Leverage is one of my favourite films of all time. I love watching it. Sometimes I rewatch it on my phone, just to indulge in the absurdity that is Brock Pierce and the wonderful chemistry he has with Morgan Freeman. The plot is pretty simple: Brock is a brilliant and highly capable businessman who comes to the aid of Arthur T. Morgan Freeman, a washed-up investment banker who has lost his company and his family’s trust fund. The two of them hatch a clever plan to rescue Freeman’s reputation and get his company back on its feet. It’s very entertaining.

What happens when James Bond returns to his roots? What will his 25th adventure look like? We at ComicBookMovie.com have some ideas about what could be in store for Mr. Bond in his next adventure, and we think you’ll enjoy them. Let’s take a look at where James Bond stood as the end of the last movie cycle, and how he’ll probably pick up from there.

Bond in Transition

Bond 25 will pick up directly where the 24th movie left off. There is no reference to or connection to any other James Bond movie other than the fact that this one is called Bond 25. The film will start off in the same fashion as the previous movie, with our favourite spy discovering that M is dead and that he is now an agent himself. Of course, since the end of Spectre, Bond has taken over the agency, so the groundwork for his involvement in the next story has been laid.

Bond will begin his new adventure as the only living agent 00, not 007, and will have to contend with a new generation of criminals who have learned the lessons of modern-day villainy. His job is more difficult than ever because the villains have evolved with him, catching him off-guard and preventing him from carrying out his usual routine. The trailer gives us a glimpse of some of these evolutions: a new breed of supervillains, complete with anime influences, that are out to put a fresh spin on old-school crime. These are the sorts of villains with which Bond is perfectly at home, and it will be interesting to see how he deals with them.

A Whole New World

The 24th Bond movie was a surprising departure from the norm for the series. The previous three films had been relatively traditional in nature, but Spectre changed all that. The trailer for Bond 25 reflects this, and we can see that the new story will continue to explore new territory for the series. The film will pick up almost immediately after the events of Spectre, so Bond will be operating in the here and now – a whole new world, as it were. He will travel to India to investigate the disappearance of an agent of SMERSH. There he will team up with Ralph Fiennes, and the two of them will begin a journey that will take them around the world and back again.

This is an odd location for Bond’s next adventure. Fiennes is best known for his role as Ulysses S. Grant in the film Lincoln, but he has a long list of credits, including Schindler’s List and The Mirror Crack’d. The fact that SMERSH is an organisation that is involved in terrorism and has anti-British operations makes this an unlikely place for Bond to operate. While it is interesting to see Bond head to India for a story, it feels slightly disconnected from the series’ usual world-class stunts, espionage, and gadgetry.

A Whole Other Perspective

The first official trailer for Bond 25 was recently unveiled. The trailer gives us a better look at the global scope of the story, which will see our favourite spy go from India to Bolivia to the Arctic Circle. While we have seen these locations before in the series, they will come to life for Bond through the eyes of a man who has spent a lifetime looking at the world from a different perspective. The film will once again see the return of the legendary Octopussy.

Bond’s new adventure will be filled with intriguing characters, including the aforementioned Octopussy (Myrna Loy) who awakens Bond’s dormant sexuality and forces the British agent to question his relationship with M. The 80s are back with a vengeance in this trailer, and we can see that the series will pay homage to the decade with fashion, music, and pop culture references. We get a sense of the nostalgia that the trailer promises, and we can also see that it will be a darker story than usual.

New Directions

The new direction that Bond takes in his next adventure will be decided by the viewer. The writers of the series have made it clear that they want to play with the tropes of the Bond film in new and interesting ways, and we can see that they have succeeded. New villains and new locations will provide new challenges for our favourite spy, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

There have been rumours for some time that a fifth Bond film is in the works, with Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond potentially coming to an end after he completes his four-film contract. Whatever happens with the end of this particular film cycle, we look forward to seeing Bond continue to evolve and find new directions for the series.