Well, we finally have some good news to report! Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson, the stunning blonde actress and England’s next Harry Potter star, are in a committed relationship and have been dating for some time now! According to a recent United Kingdom survey, 61% of respondents said they’d be very happy if Rob and Emma decided to wed, and 35% said they’d be happy to see them together but not as a couple! We can’t help but agree — this is such an inspiring match for two busy professional women who still have time to balance their work with a social life.

What Is Their Relationship Story?

We’re always happy to hear news about celebrities and their personal lives, but we have to say it’s very interesting to track their romantic history! As we know, Robert was previously engaged to the actress and singer Emily Watson, and they had a very public and heated breakup in 2014. He then started dating Emma, the Potter star, and things seemed to work out perfectly between these two incredible individuals.

According to a source who spoke to the UK’s The Mirror newspaper, “They are happy together and in love. It’s a complete renaissance for both of them. They have so much in common, both professionally and personally, that just seem to gel.”

Are They Right for Each Other?

From a romantic standpoint, we have to ask, are Rob and Emma the right couple for each other? After all, he’s previously been engaged to a famous beauty, and she comes from a long line of powerful Witches! While on the surface it may appear that they are a perfect match, there are signs they may not be meant to be. For instance, Emma reportedly feels that their differences in age make them complementary rather than a romantic match.

According to a source who spoke to The Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom, “Emma feels that their differences in age make them complementary rather than a romantic match. She also feels that he brings out the best in her, helping her to see things from a different perspective. She admires his strength and courage.”

While we can’t help but wonder what will happen in the future, for now, we’re just happy to see these two make-believe characters finally meet in the real world and commit to each other! And for the record, we don’t mind admitting that we’ve always loved Harry Potter, and the feeling is mutual.