It’s no secret that video games and movie stars often collide. Whether it’s first-party titles like Mario or Ratchet & Clank getting the cinematic treatment, or it’s third-party characters like The Rock or John Goodman gracing the screens of our favorite titles, it seems like every game now has some sort of celebrity cameo. But the latest game to be graced with the presence of a high profile actor is arguably the biggest game of all time: Final Fantasy XV.

The Biggest Game Ever Made

Final Fantasy XV is the culmination of a decade of hard work by series creator Hironobu Sakurai. The game is the final installment in the epic Final Fantasy saga, and features a host of beloved characters and gorgeous locales from the series’ past.

But the story of Final Fantasy XV doesn’t begin with gameplay. The narrative takes place thousands of years before the events of the game, and follows the adventures of a young warrior named Regis and his band of companions.

Their journey sets them on a collision course with the empire’s greatest enemy, the fearsome dragon Shiva. As they fight alongside dragon allies and attempt to save lives, they are joined by an eclectic group of characters who have their own reasons for helping Regis.

But it’s not just about fighting. The game also features an expansive story that spans multiple perspectives and brings a brand new dimension to the Final Fantasy saga.

The Empire’s Top Dog

In order to fully appreciate what Final Fantasy XV has to offer, it’s important to understand the Empire, the game’s overarching organization. The Empire is the game’s equivalent of the military, and is led by the charismatic King Regis. As the king’s adopted son, Regis has an undeniable favor with the court, and is viewed as the empire’s future leader. While he cares deeply for his people and wants what’s best for them, he also holds a fierce determination to be the best in the world at whatever he does.

Other members of his court look up to him, and see him as a father figure, albeit a ruthless one. Most importantly, the King sees himself as the protagonist of the story, and wants to prove to the world that he is more than capable of protecting them from evil. Despite his valiant efforts, though, the empire is far from being safe.

Final Fantasy XV: The Shiva Summons

At the center of it all is Shiva, the game’s enigmatic and powerful main villain. Shiva is the Empire’s greatest enemy, and is referred to as the “Supersoul” since she embodies the pure essence of power and positivity. She is the dragon who oversees the creation of worlds and is credited with bringing order to the chaos of the universe. She is the force that empowers the warriors of Regis’ empire, and the female principle that guides their every action.

After an attack by the empire leaves her weakened, she is forced into an extended hiatus, which gives the player a chance to help her recuperate. During this time, Shiva is aided by an old friend named Kuja, who promises to return the favor and aid her in her time of need. As soon as she recuperates enough to be on her feet again, though, Shiva sets off on a quest to fulfill her destiny and reclaim her power. It’s at this point that the player is given an opportunity to play as Kuja and fight alongside her in the battle against the evil queen Malice. After she is defeated, the player is free to assume control of Shiva and take on Malice’s army of Nightmares, or let Kuja have a go at it.

With all the hype surrounding the movie adaptation of Final Fantasy XV, it’s no secret that many fans want to play as the game’s most powerful character. While this may be an option for some time to come, a better way to experience what the game has to offer is through a different character.

Riding the Storm

As the sole protagonist of the game, it is up to you to guide Regis and his allies on their journey. Although he is the player-controlled character, you won’t be doing much of the actual fighting. Instead, you will be using your wits and skills to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents. Much like the previous games in the series, the bulk of the fighting is handled by the game’s non-player characters (NPCs), with only a few encounters being truly interactive and requiring the assistance of the player.

You are free to roam the open world of Lodossia under the guidance of the game’s traveling merchant, Levinus. While in most games, the open world may only contain one or two major cities, Lodossia is packed to the brim with vibrant towns and hamlets. But the real beauty of the open world approach is that it encourages exploration. After all, with so much territory to cover, who knows what secrets and adventures you may uncover.

Summoned Beings From The Black Pit

The setting of Final Fantasy XV is deeply tied to Japanese mythology and draws heavily from the country’s history. One of the games most recognizable landmarks is the imposing Maribel Estate, which serves as the centerpiece of the game’s opening town, Balamb. The estate is the former home of Maribel, the game’s heroine, and the structure itself is decked out in exquisite detail.

But the mythology surrounding the estate and Maribel are far more interesting than the building itself. Located in the southern portion of Japan, the land of Balamb is home to the so-called “Black Pit,” a deep cavern that is connected to the underworld and populated by demons and monsters. Balamb is literally located at the center of the black pit, and it’s here where you will encounter some of the most terrifying creatures in gaming. From the gigantic Oni to the fire-breathing Manticore, these creatures live up to their reputation and are a handful even for the game’s biggest heroes. It is said that any who stand between you and your goal are fair game, and you must defeat all nine gods to find the final boss.

Even with all the hype surrounding Final Fantasy XV and the upcoming movie adaptation, there is still much that the game doesn’t tell us about its characters and story. With that in mind, it would be an immense bonus if we knew what Pattinson is playing in the game, and whether or not he will make an appearance in the movie. Well, wonder no more. According to a helpful insider who goes by the pseudonym “Geoffrey Aldridge,” we know exactly what character Patton is playing in the game, and it isn’t Shiva. In fact, despite what you may have heard, the Dark Knight isn’t even in the game. We also know that he won’t be in the movie, either.

A Warrior King

Regis doesn’t look like your typical video game protagonist, and that’s a good thing. It would be a disservice to compare him to your average Joe, as he’s not a regular person and not meant to be. Instead, he is a combination of the warrior class from various Japanese mythologies. In some respects, he is a combination of the characters from the legendary warrior series, The Legend of Zelda, and the sorcerer classes from Final Fantasy.

You may choose to play as any of the four main characters in the game: Regis, Edwig, Egelhard, or Folken. Each character embodies a different part of Japanese culture and, as a result, plays a pivotal role in the story. For example, Edwig provides insight into the history and culture of Edo, while Regis shows the player the ways of a warrior. Similarly, Folken is a magician, while Egelhard is a healer.

As with previous entries in the Final Fantasy series, you may ally with various characters and follow different quest lines. But in the case of Final Fantasy XV, it is more of a collective journey. Much like how the Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter series have combined forces, so too do the characters in Final Fantasy XV. During certain points in the game, you may encounter characters from other series or franchises, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Street Fighter gang.

A Friend In Need

Throughout his travels, the player encounters various creatures and allies whose loyalty and assistance he may enlist in his quest to save the world. While a few of these characters may appear in the game for a short period of time, the bulk of them will work together in an attempt to thwart the plans of Malice and her minions. Most notably, the game is accompanied by a talking fox named Fritz, who serves as your companion and guide on your adventure. Like other wise companions in video games, the fox speaks directly to the player and provides helpful tips and suggestions as you make your way through the game’s numerous checkpoints.