Are you planning a party and looking for an excuse to indulge yourself? Why not call it an “extravaganza” instead? After all, what’s an extra-special event if it isn’t something that you want to savor and enjoy? For those planning to celebrate the end of the year, why not use some of the special occasions as an excuse to indulge in hobbies and pastimes that you’ve been wanting to try out? Whether you’re throwing a party or planning to indulge in your hobbies, there is a themed outfit for everyone!

Science Fiction

If you’re throwing a party and want to include a bit of science fiction in your decorations and outfits, then why not consider a costume inspired by one of anime’s most popular characters? You can take your pick from a variety of outfits ranging from Dennys to Princess Lyricales to transform into something extraordinary!

Ballroom Dancing Is Back

Ballroom dancing has been around for centuries and social events like ballroom dancing have fascinated people for as long as there have been social events. In fact, it was mentioned in the very first book of the Bible! As with any other formal dance, ballroom dancing can still be an incredible way to express yourself through movement and showcase your personality!

Whether you want to learn how to ballroom dance for fun or for competition, there are numerous styles, classes, and levels to choose from. Ballroom dancing isn’t just for the social events anymore! It can also be a great way to practice for a sport or hobby, strengthen your muscles, and stay fit!


Throwing a comedy party? Why not? You can start by having your attendees wear comedy character costumes and gesture wildly as they try to make conversation. You can also have characters from classic comedies walk the red carpet and pop quizzes to commemorate famous comedy moments!


If you want to indulge in something a little more classy, then why not throw a costume party during the summer holidays in the UK? You can take inspiration from classic novels like Vanity Fair and make your own version of a “Gatsby” style wardrobe. After all, it was the American author who coined the term “Gatsby lifestyle” so you know that you’re choosing the ideal style when you opt for this theme!


If you want to get truly authentic, why not throw a “cowboy” party? Design your party accordingly and wear your best jeans, boots, and Western wear. Feel free to add a touch of glam by dressing up in a floral print and hoop skirt. Alternatively, for something more rustic, choose jeans, boots, and shirts with collars. You can also choose to forgo the clothes and indulge in some barbecue activities. Just make sure that your guests feel at home in the country!


Are you planning to throw a Halloween party? If so, then why not choose outfits inspired by famous horror films? For example, why not take inspiration from the scary movies of the 80s and dress up as a witch or a vampire? You can have your attendees wear mask for the occasion so that it becomes part of the overall “horror-film” themed party!


Retro parties have been around for a while now but still hold a lot of appeal. After all, who doesn’t love a good laugh now and again? Why not indulge in some happy memories with your friends and family by throwing a retro party? There are numerous clothing styles that you can use as inspiration for your retro party outfits. Whether you want to go down memory lane or celebrate a specific era from the 20s, 30s, or 40s, there is a costume option for you!

At least for the men, you can choose between three different looks. The “Wild West” theme can be used for your convenience. You can also take inspiration from the “Golden Era” of Hollywood or the “Roaring ‘20s” in the 1920s. Whatever your reasons for throwing a retro party, there is a costume option that will make you look like a vintage genius!


Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be grand to have your attendees dress up as their favorite superhero? You can use costumes and accessories to craft a complete ensemble that will leave others in awe. After all, what is a party if not an excuse to dress up and act like a character? Why not give it a go and see how it turns out? You will need to take care not to splash blood on yourself as you may end up hurting someone with your powers. That’s a no-no!


Why not have your attendees dress up as their favorite sports players? You can use the occasion as an excuse to try out a new sport or to strengthen your existing ones. Have the guests wear their favorite uniforms and hold some of the sport-related activities that you can think of including a relay race or tug-of-war contest. You can also involve the whole family for a fun day. Just make sure that they are all aware of what is happening so that nobody gets hurt!


Mangas have been around for centuries and have always been a source of humor and inspiration for people. Why not use the occasion to make some of your own? You can take inspiration from Japanese comics and have your attendees dress up accordingly. If you have a specific manga character that you want your attendees to dress up as, then be sure to let them know what Halloween event you are throwing so that they can bring their costume!


Are you planning a fantasy party? Why not? You can use your imagination to create an entire world of wizards, elves, and monsters. You can choose to go with a classic Tolkien vibe and have your attendees dress up as dwarves, elves, or humanoids. After all, who doesn’t love dressing up as a character from a fairy-tale or a comic book? Fantasy parties are all the rage these days and will be the highlight of your event!

You can use this opportunity to try out some of the hobbies and activities that your characters engage in. For example, dwarves are known for being very skilled miners so you can have your attendees dig up some fake diamonds or gold and have them pass them around for the guests to enjoy. Or, have them show off their dexterity by attempting to flip a coin with their feet or perform other tasks that you can think of.


If you are throwing an Asian-themed party, then why not choose an outfit that will make your guests feel extra special? You can take inspiration from various Asian outfits such as Japanese kimonos, Thai sarongs, or Chinese dresses. Alternatively, why not choose a theme that is associated with a certain Asian region? For example, why not have your attendees dress up as oriental dancers or monks from China? Or, you can opt for a leopard print motif and have them wear beautiful leopard prints. Be creative and choose an outfit that makes your guests feel like they’ve traveled to another country but remain classy and put a stylish spin on things!

Native American

If you’re throwing a party and want to include Native Americans in some of your attire, then why not? You can take inspiration from various Native American outfits such as feathered dresses, headdresses, or moccasins. Alternatively, you can opt for a theme that is associated with a certain tribe? For example, if you want to throw a Native American party but choose the Sioux tribe, then have your attendees wear their best Native American attire including headdresses, feathered dresses, and moccasins. Be creative and choose an outfit that makes your guests feel proud to be Native Americans!


A military party? Why not? You can take inspiration from the uniforms of various countries’ armed forces and create an outstanding visual impact. Be sure to add an extra touch of class by including boots, medals, and insignia. Of course, you need to feel comfortable enough in your own skin to show your true colors so make sure that your outfit is not too revealing. Your guests will feel as proud as you do to be part of such an outfit.