment and assault. We must continue to speak out until we have true equality, together.”

The Singer Wants To Be Taken Seriously As A Parent

While parenting is certainly a serious matter, it appears that Twigs is keen to downplay that aspect of her life – at least in the eyes of the public. In her preface to My Own Prince, the singer states that the album “isn’t really about me as a parent.” If anything, she wants to be taken seriously as a musician.

She continues, “I hope that people who love my music will also be interested in my daughter and my family as well. Because I think there’s a lot of truth behind the lyrics on this album. A lot of reflection and self-doubt and trying to find the balance between being a good parent and a musical genius.”

Twigs may be reluctant to talk about parenting openly, but she’s certainly not afraid to discuss family on her social media accounts. On her Instagram page, she routinely posts pictures of herself and Matilda, as well as various family and friend outings with the little girl.

And it’s clear that the singer is proud of her daughter. In the same Elle interview, Twigs referred to Matilda as “my superstar,” going on to say, “I want people to understand that she’s no fraud, this is who I am and this is what I do. And she’s the greatest gift anyone could ever give me.”

Despite her best efforts to remain above the tabloid fray, it’s clear that Twigs can’t help but indulge in some mother-daughter bonding while celebrating Matilda’s birth. On the birth of her baby girl, she posted a sweet picture of herself and the child, hailing Matilda as “my princess.” Unfortunately, despite all the talk of her being a stepmother, this is still the same Ned who fathered the child. It’s unclear whether or not he’ll play a role in his daughter’s life.

Although the 24-year-old singer has never been one to shy away from controversy, she’s clearly determined to keep a low profile when it comes to her personal life. Perhaps the most revealing part of the Elle interview was when Twigs was questioned about whether or not she and her husband would try for another child. While she didn’t say no, she did say, “That is a possibility. I don’t know if we’re ready to have another kid quite yet.”

When asked why not, she replied, “I just want to make sure we do it right. So much can go wrong. We don’t want to endanger our daughter again.”

In a separate interview with Grazia, Twigs was asked about her perfect match, to which she answered, “Well, I think that it’s fair to say that I haven’t met my perfect match. I mean, I’ve never been in a committed, long-term relationship. And I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. I’m just being realistic.”

But despite her best efforts to keep a low profile, there are cracks in her public façade. In a 2016 interview with Wonderland magazine, Twigs spoke about the pressures of being an artist in the modern world, stating, “There’s a lot of pressure to become something you’re not. Like, I feel like I’ve got this massive responsibility, like a huge child. And I don’t know how to be a mother yet. It’s so new.”

More Than Meets The Eye

Twigs is more than just the sum of her parts: she is a unique and accomplished artist in her own right. While her previous albums were well-received by critics who embraced her unique sound, her solo album, 24, proved that these songs can speak to a larger audience – particularly younger generations. 24 is currently the best-selling album of Twigs’ career, shifting over 15,000 units in the United States alone.

In a statement to Billboard about her solo album, the singer said, “I guess what I wanted to do with this record was explore different kinds of love; to paint a more nuanced picture of what a healthy and good relationship might look like. Because there are so many different types of love out there.”

According to Nielsen Music, women made up 55% of all viewers of the 2017 VMAs, with the biggest audience coming from millennials (53%). While the women of MTV used to hold court over the music television industry, today, it’s the turn of social media – particularly TikTok – to rule the roost.