Rumours have been growing that fashion stylings retailer FKA TWIGS has had a makeover, with speculation rife that it could be owned by high-profile fashion figure Robert Pattinson. And did you know that FKA TWIGS is now stocking its garments in a size 14?

The speculation started following the release of a brand film for FKA TWIGS in October 2019. In the five-minute clip, we see the brand’s founder and creative director Emma Hill walking through the aisles of a quaint but well-stocked independent bookshop, carrying a selection of fashion-related titles. As she browses the aisles, she picks up one item after another, displaying an array of unique and quirky designs.

But was this just a marketing stunt, or does Emma’s shopping list hold a rare insight into the future of the fashion retailer? Could the Robert Pattinson be behind this venture, or is it just good business? Let’s have a closer look…

Emma’s Love For Literature

As the name would suggest, FKA TWIGS is a retailer of fashionable dresses and accessories inspired by literary figures and their work. The brand was actually founded by the British entrepreneur Emma Hill in 2017, who initially set up the business to provide a platform for emerging designers. Its name is an acronym for ‘Forks, Kitty, and Angela’, the first two books on Emma’s essential reading list.

As well as launching a range of fashion jewellery and clothing, FKA TWIGS has expanded into accessories, fragrance, and home products. This eclectic selection of product ranges provides good branding opportunities, as it allows the company to attract a variety of customers, not just those interested in reading.

Although fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry, it continues to be plagued by fluctuations in consumer desire and interest. This is why so many entrepreneurs are exploring new ways of appealing to buyers, particularly in developed markets, such as Europe and North America. Take China, for example, where traditional retailing practices have given way to a thriving online market, fuelled by the country’s burgeoning middle class.

Emma’s love for literature is evident throughout the company’s marketing material, as she regularly cites books and their protagonists in her blog posts and social media content.

The British entrepreneur and avid reader is clearly influenced by some of the great female characters from the English language, such as Paddington Bear’s marvellous Aunt Polly or Sherlock Holmes’ magnum opus The Hound of the Baskervilles. And it seems that she has picked up a few good habits from Jane Austen’s character, Elizabeth Bennett. In the summer of 2021, FKA TWIGS will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of Austen’s death with a special offer of exclusive t-shirts designed by Johnny Mckay to commemorate the occasion.

The designer has previously worked with Dior and Ralph & Ralph, so it will be interesting to see what unique creations he creates for FKA TWIGS.

Expanding Into The Biggest Size 14

If you’ve ever shopped at FKA TWIGS, you’ll no doubt noticed that the brand has gone one step further, expanding into the biggest size 14. This is a first for a British fashion retailer, and has apparently seen a boost in sales since the launch of the new size.

When we consider the fact that the average woman’s dress size has increased by two garments in the last century, it’s evident that FKA TWIGS has decided to ride the wave of evolution and expand into increasingly larger sizes.

This is a trend that continues today, with clothing brands such as Zara and H&M expanding into smaller sizes while others, such as Burberry and Ralph & Ralph, have decided to stay away from creating any smaller sizes, citing lack of demand as the reason why.

FKA TWIGS is a brilliant example of a company willing to evolve with the times, and it seems that customers are responding. The brand is now taking its unique approach to fragrances, providing a whiff of glam when you enter a shop.

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Will Fashion Have A Revival?

With the world’s population expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, the fashion industry will inevitably evolve to keep up with growing demand. This is why we see retailers expanding into newly emerging markets, such as China, as well as taking inspiration from traditional sources, such as the British Museum’s collection of Greek and Roman dress.

The future of fashion is undoubtedly bright, though it will be interesting to see how retailers such as FKA TWIGS maintain their unique identities while also riding the tide of fashion evolution.