It’s not often that we get to find out what an actor is really like. Sure, we get to see plenty of their acting skills on-screen, and maybe even read an interview once in a while, but to truly know someone, their true character, you have to find the courage to ask them directly.

That’s why we at Feme Studios were so excited to shoot this series of videos featuring Robert Pattinson. Not only do we get to learn more about one of our favorite English actors, but his involvement in upcoming films like The Lost Film and Water Rights strengthens our belief that he’s definitely an underrated talent, and an all-around great guy.

The Man Behind The Mask

Pattinson was born in London in 1984 to Deborah and Tim Pattinson, a film producer. He has an older sister named Grace, who is also an actress. Growing up, Bob loved going to the theater; whether it was to see a film or play, or just to hang out and enjoy the performances. In his young teens, he began taking classes at the prestigious Oxford School of Drama, where he studied acting and directing. While at college, he became a member of Oxford Union, a debating society, and even went on to become its President.

After his graduation in 2007, he began working in film and television. That same year, he appeared in the films Four Sheets, The Last Ride, and A Little Help. In 2008, he had a small role in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, and in 2009, he starred in the British television mini-series The Lost Lives of Ada Mulli.

What Is He Really Like?

Nowadays, most people know Robert Pattinson from his acting roles. He is arguably best known for his portrayal of the dashing and charming Edward Cullen in The Twilight Series. The books have sold 45 million copies worldwide, and the films have made him a household name. However, prior to donning the famous black suit, he worked as a graphic artist and web designer, and even had his own graphic design firm.

With so much attention surrounding him as an actor, it’s hard to truly know what he’s like outside of the spotlight. Fortunately, that is precisely what we were able to do. For this series of videos, we were given full access to Bob’s home in north London, as well as his private life away from the cameras. What we found was a passionate graphic artist, quick wit, and someone who is genuinely interested in helping others.

He’s Open-Misted

One of the first things we noticed when entering Bob’s home was how much wood he had around it. The place is filled with furniture made of wood and wicker, as well as plant pots made of recycled materials. While most of us would consider that a bit excessive, we have to admit that it makes for an interesting contrast. The fact that the actor stands for a product that is so associated with glamour and grasps, it’s almost as though he’s protesting the very image that he’s put forward.


Just like with furniture, you’re also bound to be struck by the amount of art that Bob has around him. The walls are covered in pictures that he’s done, as well as sketches and artwork for upcoming films. Even the bathroom is plastered with pictures of his latest drawings and paintings. We have to admit that it’s quite the creative hub, and one that we would have loved to have been a part of.


If you’ve ever met the actor, you’ll probably know that he is exceptionally kind-hearted. He’s always willing to help out a complete stranger, and even goes so far as to give them some of his autograph collection, which is filled with signed copies of The Twilight Series and its two prequels. He has been known to buy second-hand clothes and accessories for adopted children and single moms, and frequently visits orphanages and children’s homes, where he plays cards and watches kids. When asked about his secret weapon in a romantic comedy, he responded, “I love children, and I think that they are the greatest secret weapon there is.”

This is the side of the actor that we rarely get a glimpse of, which is a real shame. We wish that the public could see more of the wonderful person that he is away from the cameras. While he may not often let on, we know that Bob is a kind, caring individual, and that he definitely wants the world to know that he is passionate about protecting animal rights. Just last year, he was appointed an Official Animal Lover by the Royal Society for Biodesign. So, if you ever get the chance to meet the fearsome vampire Edward Cullen, we know that you’ll have a pleasant conversation.


It’s always nice when an actor decides to open up about their private life. For those who are secretive by nature, it can be an incredible opportunity to share your experiences and feelings with the world. While we would have loved to have spent more time with Bob, we do believe that this series of videos gives us an excellent insight into his life and personality. What do you think?