It seems like only yesterday that we were all adjusting to life in a post-pandemic world. Now, as we near the end of April, people are flocking back to places they think they’ll feel safer – like airports and restaurants – and they’re also looking for ways to while away the day. So it makes sense that the fans of one of the most popular actors of our time would start their own website focused on him.

Dubbed, the site is the ‘official’ source for all things related to Robert Pattinson. The website launched with the star’s initials, ‘RP’, and the site is filled with content about the ‘reclusive’ actor. The homepage is a virtual round-up of all things Pattinson, and it even boasts an ‘iHeartRadio’ widget (the actor is reportedly good friends with the app’s co-founder, Tom Joyner).

We spoke with the website’s co-founder, Alan Henry, about life post-pandemic, why he started the site, and what it means for the future of fandom.

Post-Pandemic: Back To Our ‘Normal’ Lives

Wellness guru and best-selling author Dr Anna Puri wrote a comprehensive guide on how to deal with the mental health effects of the pandemic. One of the most useful suggestions she made was to return to our ‘normal’ routine as soon as possible. After months of being cooped up in – and struggling with – isolation, many people are looking to get back out there and rebuild their social lives. And that means they’re looking to their hobbies as ways to spend time – like social distancing fans have been doing for the past few months.

We’re seeing more people turning to hobbies they’ve always enjoyed, like drawing, painting, or sewing. And it seems that some of our favourite celebs are putting their talents to good use, with many repurposing their hobbies into artsy works of art.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite artistic creations from some of our favourite celebrities.

An ‘Art Is Love’ Post-Pandemic Mural

It’s safe to assume that if you’re reading this, you’re a Robert Pattinson fan. The ‘reclusive’ actor has been relatively quiet since his heartbreaking split from fiancée Vanessa Paradisa in 2019. But that hasn’t stopped his admirers from congregating online. When the pandemic hit, many of his fans took up arts and crafts as a way to relieve stress. One of the most unique and spectacular artistic projects came from one of our favourite fashion bloggers, Devon Ables, whose mural-sized drawing of the actor was featured on her Instagram story. It reads “Art is Love” in English and Sanskrit – the former being Pattinson’s motto and the latter being the meaning of his celebrity symbol, the “Pattinson Puma” or “Pattinson’s panther’.

The blogger took up the challenge of creating a mural in her garage, and it took her about four months to complete (the pandemic delayed her schedule). It’s filled with images of the actor – both as a child and an adult – and is one of the only murals we’ve ever seen in a garage. We can only assume that if Ables ever gets bored of her garage, she can always find a place for this beautiful work of art.

A Colouring Book For Kids

Another useful suggestion from Dr Puri was to engage with your children in new ways. Since the pandemic, many of our favourite celebs have repurposed their talents for the benefit of children. Whether it’s designing toys or writing songs, these celebrities know how important it is to get creative with your kids. One fantastic project that has delighted toddlers and school-aged children is the colouring book from the makers of the popular Sesame Street TV show, Rainmaker Entertainment. It features the creatures from the show, like Elmo, Cookie, and Oscar the Grouch, and allows children to express their creativity.

They’ll love colouring in the funny and colourful pictures of their favourite characters, making it a great way to while away a quiet afternoon or early morning.

A Sewing Machine For Hens

Speaking of creative outlets, quilting has become a really popular hobby among women since the pandemic. One of the most innovative and unique products related to the hobby came from the minds of Amy & Emily from Modern Domestic, a modern homeware store. They designed a sewing machine for hens!

The unique project allows hens to self-quilt, and with a few tricks of the trade like the right accessories and tools, they’ll be able to do so with minimal guidance. All the pieces are designed with hens in mind, so they can pick it up and use it quickly and easily. It’s ideal for little busy birds who need something quick and easy to do – like counting down the days until their chicks are able to leave the nest!

With crafty fans creating something new every day, there are endless opportunities for artists and hobbyists to show off their talents. The internet has made it easier than ever for ordinary people to showcase their work, and give fans a glimpse into their creative process. So if you’ve got a hobby or passion project you’d like to share, please don’t be shy! Your fans are waiting – and so are we!