FKA Twigs has been quiet lately… But it’s not been because she’s been low on inspiration – quite the opposite. Between movie premieres and red-carpet events, the singer has been hard at work on her sophomore album, which she unveiled last week. And although it won’t be available to buy until August 12, “Porosity” contains songs that are sure to become firm favourites among her ardent fanbase. After hearing the lead single, “Pillowtalk,” you’ll realize why she’s been so quiet. The song is an unapologetic ode to self-love – a direct contrast to the “boring” romances she’s sung about on her previous album, “I Will Never Regret Loving You.” Front Row Blog sat down with the British singer ahead of the album’s official release to find out more about her new music and what she has planned for the rest of 2019.

Why ‘Porosity’ And Not ‘Icarus’?’

When we first heard about the new album, we were a little confused. After listening to the lead single, which features an appearance from ASAP Rocky, we were expecting an album chock-full of bangers and hooks. But lo and behold, “Porosity” is a concept album that explores the themes of inter-dimensional travel and alternative realities. For a pop star whose biggest hit was “Wild Thyme” and whose debut album was titled after a Greek myth, these are big departures. What gives?

I suppose it’s the fact that she’s never been one to shy away from topics that aren’t often tackled in pop music. Not only has she explored LGBTQ issues in her music, but she’s also written about mental health and self-love. “I feel like ‘Porosity’ is about being unafraid to be yourself,” she told The Guardian. “To exist outside of the norms and to not feel like you have to hide who you really are.”

Porosity’ Theme Is Universes-Tour

The first single, “Pillowtalk,” is part of a trilogy of songs that explore the themes of inter-dimensional travel. The song was inspired by a short story she read in a women’s magazine as a teenager. The three-part series was constructed using found sounds and instrumental skits featuring members of the band who also appear on “Porosity.” The videos for each song in the trilogy feature a dreamy, analogue vibe that evokes 1960s British Invasion pop.

“Pillowtalk’ Is A Free-Floating Ambiance,” Says NME

In the video for “Pillowtalk,” we see Twigs slowly strip down to her underwear as she lies in bed. The song is a jazzy, slow-tempo number that features some light back-and-forth between Twigs and her new guy. It’s the perfect summertime jam – groovy but not overwhelming, an ode to a good night’s sleep (we’re told to “make sure you lock the doors, it’s nice and safe inside your head”). The contrast to “I Will Never Regret Loving You,” which featured guest appearances from some of the biggest names in pop – including Cardi B and Taylor Swift – could not be greater. “Pillowtalk’ is a free-floating ambiance,” said NME about the song. “It’s sensual and laidback but still manages to be funky and jazzy.”

Red-Carpet Ready

The last time we saw Twigs was at the 2018 Met Gala where she wowed in a white dress. The British singer has been hard at work on her new album, which she described as her “greatest work to date.” And you can bet your bottom dollar that when it drops, she’ll be celebrating with a glamorous red-carpet dance.

While “I Will Never Regret Loving You” was a celebration of traditional pop culture, “Porosity’” theme is more modern and forward-thinking. The album’s cover art is a departure from Twigs’ usual colorful dresses and instead features a black-and-white image of an abstract orb, likely representing the inter-dimensional travel explored in the album. The singer is a true original and will no doubt continue to fascinate and delight her fans.