If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve heard about Robert Pattinson’s ex-wife. The Breaking Dawn Part 2 actress filed for divorce back in October 2017, citing irreconcilable differences. As you might expect, this has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. But what are the real details behind this shocking turn of events? Let’s explore.

Everything Started With Twins

As shocking as it was to learn that Robert Pattinson’s former spouse filed for divorce, it wasn’t exactly a surprise. The couple had been married for over a decade and had three children together. It was well known that they were deeply in love, but as is often the case, it seems like things weren’t always perfect. As Hollywoodlife.com put it:

“Twins are a handful, let’s be honest. They’re always fighting, always sharing a room, and they never really sleep. That’s enough to drive anyone crazy. Thankfully, [Robert Pattinson] and [Katie Holmes] were both mature enough to know this and were totally committed to making the union work. They got married, had some awesome kids, and stuck it out for the long haul. Unfortunately, fate intervened and they had to settle for something less. While the exes are still pupsuckers and remain best friends, their marriage has been over for a while now. And it looks like Robert is finally ready to move on and find happiness with his next relationship, which is pretty exciting for everyone involved.”

Rough Patchwork

It wasn’t just the twin thing that caused the trouble. While Robert was busy taking care of his kids and filming his movies, Katie was working hard to establish herself in Hollywood, landing small parts in TV shows and supporting roles in films. But as the years went by, her career stalled, and in 2015, the actress admitted that she was “scared” to fail. “I’m not a huge director,” she told Marie Claire. “I really want to be an actor, and I’m afraid that if I don’t find the right role, it’ll be hard to show them that I can act.” So she took a step back and decided to try her hand at producing. Among her productions is the indie film Never Be Mine, which she also stars in. She has also produced and starred in several web series, including Katie Holmes’ Baby Cakes. As you might imagine, this has been a very trying time for the former couple, who’ve worked hard to make things right in the wake of their divorce.

The Reason Why They Were Never Completely Satisfied

Of course, as we’ve established, not everything is rosy. For starters, while Robert’s fame and fortune might make him one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, this doesn’t mean he’s perfect for everyone. In fact, he’s been in pretty high-profile splits before, most notably with another famous actress, which we’ll get to in a bit.

The reality is that Robert’s a pretty complicated guy, which might explain why he’s been so successful. According to his ex-wife, this is mostly due to his “dark side.” “He’s very moody and temperamental,” Katie Holmes said in 2018. “There will be times when he’ll be good and times when he’ll be bad. He has an unpredictable temper and doesn’t always mean what he says. When someone’s so unpredictable, you never really know how they’re going to act or what they’re going to say.”

“He has a dark side,” she continued. “But it’s not as bad as you think. It’s mostly just that he’s quiet and humble, which makes people underestimate him. He doesn’t like to show off his good side because he thinks it’ll make people love him more. And maybe it does, but I think it also makes them hate him a little bit more.”

He Has a History of Split Agreements

While Robert’s been married before, it was never quite like this. For one thing, he’s never previously been married to a celebrity, and for another, his previous relationships seem to have been fairly amicable. But in almost all of his previous marriages, the couple reached an agreement. This one didn’t seem to have that; Katie filed for divorce, and Robert fought back. The truth is that Robert and his first wife, Juliette, had a nasty breakup after just three years of marriage. At first, Juliette tried to reconcile, but it was clear that their relationship wasn’t going to improve, so she finally filed for divorce. This was after she caught Robert cheating on her with his assistant. Not exactly the kind of woman he’d ever proposed to.

It was a dark day for both of them. Juliette described it as a “soul-crushing betrayal,” and Robert called it the end of the ’90s and the start of a “new century.” This was followed by a decade of estrangement, with Robert staying mostly in England and Juliette in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until 2014 that the couple were able to find some semblance of happiness, when they were reunited in London for the birth of their fourth child, Louis. The child’s middle name, Alfred, honors Robert’s late father. As you might imagine, this was a very emotional moment for everyone involved.

Katie Is the Reason Why This One Isn’t Going To Turn Out Well

It’s not just that Robert has a history of hitting “slumps” in his personal life. When it comes to his professional life, it seems like he’s had more than his fair share of controversy. Perhaps most infamously, he was charged with a DUI after a near-collision with paparazzi in September 2014. He had to appear in court and take a breathalyzer test, which he blew over the legal limit. This resulted in a $200,000 bail and a court date two months later. That wasn’t the end of it, either; in June 2015, he was charged with another DUI, this time for driving 97 mph in a 55 mph zone. He pleaded not guilty. Luckily, Katie wasn’t with him at the time, and there were no reports of injury, so he wasn’t sentenced to any form of jail time. But the incident probably didn’t endear him to the general public.

He Gets Along With Just About Everyone

While we’re on the subject of his personal life, it’s important to point out that this hasn’t always been a case of bad luck. For the most part, he’s gotten along with just about everyone. He’s always been a bit of a loner, which might explain why he’s had a rough go of it in recent years, but it’s also probably explained why he’s remained so popular. It’s not like he needs the approval of others; he has enough money and fame to make himself comfortable no matter what.

In fact, he’s gotten along with everyone from the celebrities he’s dated to the women he’s slept with. And he seems to genuinely like most of them. Just about everyone has something positive to say about Robert. It doesn’t hurt that he’s usually charming, easygoing, and has a beautiful smile. And let’s be honest; a man with all of that going for him has to be attractive to women. But beyond all of this, he’s just a really nice guy, and it seems like his good nature rubs off on people. This might be one of the reasons why he’s never been completely satisfied in his personal life. Maybe if he tried to be more likeable, he’d find happiness. Who knows?

What Will This Be Like For The Kids?

This is certainly a lot to take in, so let’s try to keep things light. While this might be the most devastating news any of them could receive, it doesn’t mean they have to like it. The twins, whose names are not being used to protect their identity, are 12 and 10 years old. They were just old enough to understand what was going on, and while they might not understand everything, they seem to have accepted the situation. This is mainly due to their close relationship with their mother. They might not have seen their father in a while, but they’ve always adored and respected him. As one might imagine, this has been a trying time for the twins. They’re already pretty mature for their age, and while this doesn’t mean they’re immune to their parents’ divorcing, it gives them some perspective. This might also explain why they haven’t openly expressed their disappointment or fury; it’s probably not something they feel they need to hide. They have their mother and sister, and they trust them.