Fans of the Harry Potter series will have a lot to look forward to with the 2021 release of the final film, due for release on August 13th of this year. After years of anticipation, the world will get to see what happens after Harry Potter and Co. set off to defeat Voldemort – who wants to revive the “Dark Arts” and become a more powerful wizard than ever before.

The film will close the books on an incredible journey and will answer many questions that have been lingering since the first Potter book was published in 1997. It will be the twelfth movie in the series and will be the first one to be released since J.K Rowling stopped writing the books in 2007, leaving the future of the franchise in doubt until recently. Fans have been waiting years for the final installment and have anxiously been tracking every bit of news and development as it comes. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from the finale of the series and the best place to watch it.

An Incredible Final Chapter

The final movie in the Harry Potter series will be a fitting culmination of the entire series, wrapping up loose ends and giving fans what they’ve been waiting for since the first book was published in the 1990s. The movie will be eight minutes shorter than the usual feature-length length to make up for the lack of new content, but will otherwise consist of the same script as the longer version with some additional material relating to the end of the series. As fans have already begun to discover, the shorter version already includes a couple of scenes that didn’t make it into the longer one. For example, Voldemort’s snake – the giant sea snake called a Gorgon – makes a rare on-screen appearance and has a pivotal role to play in the story. This is clearly something new that wasn’t in the earlier chapters, and it shows the level of attention to detail that went into creating this unique cinematic experience.

Where to Watch It

The Harry Potter series has always been a popular target for movie fans, so it’s no surprise that the finale has been deemed something of a Christmas gift for the audience. The franchise is well known for its box office performance, having brought in over $11 billion at the global box office and being the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time. Although it was released in December last year, it seems that audiences are still going to want to see this incredible final chapter and have kept it lodged in the top five of the highest-grossing films of all time. Like the books that it is based on, the movie is already proving to be a monumental success, breaking several box office records including becoming the highest-grossing film in Russia and Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus in 2020. It also holds the record for the highest-grossing film in Indonesia and the Philippines in 2020.

More Than Meets The Eye

It is clear from the trailer and the initial reports that the final Harry Potter movie will be a massive event and will leave an incredible impact on audiences. The trailer makes this abundantly clear in the first few minutes as we see Harry Potter and Co. return to a fully functioning Hogwarts and there are plenty of emotional scenes in the first act. In addition to that, the story itself seems to be heading towards a major turning point, a sort of culmination or “twist” as they say in Hollywood. With fanservice galore and everything, we can expect this to be one of the biggest movies of 2021.