If you read the news on a regular basis, you might have heard about the latest scandal involving an actor or a pop star. The news media often has a field day with these stories, and the public often loses patience with the headlines. But what happens when the story is about one of our own? What does it mean when so-called mainstream media outlets report on a celebrity scandal, especially when it involves a major celebrity like Robert Pattinson? Believe it or not, this is a story that has been circulating for over a decade, and it has recently gained a whole new audience due to current events.

The Early Years

The Robert Pattinson “Cellophane scandal” literally started before our very eyes. Back in 2010, the British tabloid The Sun published a story that involved an allegation of spousal abuse against Pattinson, and it seemed that everyone was talking about it. The story focused on Pattinson’s ex-wife, Kate, who accused him of hitting, kicking, and strangling her during their marriage. The tabloid published a picture of Kate with a black eye, which the media said was the result of one of these attacks. Although a court eventually ruled that there was no legal basis to Kate’s abuse allegations and the case was eventually closed, the damage had already been done. Even if Kate had continued to make these claims, Robert Pattinson would have never been able to fully move on from this dark chapter in his life. But what happened next is what really makes this story special. Instead of quietly moving on from the scandalous headlines, Pattinson decided to speak out against the tabloid press, specifically naming The Sun as the source of the abuse allegations. This resulted in a public battle between the actor and the tabloid, which was eventually won by Pattinson. The court case awarded him damages in the amount of £11,500, representing the cost of his legal fees. This was all a part of the court settlement, but it did not end there.

The Royal Wedding And Beyond

It was during this time that Robert Pattinson began to use his royal highness status as a bargaining chip during his legal conflicts, threatening to go public with allegations that Queen Elizabeth was involved in the cover-up of her late husband’s sexual abuse. According to reports, these claims stemmed from an incident that happened in 2007, when Robert Pattinson was serving as a steward at the then-Prince of Wales’ wedding. While the actor was walking back from the altar with his then-girlfriend at the time, Kate Bosworth, the 69-year-old Queen was allegedly waiting outside the church for the newlyweds. Despite the fact that Kate was a bridesmaid at the wedding, Robert Pattinson claimed that he felt “unsafe” and “threatened” by the presence of the monarch. According to court records, he further claimed that the Queen made no secret of her feelings toward him, commenting that she thought he was “attractive” and “bright.” This alleged comments led Robert Pattinson to believe that she must have known about the abuse he suffered as a child. But the Queen and her representatives repeatedly stated that she knew nothing of his background and was completely unaware of the abuse allegations until much later. But this did not stop the press from continuing to investigate the claims, and as a result, the actor was forced to go into hiding for much of the following year.

A Different Take On The ‘Spousal Abuse’ Scandal

While we’re on the subject of Robert Pattinson, it would be remiss of us not to discuss his more recent brushes with the law. Following his victory over The Sun in 2010, the actor decided that he wanted to be seen as a “real man,” and he took up boxing as a hobby. The actor even entered a professional boxing ring to promote his new fighting skills. While in the ring, Robert Pattinson was hit in the head with a heavy object, which prompted him to end his bout prematurely. He was later charged with affray and assault. The actor pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to a conditional discharge and 20 hours of community service. According to his legal team, the incident was a “terrible accident” that was caused by overexertion during the boxing match, and they continued to insist that his former wife and son were responsible for his injuries.

More Scandals

It’s been a year since we’ve heard from Robert Pattinson, but the scandals continue. Just this week, it was reported that he was pulled over for speeding last month, and police found a half-empty bottle of whiskey in the car. Robert Pattinson has also been linked to a string of other scandals, including a cheating incident with film producer Nikki Finke and the DUI arrest of famous British designer Stephen Burks. But it seems like this is just the beginning, as news broke last year that the “It” girl, It-girl, and former child star Anna Paquin was seeking a restraining order against the actor, citing “serious physical harm” from an altercation they had in September 2017. While Anna denied the allegations, a judge granted the restraining order, which caused Robert Pattinson to go into hiding. But now that he’s resurfaced, it seems that the 28-year-old has a lot more to say. After announcing his engagement to singer-songwriter FKA Twigs last year, the couple soon made headlines for all the wrong reasons when they were arrested in August for drug possession. The charges were later dropped, but this didn’t mean that the scandals had ended. A few months later, the Daily Mail published an allegation that FKA Twigs was physically abused by the actor. In response, the singer’s legal representatives released a statement, denying the allegations and asserting that no criminal activity had ever taken place.

The Present And Future

It’s fair to say that Robert Pattinson has had quite a few run-ins with the law. But what does this all mean for his future as a public figure? To be perfectly blunt, it’s a sign of weakness. The singer was able to come out on top of seemingly endless legal battles due to his status as a Royal, but this does not mean that he’s protected from being sued by the media for the wrongdoings of his past. In the eyes of the public, Robert Pattinson will always be synonymous with “spousal abuse,” which is a shame, considering the legal battles he’s waged on behalf of his victims. But it seems like this is a story that refuses to go away, and with each new scandal, Robert Pattinson gains a whole new audience as he fights for your sympathy. So while it may be tempting to write this story off as just another tabloid feud between two famous figures, one must keep in mind that this is a story that will probably continue to follow the popular British actor for years to come.