The Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting Australia in November 2019 for what will be her first major tour of the country. As well as attending events with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, she will be taking in a men’s Ashes test match and a womens’ NRL game – one of the most anticipated events of the season. For those who will be following the royal family’s travels, here are some interesting tidbits about the duchess’ upcoming trip. Additionally, there will be plenty more on the Duchess of Cambridge and her Australia tour in a few days’ time, so check back for updates.

Emmilie De Ravin Is A Close Friend Of The Duchess Of Cambridge

It’s likely that you’re already aware of the close relationship that the Duchess of Cambridge has with Princess Charlotte, and it’s also possible that you know of Charlotte’s unrequited love for her cousin Emily. While it’s not uncommon for members of the royal family to be close friends with members of the extended families that they sponsor, it’s still rare for them to be so close. Even more rarely would one of them fall in love and get married. So, when Emily’s son, Albus Severus Alexander, announced that he would be marrying his longtime girlfriend, Emmilie De Ravin, the Australian public was undoubtedly over the moon. The couple wed in a private ceremony in a London church in July 2019, just a few months after their engagement. The Duchess of Cambridge was one of the bridesmaids, and her husband Prince William was the best man.

Albus Severus Alexander Is The First Grandchild Of Prince Charles And Princess Diana

Albus Severus Alexander is the first grandchild of Prince Charles and Princess Diana – and, as such, there was a lot of interest in the 15-year-old’s upcoming nuptials. Naturally, when it comes to the Duchess of Cambridge, the interest is all about Charlotte. According to reports, the day before the wedding, Diana and Charles were given a tour of the Duchess of Cambridge’s alma mater, St. Andrews University. The following day, the family gathered for the big day – with Diana acting as Maid of Honour and Charles serving as Best Man. The day of the wedding was, in fact, spent largely at the Duchess of Cambridge’s residence in London, due to unseasonably bad weather in Scotland. While the wedding was over by 10.30 p.m., it wasn’t until midnight that the bride and groom went down the aisles for their first dance. The bride looked absolutely stunning in a white dress. In his speech, Prince Charles called Emmilie an ‘amazing example’ to other young couples. After the ceremony, the newlywed couple went for a five-star meal at one of London’s most luxurious restaurants before heading off to a wedding cake and tea party. This must have been one of the most memorable days for the family as it meant an end to a very long wait for Diana and Charles’s first grandson. Although the ceremony was private, with just the couple and a few family members in attendance, the fact that it was streamed via webcam meant that the world became a witness to the special moment. As a grandson of Britain’s most beloved and respected couple, William, Kate, and Charlotte are undoubtedly going to be closely followed by royal watchers around the world.

Kate Middleton Is One Of The Most Influential Women In The World

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most influential women in the world, currently holding a number of key roles in her capacity as Kate Middleton. She serves as the patron of numerous charities and organizations, most notably the Invictus Games, which are an international sporting competition for people with disabilities, and Heads Together, which aims to “improve understanding between faiths and communities”. Additionally, in her role as a royal patron, Kate Middleton encourages young women to follow their dreams and to never be scared to stand up for what they believe in. As a result, she has undoubtedly had a significant impact in various communities around the world, including in Australia.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Is The Royal Family’s Fashion Icon

If there’s one area where we look to the Duchess of Cambridge for style advice, it’s on the red carpet. Naturally, when it comes to choosing an outfit for a special event, Kate is usually the one to turn to. So, it should come as no great surprise that she has so firmly established herself as the royal family’s style icon. In 2019 alone, Kate Middleton wore the same designer twice, and in one case, she wore the same dress twice in two months. According to reports, Kate wore the bold yellow dress to meet the Queen at the Tournament of Roses in January, and the following month, she wore the same dress for the Australian Women’s Fashion Week. In fact, as far back as 2015, it was reported that Kate had worn the same dress twice within the space of a year.

With multiple trips to Australia in the near future and the Duchess of Cambridge set to assume an even greater role as the royal family’s style icon, it seems likely that we will see a continued trend of Kate Middleton fashion. Indeed, if there’s one piece of advice that we can offer, it’s this: next time you’re shopping for a special dress, ask Kate. Naturally, she will have an answer for you.

Where Will The Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Next?

As well as visiting Australia, the Duchess of Cambridge will be jetting off to other continents in the near future. According to reports, she is set to visit Argentina, Chile, and Peru in January and February 2020. Additionally, she is scheduled to make a stop in Canada in March 2020 – her first visit to the country as Duchess. Many had speculated that the reason for the trip was to attend the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but Kate’s press secretary has denied this, stating that the royal family has “other engagements” planned in Canada.

So far, the Duchess of Cambridge has not publicly revealed the reason for her visit to Canada. In the meantime, we can only speculate as to what the trip might be for. Some believe that Kate is there to lend her support to the Canadian government, as well as to welcome the newly married couple to the royal family. Conversely, others think that she may be attending the Invictus Games, which are being held in Canada that year. If there’s one thing that we know for sure, it’s that this will be an eventful year for the Duchess of Cambridge and her family.