If Bella Hadid and Robert Pattinson’s Instagram posts are any indication, then summer 2020 is going to be an eventful one. Since their engagement in May this year, the couple has been very active, continuously sharing their new wedding dress, new home, and new baby with their fans.

Premiere Of Their Wedding Video

On May 14, 2020, Bella and Robert’s engagement was made public, with Bella sporting a stunning ruby and diamond ring and announcing, “‘Til death do us part, my love. I promise to be your better, keep you laughing, and to never let you down.'”

A few days later, they held their pre-wedding dinner at the Le Bain Hotel in Paris. Over 200 guests attended the event, which was filmed for Entertainment Tonight and marked the couple’s very first public appearance together as a married couple. The wedding video was premiered during a lengthy livestream on Bella and Robert’s joint Instagram account on June 4.

The Royal Effect

Shortly after the wedding, the pair were spotted leaving a London restaurant in a horse-drawn carriage. The British tabloid The Daily Mail noted that the wedding had “bumped off” the previous year’s wedding celebrations between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, calling it the “‘royal effect’ as crowds flocked to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds.” Other news outlets, such as CNN, also reported on the unusual wedding trend.

The Mail went on to list a number of celebrity weddings that were called off due to the pandemic, including those of Emily Blunt, Millie Mackintosh, and more recently, Joe Jonas. The trend of weddings being put off due to the pandemic was later referenced by host Jimmy Kimmel, who jokingly asked viewers at the end of an online episode if they would marry the person they love most if given the chance. Most of the respondents voiced their support for the idea.

New York & Los Angeles

The newlyweds made their New York City wedding look more like a Hollywood event, with a guest list that included A-list stars, such as Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. A week before the wedding, Penn tweeted a picture of himself with the newlyweds, writing, “What a pleasure to finally meet the couple! Excited for this one.” Kidman also posted a picture of herself and the couple, writing, “What a wonderful night, celebrating with such joy and love. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.”

Three months later, on September 29, the pair was again spotted in a horse-drawn carriage as they arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport. The bride wore a white dress with a blue veil and appeared to be wearing the same diamond and ruby ring that she had worn to marry Pattinson earlier in the year. Their 2-year-old daughter, Asquerra, also sported a diamond earring.

Babies & Family

Bella and Robert have been very open about their family, including the fact that they have a daughter. Their daughter’s name is Asquerra and she was born on July 23, 2020, less than three months after the couple got engaged. The child’s godparents are Nicholas Hockley and Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter and son of Formula One champion and billionaire chairman, Donald Trump. On July 7, 2020, the newlyweds celebrated the birth of their daughter with a black-tie ‘Daddy-Daughter Dinner’, hosted by Ecclestone. The dinner was a gift from the British tycoon to the newlyweds.

The following day, they held a family photo shoot with Asquerra in attendance. The newborn was joined by her parents as well as Pattinson’s sister, Emily, and her husband, Tom Dauler. The Instagram post included a touching message from Bella, who noted that the family had come together for the first time in three years and that she was blessed to have them all in her life again.

On July 20, 2020, the Instagrammers shared another photo from the photo shoot, this time featuring Asquerra sitting on her father’s lap. The caption read, “Daddy’s girl <3️ <3️ <3️ <3️."

On August 10, the couple shared a picture of Asquerra wearing a baby gown, which read, “Look who decided to dress like a bride……. <3️ <3️ <3️ <3️ <3️."

The Post-Pandemic Future Of Weddings

Since the start of the pandemic, the spotlight has been largely on the weddings of A-list stars, with many high-profile celebrities having to put their big day on hold. In the next few months, as the world slowly begins to open up and life goes back to something resembling normal, the question is: will weddings become a thing of the past?

It seems highly unlikely that we’ll see a return to how things were prior to the pandemic. It’s safe to assume that weddings will continue to be postponed or moved online in some way. What will change is the makeup of the weddings themselves. Gone will be the luxury hotels and luxury gowns, with destination weddings taking the place of grand entrances, lengthy toasts, and celebrity guests. Instead, we will see intimate gatherings, relaxed ceremonies, and more importantly, more couples tying the knot because they can.